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Opinion: Once again, guardrails hold against Trump’s recklessness

Thanks, Charles. With the passage of time, Trump' immaturity and inappropriateness has been unifying our country in a way that I don't think that he anticipated. We are indeed rising to the occasion: even the legislative branch is showing some stirring toward bipartisanship.

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Opinion: In Trumpland, belief equals truth

"By August 1, 2017?"

Who wrote this letter/editorial/opinion piece?

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KU linguistics professor wins federal grant to preserve disappearing Kiowa language

Congratulations on doing this most important work. It will not only help the Kiowa community, but also give voice to the land that they roamed.

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Political friends and foes try to assess Brownback's legacy as governor, fitness for ambassadorship

Mr. Brownback, I believe, honestly tried to act in ways that were answers to the question: "What would Jesus do?" Unfortunately, his ideological fundamentalism and rigidity resulted in a track record more resembling that of General Ripper's in Dr. Strangelove than of Jesus'.

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Political friends and foes try to assess Brownback's legacy as governor, fitness for ambassadorship

Brownback will hopefully become an insignificant footnote of a governor: someone who created a crisis in state government to an almost unprecedented level, setting the stage for the next governor/governors to step up to the plate and show great leadership by creating a coalition of the pragmatic AND visionary by putting a stop to the hemorraging, creating a sustainably financed state government with a solid foundation for the future. And inso doing, Kansas became a model of how to heal itself by bringing everyone to the table and step out of the morass of ideologically driven financial ruin and become a functioning democracy once again.

We can dream, can't we?

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Opinion: No market for Trump’s values

Bob, even the guilty can speak truth to power.

Show me a single politician who does not have feet of clay. Fortunately, (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), the head Trump-et keeps playing so out of tune and randomly that the rest of the band is stopping trying to keep up. You can pretend only so long that the Donald is playing be-bop or some other wild discordant but innovative jazz, but after a while you can't pretend any more that he's another Charlie Parker.

The nation is leaving this concert in droves.

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Editorial: McCain shows the way

Totally agree. The fact that the independent-minded John McCain and the write-in vote winner Murkowski played pivotal roles in this drama is not hopefully lost on the American people: our political parties are completely beholden to the market brand of their party and the special interests that fund them. Our "Representatives" and Senators act like coal miners having to buy everything at the company store in the company town or risk losing their jobs.

Company towns ran their course and were broken up by strikes and other opportunities as the minimum wage laws spread alternatives in the communities where they existed. In a similar fashion, the stranglehold of special interest-driven party politics needs to be broken up by striking at the corrosive influence of campaign financing laws as they currently stand, coupled with some courageous congresspeople willing to show a little independence, counting on people to support them despite the promised attack ads and well funded primary competition that the parties hold over their heads like a whip to keep them in line, walking down that path to a table where they not only have to eat whatever crap the cook puts on their plate; they have to ask for seconds with a smile.

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Opinion: Congress is a slovenly institution

Your suggested course of action has been tried before, and such ultimatums, as your suggestion would also do, is to create a crisis in the government being shut down, which ends up haunting the party to set up the scenario in the first place.

I, like you, consider the huge mess in congress to be shared by both parties. They all seem beholden to special interests which do not represent the average citizen or even huge blocks of citizens from the states the legislators came from. All pretenses of a coherent representation of the home state has been shelved in the game of special interest-backed party hard ball politics. Don't vote the party line? We'll have a well heeled opponent ready and waiting to oppose you for the next primary, funded by the special interests that you are supposed to be working for. This dynamic has been getting stronger and stronger over the years and predates the shenanigans of our out-of-control president, but in some ways making his position irrelevant, especially considering Trump's unpredictability and lack of ability to attend to any kind of a focus beyond self preservation.

I think the current situation might provide an opportunity for coalitions of functional Governors to develop legislative federal initiatives that have the potential of garnering bipartisan support. By successfully generating some initiatives in this manner, maybe there is a chance of getting both sides of the aisle to begin to work again: the current congressional leadership has proven inadequate to that task so far. I could be overly optimistic about the governors abilities to avoid the special interest trap, but where else will such endeavors take place?

I think that the healthcare crisis, as bad as it seems destined to become, is not the place to begin because of Congress' level of dysfunctionality. Congress needs to re-learn how to become functional period, before taking on such complex issues such as healthcare. Both houses of Congress have suffered through what might be called a partisan stroke, affecting both sides of the aisle, and it must learn how to eat and walk again before asking it to run the marathon that will be required to provide meaningful legislation addressing our healthcare crisis. Can we wait that long?

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Opinion: What if Trump gives illegal order?

This is indeed a riveting, sad chapter in our country's history. I would hope that our institutions can withstand the assaults, but hope that the loopholes that Trump and friends have used/are considering will be closed up--including requiring financial disclosure of the presidential candidates, strengthening the conflict of interest/emoluments laws, limiting the ability of the President to override sanctions, etc.

White House staff act like deer in the headlights; cabinet members are more and more keeping their distance; government is functioning more and more without executive oversight simply because there seems to be little interest from Mr. Trump in engaging in those banal details. Perhaps this increasing isolation is the best possible course that can be taken, as there are many, many lives and legacies which depend on those details, and there are many capable departments who can run just fine without unbridled, unpredictable executive "leadership."

Perhaps we are destined to have an Administration whose sole focus is throwing boiling oil over the walls of their self-made fortress, keeping critics at bay while throwing their own over the walls whenever they start feeling nervous about them, replacing them with a shrinking line of new recruits coming in the heavily guarded back door. Not much will be done by this Administration except an occasional ideologically driven grenade here and there, not only because of a lack of a plan, but because the American people themselves are not being unified by this President. He is a horrible role model for our children and young people, and his inability to get beyond the 3 or 4 lies he used in a Bread and Circus type of way that got him into the presidency is becoming increasingly apparent.

I say: try to minimize the damage that might be occurring in the next 3 and one half years and start working on laying out a truly bipartisan post-Trumpian future. The election in 2 years have a chance to strengthen the congressional gridlock, which then gives another 2 years to formulate a way to return to a functioning legislative process that will hopefully replace the end-run type of fiascos that have characterized national politics of late. Party politics have become too strong and too susceptible to special interests; perhaps the Governors can foment a stronger state presence in congress that can become the basis for more bipartisan efforts. It has to start somewhere.

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Trump to nominate Gov. Brownback to serve as ambassador

"Religious Freedom is the first freedom. The choice of what you do with your own soul,"

How rich is that? What price to your soul have you paid to do what you have done to Kansans, Sam?

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