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Competency evaluation ordered for 17-year-old accused of killing his grandmother; new felony charges filed

This does kind of make a person wonder whatever happened to the juvenile justice system. And you're right Steve, to prove a first-degree murder charge you would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was premeditation. This person might make a better candidate for the state hospital.

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Sentencing hearing rescheduled for Super 8 owner who stabbed his wife

I find it strange how a person's criminal history seems to have more of an affect on the sentence the person receives than the crime he/she committed.

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Taco shops and a country club; early June restaurant inspection results

Conrad, thanks for taking the time to write an article about these places and how they have little or no concern for the well being of their customers. I know that I'm not eating at any of those places ever again.

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Police investigation continues into Monday morning's armed robberies

Folks it is imperative that the individuals that perpetrated these heinous acts be apprehended before they can commit any more crimes or acts of violence and someone is injured. In a situation such as this, helping the police isn't narking, it is simply doing the right thing in the interest of public safety..

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Risk of Zika in Douglas County a concern as CDC publishes mosquito map

Good point Mike! Instead of just warning the public about the risk of the mosquitos, why not just starting spraying and continue spraying until they have been neutralized and no longer present a threat.

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Chain retailer on 23rd Street files for bankruptcy, seeks buyer; new report says Lawrence one of the more unique cities in the country

Personally speaking, I find the poor financial situation that Hastings is in right now to be depressing. Hastings has always been one of my favorite stores. It will sad to see it close down! In closing, I would like to say that let's not knock Chad's headlines. If you don't like them, then read another article. If fact, think for the informative and well written articles Chad.

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Suspended Kansas detective worked on more than 600 cases

Did this detective to something to fall into disfavor with the Shawnee CO Sheriff's Department?
Normally, if anything, they would probably try to somehow cover this up or try place the blame on someone or something else. It kind of makes me wonder just how commonplace this of activity is and just how many others are like her. Back when I was a youngster, I was very proud of working as a reserve officer for the police department. I don't tell other people about it anymore. I'm am so glad I moved away from Topeka.

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Free dental services offered to Lawrence veterans

Why can't we have free dental services for poor people and the less fortunate? They are the ones that need the most help not the baby killers.

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In wake of Orlando mass shooting, Lawrence interfaith vigil to be held in South Park

I'll be there to say a prayer for the victims.

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Eudora Police seeking help in solving pharmacy burglary

Instead of asking the public and law enforcement for help in solving this burglary, I believe the pharmacy owners should seriously consider upgrading their security for the pharmacy. This is another case of irresponsibility and the public shouldn't be asked to help pick up the pieces. In fact, I think the owner of the pharmacy should be reprimanded be the Kansas State Board of Pharmacy.

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