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Opinion: Was Weinstein's behavior sexist, or just bad?

Let me be as specific and analytic as possible for you, Bob. Are there different personality types? Yes. Do different personality types prefer to use different problem solving strategies? Yes. Do these different problem strategies use different neural pathways? Sometimes. Do different problem solving strategies preclude other kinds of problem solving strategies? Absolutely not. Can a person who uses analytical reasoning to solve problems be capable of utilizing insights to supplement their analyses? Absolutely. Can a person who uses insight-based problem solving strategies also incorporate analytic approaches to supplement their tendencies? Absolutely. Is it best to have access to the best insight-based and analytic based problem solving? Almost always. Accounts of D-day invasion provides an example of how Allied forces outmaneuvered and disrupted the defensive Axis forces because of their superior ability to think on their feet after their leadership got blown away, i.e. deal with novelty. Accounts of getting the Apollo 13 astronauts back after their ship was seriously crippled by an on-board explosion is an example of utilizing the best in both analytic reasoning and in insightful strategizing in a novel situation.

Your DRD4 ideology pathologizes novelty/insight based thinking/personalities instead of seeing it as a valued resource for society, just as there are those who try and pathologize pure analytic approaches to problem solving. You take the next even more dangerous step of saying that it not only is a pathology, but it is a genetic mutation that must be stamped out. Just stop it, Bob. You are wrong and capable of understanding that it is wrong to do that.

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Backyard chicken trend causes spike in infections, 1 fatal

So you don't think that's a problem? Tell that to the 3/4 of a person wandering around lost and confused.....nice one, Bob.

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Opinion: Was Weinstein's behavior sexist, or just bad?

The only person under the influence of the DRD4 gene is you. Your genetic behavior determinism theory has grown to be eternally boring. Until you can point to a peer-journal article that shows the deterministic nature of your pet genetic variation, you are flat wrong. Either put up or shut up, Bob.

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Backyard chicken trend causes spike in infections, 1 fatal

So now let me get this straight: there are over one million Salmonella infections a year, with 300 people dying from food-borne sources and they are focusing on a source that infects 1100 annually with one death? Not that this isn't an important health risk to address, since it is preventable, but I think it's important to put the problem in that larger context. Undercooked food is a WAY larger problem.

Also, it seems that the source of most infections seems to be from hatcheries that sell the young chicks and are not keeping rodent populations under enough control, resulting in salmonella contamination of young chicks. Perhaps better sanitation practices by hatcheries is the place to focus to reduce the source of the contamination, though there is also nothing wrong with reminding people that they need to wash their hands/arms after handling poultry. It just doesn't have to turn into a witch hunt that leads to making backyard poultry raising illegal any more than making restaurants illegal (the source of a much bigger number of salmonella cases).

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Letter to the editor: Christian values

Ethical behavior and other "emulating Christ" guidelines are common to all of the major religions and even the minor ones, as well as most philosophical ethical traditions. Please check out the versions of the Golden Rule found in most religious traditions:

I think what Dorothy legitimately complains about is hypocrisy amongst believers when they cast judgement on those who are behaving in ways they themselves are guilty of, which is also a common trait amongst all religious/philosophical systems. Casting aspersions on her religious expertise does nothing to de-legitimize her critique, which does not hinge on the veracity of her religious "chops."

Guilt of said hypocritical crime is spread fairly evenly across those who are powerful and famous, as they have been across time and culture as well. Part of the social contract requires those who are participants in said culture to rise up and call those hypocrites for what they are and re-establish the responsibilities of those in such positions to maintain ethical behavior for the good of all. This is not new and this dynamic will never go away. It's part of who we are as humans.

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Kobach gets help from Trump Jr. in Kansas governor's race

C'mon, Kris, wrap that Trump flag around you a little tighter, please. We want to make sure that when the Donald goes under, you're going with him.

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North Lawrence cleaning up in wake of Saturday storm

Looks to me that the Weather Bureau ought to use the tree damage as pretty clear indication of 70mph winds even without the presence of a calibrated anemometer reporting from North Lawrence. The photos seem consistent with the EF0 Enhanced Fujita scale description of winds 65-85mph: "Peels surface off some roofs; some damage to gutters or siding; branches broken off trees; shallow-rooted trees pushed over." I didn't see any peeled shingles in the pictures, which would put the winds at the lower end of the EF0 range, or around 70mph.

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Opinion: Democrats need to move left

Joining the Republicans at the bottom of the sea? Thank God, indeed. Maybe such a money-beholden system is beyond saving, though it is unfortunately up to the average citizen to decide that there is a better way, stop snorkeling and find some solid ground to get to.

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Opinion: Democrats need to move left

Maybe it's just because I'm getting older, but it just seems that both the political right and political left have been marketing themselves harder and harder as a lifestyle choice, an all-encompassing way that you buy the things you buy, from cars to groceries, from houses to clothes, from what movies you go to to what community organizations you support.

The politicization of lifestyles has already gone further than it should have in my opinion. It should not be any more difficult for a Republican living in the country to buy a Prius to park beside their F450 Truck so that they can save on gas going back and forth to town than the Democrat college professor buying a Prius to park next to their bicycle. Similarly, it should not be any more difficult for that professor to raise the flag on Flag Day in front of her or his house and for both the professor and farmer to support good public schools that enable their children to be able to both go to and live in the communities they grew up in if they choose to with jobs that enable them to afford to be able to buy if they want.

The question Pitts poses is of course a reaction to the extremism that is driving the national political scene these days, with threats of political extortion pushing hard on politicians to toe the extremist agenda lest those extremist elements put up big money to run a primary candidate against them. Without serious campaign finance reform, a call to the middle where the real values of most Americans lie will require a kind of bravery that results in a Purple Heart on the battlefield. But a call for clearer battle lines like Pitts is calling for pretty much makes even more pitched battles inevitable, doesn't it?

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Letter to the editor: Air needs protection

Contact your House of Representative and Senator, tell them how important this issue is for you and your family and friends, saying that such rollbacks are wrongheaded and unless they work hard to get them back into place, you'll remember that when the next election comes around. Then forward copies of your emails/letters/phone conversations to all of your friends and family in both states. It's time that our Congresspeople begin to listen to their constituents, not just their campaign contributors. But that's a separate letter you should write to them about....

By the way, the National Geographic has been keeping a pretty good running tab on the changes going on at the EPA here:

And the NRDC does a good job of showing not only all the fronts the EPA is under attack, but what advocates for clean air, water and the environment are doing about it:

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