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Letter to the edtor: Renewable fuels

Hi, Braden,
I've heard that it's been difficult to get to net positive energy numbers with ethanol production, but it sounds like the latest technology has pushed us into that territory, i.e. the energy input is now smaller than the net output, making corn ethanol more meaningful. Here's the numbers that suggest this:

My question is that of the Kansas ethanol plants, what technologies are being used? Are we to net energy surplus in the refineries in Kansas, or are we still exceeding the output with the amount of energy utilized to grow, refine and transport the ethanol produced in Kansas? I found a list of corn ethanol plants here:

But didn't find any net energy calculations for those plants. I would be much more enthusiastic if you could show me that the ethanol plants in our state have a net energy surplus; otherwise it comes across as a corn subsidy where it doesn't really touch the problem since it takes more energy to produce it than the total output of ethanol provides. I'd love to hear otherwise, so please point me in the direction of any study you're aware of that shows--or doesn't show--this.

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Trump's executive orders on immigration could threaten local dollars

A dubious, not well replicated observation that links variations in a dopamine receptor gene in the human genome that may be associated with certain behavior types, particularly novel-seeking behavior. From that dubious correlation, Mr. Summers has signed up to agreeing to an additional conceptual leap that this behavior is more characteristic of Liberals than Conservatives, hence Mr. Summers' conclusion that political persuasion is congenitally formed, which is of course absurd. Check out this link if you want to learn in more detail about the nature of these leaps of faith:

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Editorial: Energy plan a smart move

Totally agree. Kudos to Ms Horn and Energy 360 for laying out a series of good investments for the future. It is almost always more cost effective to save energy than to produce additional energy to meet future needs, to say nothing of reducing the carbon footprint of our city and modelling low carbon approaches for other businesses and residences in our city. Lawrence has a good reputation for talking the talk when it comes to low carbon options; it's important to walk the walk as well.

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Opinion: Lying Trump supports a racket

The Donald has made George and myself allies in judgement--will wonders never cease?

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Trump's executive orders on immigration could threaten local dollars

I released some dung beetles on your DRD4 hypothesis and they were all able to roll up your assertion into little balls entirely consistent with bovine excrement. So far there has been a 95% hatching rate for the eggs nurtured on your statement.

Your genetic behavioral determinist statements would raise the eyebrows of even the most ardent Aryan Eugenicists and harken back to the impulses of the Hindu caste system developers, which I assume you see as an inspiration: deposit your spit here, see which light turns on and walk through that door and get your genetically determined career assignment, your mate and your fate protocols provided to you.

We all get where you're coming from; it's stupid and roundly rejected by any thinking person, and while you're entitled to your opinion about genetics and behavior, please understand that you're embarrassing yourself every time you implicate yourself with your statements of genetic predisposition for everyone you disagree with and by doing so, implicate yourself as having said condition.

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Trump's executive orders on immigration could threaten local dollars

That is why the Sheriff's office is not holding unregistered immigrants.

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As Trump slams judges, Supreme Court pick describes comments as 'disheartening'

No, Josh, the issue at hand is not whether Merrick Garland is a moderate or a liberal, it's the way the Republicans refused to even hold hearings on whether Merrick Garland is a moderate or a liberal. The Republicans could have brought up their objections to a candidate that had up until then garnered bipartisan near unanimous support with earlier appointments and had received praise from then Oklahoma conservative governor Frank Keating for his handling of the Timothy McVeigh terrorist trial, but the Republicans refused to even schedule hearings.

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As Trump slams judges, Supreme Court pick describes comments as 'disheartening'

Thank you, Ken. I think that being able to cross the aisle to work on bipartisan projects is the only way to break this mutually enforced deadlock but it's hard to know how to get this point across to re-election obsessed politicians, which is the vast majority of Congresspeople. Any thoughts on how to cut that Gordian knot? I like to tell my politicians that unless they are willing to do bipartisan work they don't belong in Congress, but that's just me. There is an organization called the Bipartisan Policy Center that does a very interesting overview of the potentials and activities driven by bipartisan efforts and I recommend them. I'm not aware of any election-oriented group that rewards candidates for having a high bipartisanship index or the like, but I think such a group would be useful.

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As Trump slams judges, Supreme Court pick describes comments as 'disheartening'

Yup, you're continuing to display the Congenital Liberal tendency to blame others for all the ills of society, Bob. You dip your CL litmus paper into all topics and if they diverge more than .25 standard deviations from your own opinion, your paper turns red and they are thusly congenitally diagnosed as "other" and the source of the problem. Interesting science, indeed.

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Appeals court refuses to reinstate Trump's travel ban

Agreed. I hope the Supremes block the ban by starting to sing "Stop.....In The Name of Love..."

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