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Public's help sought in missing Kansas woman investigation

Totally agree, Amy--they should have done it, and I was happy to fill in the gap.

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Public's help sought in missing Kansas woman investigation

Didn't take me long to find a link: you might think of doing the same yourself next time:

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Opinion: Why kneeling during anthem is disgraceful

I don't get it. Since when was kneeling a sign of disrespect? Kneeling has always been a sign of deference whenever I've seen it: when someone proposes marriage, when in church, when showing respect for an individual--a type of bowing. Why are people suddenly interpreting this as a sign of disrespect?

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Editorial: No easy solution

A well funded, well functioning public educational system for Kansans is a central part of its history and is a big part of why we have produced such a history of leaders in the business and governmental sectors across the nation. Yes, we've been seen as a cultural backwater by many others, but the reliable level of education and hard work ethic has made us an attractive bunch at the same time. Brownback and his ilk have threatened this proud legacy, thinking that a more gated community of private schools insures a good education for the few at a decreased opportunity for the many. Such a parsimonious, selfish viewpoint is not becoming of our state and it's past time to throw out such talk as being short sighted and not worthy of what has made our state great. Either step up to the plate with a future that includes all Kansans or get out of the way--you don't belong in the same league as Kansans that have preceded you.

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Letter to the editor: Good for city

You seem to find it very important to label everyone you disagree with as a socialist--very amusing even if inaccurate. I'm not asking you for a million details; just to reconcile your Northern European IQ and Anglo-American cultural superiority theories with the long history of strife, warfare, colonialism, oppression and slavery committed by the aforesaid folks, just like every other dominant culture that has existed on this planet that I'm aware of. We have much to be proud of, just like any other dominant culture, and we have also committed the same wrongs as other dominant cultures have whether you want to admit it or not. If you think your racial/cultural superiority theories are going to get you very far In this world, you are in for a major disappointment.

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Letter to the editor: Good for city

I think it is you that don't want to answer those questions, Bart, not me.

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Letter to the editor: Good for city

It's your denial of reality that disturbs me, Bart. How does your view of IQ and racial disparities of intelligence factor in the long history of violence between people of Prussian extraction and Polish extraction, or French extraction for that matter? How about the Ukrainans and the Russians? Serbs and Croats, English and German, Christian and Jew? What role does the proficiency in taking IQ test have to do with success in relationships, with personality types, with ability to keep a job? And what are the conclusions of the scientific community about the reality of defining any racial group at all on biological markers? Attributing crime, obesity, income and a host of other "success" indicators to IQ scores is an incredibly facile calculus that is fraught with hazards and dangerous generalizations when more closely scrutinized and all too often is the glove on the fist of exploitation, a justification for oppressing those who are different from those with better social status. What role does slavery, colonialism, and yes, germ warfare--part inherited, part home grown--play in your conception of the establishment and flourishing of your so-called "superior Anglo-American culture?"
How smart do you have to be to do that?

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Letter to the editor: Good for city

OK, it looks like we are going to agree to disagree because you seem to be asserting that the reason Northern Europeans have dominated the world since colonial expansion is because they are a smarter, even superior race. I flatly reject that as the very definition of racism and I must say that you've been reading material that ought to have provided you with the information you need to see that this is not the case.

Thanks so much for clarifying where you are coming from and yes, I am familiar with the topic of child abuse, historically and culturally speaking. I find it very interesting that you gloss right over the fact that Germany was right at the top of the child abuse rearing techniques ladder, so I guess that just helps prove that they are smarter?

It's been real, Bart.

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Letter to the editor: Good for city

Well, guess what, I have a degree in Anthropology too, and you certainly didn't pick up some key concepts from your cultural anthro professors all right. To depict the diversity of cultures present at Columbus' arrival and in proceeding years as "primitive stone age people with none of the markings of advanced civilization..." is patently false and something I find difficult to believe comes from someone who has seriously studied cultural anthropology. Perhaps an appropriate place to begin to fill in what I can only describe as blind spots is to read Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs and Steel, or his more recent book The World Until Yesterday, simply because it directly addresses much of what you apparently forgot or failed to pick up.

I'll grant you that there is mounting evidence that the writers of the US Constitution were not directly influenced by the Iroquis Confederacy, as a closer inspection of the evidence has shown me, but they provided later suffragists inspiration for women to get the vote and become active in politics due to the fact that Confederate women leaders were equally represented alongside men in both decisionmaking/voting and in proposing legislation. Guess they were ahead of the curve, no? And by the way, my understanding is in no way attributable to what you view as part and parcel to some kind of socialist manifesto that you must think I pledge allegiance to.

And regarding the Jamestown history, calling their failure due to socialist organization is completely off the mark. Not only did they not have permission to be in the place they occupied from local tribes, they didn't have the agricultural sophistication to survive there. Without direct intervention by local tribes, they would not have made it, and their turnaround has less to do with embracing free enterprise so much as a combination of infecting area tribes with smallpox, stealing more of their land, and enlisting the assistance of indentured servants and slaves to get rich off tobacco plantations and the development of the slave economy.

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Letter to the editor: Good for city

So it runs along existing pipelines--that should make it just fine, right? Well, why don't we put an interstate highway right alongside the street you live on, in the rightaway that the city/county has in your front yard? You wouldn't have any problem with that, since it runs along existing roads....

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