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Opinion: Clinton email issues are overstated

What you call "pay for play" in the Clinton foundation is very transparently going to projects that build health access infrastructure in poor countries like Haiti, supporting women's economic status, planting projects to sequester carbon, etc. There is a law prohibiting foreigners from contributing to presidential campaigns, and if the Clinton Foundation were violating that, you bet there would be a long line of indictments coming out of the anti-Clinton industry. Compare that with the Koch plan to pour 889 million into the 2016 election cycle to buy candidates sympathetic to their interests, and you tell me which is more of a threat to the independent thinking of politicians in the US.

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Opinion: Clinton email issues are overstated

And why do you single out Clinton? Is there a candidate out there who does not use exaggeration, gross simplification, glossing over and an occasional outright lie to create enough attention to be noticed and build up a following? In case you haven't made the connection, one person's exaggeration is another person's deceit, and one person's glossing over is another person's dishonesty. Such is the nature of today's partisan politics, and there is no evidence that we as a society will ever have the courage to walk away from such visceral politics.

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Opinion: Campaign finance caps work in Canada

I have an idea: for those who want the "entertainment value" of our reality TV version of politics, let them subscribe to it. Make it a pay-per-view option, an add-on for any cable, satellite or online package. Then the true "bread and circus" content will be accurately judged--and funded--by those in the peanut gallery who are interested in such entertainment, and our money-hungry media outlets will have to exploit our politics on the same playing field as Game of Thrones and the like and earn their political extortion fees honestly.

Complimenting this "entertainment" channel would be a series of regional debates and publicly funded political information websites that would be free and probably boring for many, as are most of the intractible political issues that our society has to deal with day in and day out.

Lots of details to work out, but such a system would seem to me to be a much more intellectually honest approach to our political process and gaining support for electoral offices than our current system of pay-to-play, which makes only the very rich or very well connected/beholden able to be noticed.

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Opinion: Clinton email issues are overstated

How does that change the lack of potential criminality of the action, particularly if the server was not used to pass classified documents back and forth? Are you going to dig up and prosecute every public servant who has used their google accounts for some job-related reasons? What about their personal cell phones? After all, these are both leaky communication modes outside the official "secure" channels.

I think this column helps me put things in the context they deserve, and I see no compelling reason to call Clinton's actions criminal unless there was an overt use of the server to make an end run around the federally secured servers for the express purpose to disseminate classified information. I don't see any evidence of that at all.

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Restored Kansas prairie tour

Of course there are. Why should this be restoration project be any different from any other landscape?

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Opinion: Trump diminishing GOP chances

"Trumpkin?" Hadn't heard that one before; you know rhymes with "pumpkin." Hmmmm.... maybe Republicans need to start wearing crucifixes to protect themselves from Trumpires? Or perhaps they are in need of a Trumpectomy? I guess they have only themselves to blame--I mean what do you expect will happen when you touch your tongue to a cold Trumphandle?

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KU Today: The evolution of KU's one-of-a-kind mascot

On the 1929 bird, you say those are vicious "talons." Au contraire: those are definitely spurs! A talon is a claw and anyone who has raised chickens knows the difference between a talon and a spur!

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Kansas seeks to block release of voting machine paper tapes

And what if Mr. Kobach thought that there might be evidence of an illegal vote from an illegal immigrant or someone who also voted in another state in those 42 boxes? You can bet he'd have his whole staff combing through them with a fine tooth comb! And if he felt like the law prevented him from doing that, he'd already have drafted a bill changing the regulations so that he could do just that, and retroactively to boot, don't you think????

Why is verifying the legitimacy of our voting methods less important to the Secretary of State than catching an improperly registered voter? And how can Kansas write laws that protect the electronic votes from being analyzed for fraud? Last time I read the US Constitution, it said: "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged." How can it be legal to prohibit our finding out whether it has been abridged by bogus voting machines? How do we even know we have a democracy without the right to check this out?

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Mathematician not optimistic about suit seeking ballot audit

Yes, this is true, Eric, but instead of hiding behind an ill-conceived law, don't you think our Secretary of State should be clamoring for exactly such legislation? Kobach certainly does not seem to be a bit afraid of charting out paths for new legislation wherever he sees fit, and while I will certainly advocate for this change, why isn't he also advocating for such transparency? It seems that the very foundation of our democracy, accurate tabulation of votes, lays in the balance and so this should neither be a partisan issue nor be approached in a hesitant manner.

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