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Letter to the editor: Trust the county

So what do you propose for all of those folks who are suffering under the influence of your Liberal gene, Bob?

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Letter to the editor: Name change

LMH is a nice nickname, just like KU. But to officially shorten the name to JUST KU or LMH is kinda like shortening your own full name to your nickname. How often do you use your more formal name? I almost never do, but I'm also not getting rid of my full name just because I don't use it very often. It has a certain specificity that is more uniquely me than my nickname as well as a certain gravitas: I know if my parents used my full name I was REALLY in for it!

LMH could be from anywhere, and so disconnecting the "Lawrence" is a marketing faux pas that cancels out any benefits from the cute nickname. Why not continue to use both, keeping the original full name but use LMH the same way the University uses KU? I don't see them taking the Kansas out of KU, do you? I mean, they were even able to copyright the friggin font for the University of Kansas' nickname, so doing that for LMH ought to make their marketers happy without taking Lawrence out of LMH.

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Lawrence Public Library's visitors up significantly since renovation, but checkouts drop

Hey, Chris: sounds like a new bumper sticker on its way:

"Librarians have the best algorithm"

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Opinion: Racism is more than prejudice

Well, at least you are trying to think about the topic critically, unlike some others, so I'll engage. Once again, I don't know what your phrase "original sin of racism" means. Not even proponents of implicit bias are saying that whites are born with racism, rather the implicit biases learned very early on in a child's development can lead to racist outlooks if not consciously subsumed, in the same manner that certain stereotypic motor behaviors are hard-wired into infant physiology but are subsumed by active, volitional movement that comes with mastery of those motor patterns.

As a society, just as we've become aware of how important the formative years are for normal motor and cognitive development. Social patterns grow and mature into healthy patterns if given conscious attention that leads to social mastery, don't you think?

Your link was an interesting article about implicit biases, but really all it indicates to me is that the implicit association test, a standardized measure for implicit bias, is not all that good of a measuring tool. But just because we don't have a good measure of implicit bias is no proof that it does not exist. Furthermore, while it also doesn't mean that the energy and money put into programs are ineffective, either; we just haven't found a reliable gauge to measure the efforts, something that certainly needs to happen.

I really don't see that your criticism of folks who have attempted to give voice to communities who have suffered from a lack of access to power and justice is worth much. Fatalistic? Disempowering? Have you learned anything from reading Coates? Has it not motivated those with a sense of justice to act? You're entitled to your opinion about the power of the written word, but there are many who would beg to differ on that conclusion.

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Opinion: Racism is more than prejudice

Do I detect a dilution of your genetic determinism philosophy? Did I really see you use the word "tendency"???? Nahhhh--I don't believe it: you quickly corrected yourself by following up with a clear falsehood. I can give you many, many examples of conservatives who have also rioted, marched, burned, pillaged, plundered, via all of your examples that you attribute to the LGC. I am once again assured you are a neo-eugenics extremist who uses genetics as the basis for behavior, thereby setting up the stage to cull the herd of anyone who disagrees with your philosophy. Your pseudoscience has no socially redeeming qualities and adds nothing to the conversation.

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Opinion: Racism is more than prejudice

Now who's conflating?

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Opinion: Racism is more than prejudice

Like I said, I do not think you know what original sin is about, which is the sin of being a descendent of the original sinner, Adam, whose sin was not obeying God's rules.

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Opinion: Racism is more than prejudice

You think he is conflating original sin with cultural biases, privileges and hindrances that are triggered by the color of your skin? I do not think that original sin means what you think it does, to paraphrase an illustrious KU grad.

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Opinion: Racism is more than prejudice

Your neo-eugenics philosophy of blaming political behavior to a genetic "defect" is not only an scientifically unsound learned behavior, it is a foundational underpinning that historically has provided justification for some of the most abhorrent, racist ethnic cleansing in human history. Stop it now, Bob.

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Koch Industries seeks rule change on lawyers doing charity work

It's so comforting to know that the Koch Brothers have been staying awake at night, worried that there is some little guy somewhere in our state who has had her/his pro bono lawyer pulled out from under her/him because that lawyer's corporate employer gave the lawyer transfer papers. I mean, really: doesn't it warm the cockles of your heart to know how much they care?

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