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Freed: Cheick Diallo finally cleared by NCAA updated 3 hours, 28 minutes ago

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McLinn's request for new trial denied, will undergo mental health evaluation before sentencing

Whenever I read newspaper articles about McLinn, I can't help but wonder why she was living with Sasko and not her parents, I've never once read anything about her parents. I'm glad to see that she will be undergoing a long overdue and needed mental health evaluation. It doesn't take a psychiatrist to recognize her condition. Personally speaking, I hope she is deemed mentally incompetent and will be able to get the mental health treatment that she so badly needs at Larned State Hospital.

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Authorities: Former teacher who had sex with student back in jail

Some people just don't learn!

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Meth-related arrests made

I just checked the LPD site. Their names have not been deleted. Thats what I get for listening to that scooterwhatever. They sure got arrested on a bunch of charges though. They were arrested by that Micky Rantz fella LPD has.

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Meth-related arrests made

Marion is right. They have declined to release information because the two suspects are cooperating with the police and working off the case. I wonder who is working the case?

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Firefighters honor fallen Topeka peer

Less than a month ago, the Cox family laid to rest Tony's younger brother Dan. Now, they have to lay Tony to rest as well. Tony came from a rare breed of people who weren't afraid to risk their own safety for another person. God bless Tony and his family.

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Jumping tarantula with venomous fangs rescued

"This is the kind of spider that nightmares are made of." Yeah, thats just what I want in my house!

I once had a friend who bought two crocodiles from a pet store. He kept them in a horse trough in his house and fed them goldfish. Needless to say, the crocs just kept getting bigger and bigger. They were a lot of fun until he got seriously bitten on his forearm by one of them. What did he do with them. Well, he beat the one that bit him to death and then released the other one and called the sheriff's dept and said "Hey, there is a crocodile in my front yard could you send animal control out to get it."

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In the line of fire

Just what we need - more fools with guns!

Don't get me wrong, Max Miller is for the most part a good guy. He is a career serviceman and police officer. Good job on getting the stripes Max! But while your explaining the psychological aspects of shooting a man, you are emplanting that thought in someone elses head. My guess is that someone who you have trained will eventually shoot someone theirself.

JimMacklin-You imply that the Wichita Police are a bunch of dog shooters. You are talking about something you know nothing about and seldom happens. The Wichita Police are the best law enforcement agency in the entire midwestern state area. Don't ever say anything bad about the Wichita Police!

I imagine I will have to eventually apply for a CCW myself. I've chosen pharmacy for my second career and will often be required to deliver shipments of narcotics to various medical clinics. Since there is the possibly that I could be hijacked, I feel the need to carry a handgun myself. I'm not sure what I will go with just yet though. Probably Sig Sauer 9mm model whatever...

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Lawrence police investigate gunfire

3100 W. 22nd St. hmmm.......thats my address....I didn't hear any gunshots last night though. If I find a bullet hole in the side of my car I'm kick'n someones azzzzz........................

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Man accidentally shot, flown to KC area hospital

I wonder what kind of gun he accidently got shot with...................

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Common purpose

Heres to the Wichita Police Department!

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