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Day 1: From the Emerald Triangle to the Sunflower State

Bravo to the writers and all those who worked on this series. It's high-caliber work. Great to see this type of coverage in a time when newspaper staffs are being axed to the bare minimum.

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This and that about Petco, AT&T Wireless store and Ross Dress for Less along South Iowa Street

FYI on the Ross opening. On the company's Facebook page, a rep responded to a query about the Lawrence location saying that they are planning a March 9 grand opening.

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About a month ago I posted a less-than-stellar review because of a lack of response on a quote. I'm back to report a 180-degree change in my opinion. I'm really impressed that due to that post, the owner called me, apologized and went above and beyond to make sure that the situation was corrected, and they delivered fast, affordable and accurate service to our 100% satisfaction. Thank you Scott for your attention to customer service! It's very much appreciated, and I won't hesitate to recommend your business in the future.

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Topeka man dies after vehicle accident near KU campus

Sad day. Adrian had no enemies. Only friends. A truly great guy. Always positive, friendly and quick to smile, is how I remember him.

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Went here in a group last week and everything was excellent, especially the queso -- amazing! Can't wait to try more from the menu. Reasonable prices, too.

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How often do you buy organic groceries?

Not sustainable, organic. Not the same.

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How often do you buy organic groceries?

Organic produce is a scam, and it is the opposite of sustainable. Organic farming requires twice the acreage to produce the same crop. Growers will tell you that going organic means seeing a huge decrease in per-acre yield.

Also I would point out recent studies that have concluded there is no nutritional difference between organically and conventionally grown food.

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Town Talk: Rumors of Olive Garden grow; January home sales up; South Mass. gas station reopens; 9th and Iowa BP station closes

I agree! There's a restaurant in Baldwin City called Cordoba's that fits this bill, though. Thought I'd pass it along. Great biscuits and gravy, country fried steak, burgers, patty melts, french dips, etc., and amazing homemade pie! No bar, and not a fancy place, but REALLY good food.

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KU letting employees go home early, multiple evening activities and events in Lawrence canceled due to snow

Ugh. Have you ever worked as an editor? I would venture to guess no. The way the demand for news online is today, there are going to be mistakes. Good news is, they are fixable -- unlike in print. And I can reckon that the World is already operating with a less-than-ideal size of staff, considering the effect of the economy on newsrooms nationwide.

I'm sure you've never made a mistake in your job, though, or mistakenly sent out an email at work that included a typo?

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