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Editorial: Don’t amend

I would only add: why is hunting and fishing a "preferred" management tool? Does this mean I should have to shoot a deer to keep it out of my garden instead of fencing the garden in? Does it mean that instead of live trapping a skunk or bothersome raccoon I need to shoot it? What about using contraception as a means for wildlife control? Seems to me that this amendment unnecessarily muddies the water by appearing to tie the hands of those wanting to manage wildlife to using hunting first then using other perhaps more preferable options after these efforts have failed. Seems like unnecessary governmental intervention to "fix" something that doesn't need fixing.

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Tofu facility receives preliminary approval to locate in Barker Neighborhood

Congratulations, David and all; you've come a long way since those early days of cooking the soymilk on a stove one pot at a time. Many folks aren't aware that the original location was at 14th and Massachusetts and even though it expanded greatly during those years, the impact was minimal to the surrounding neighbors. I predict that the new location will be a great success and help anchor a really exciting neighborhood asset both economically and culturally. What a great alternative the Sunrise Project is developing into instead of just another pricey housing development.

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Kansas Biological Survey publication documents vanishing native habitat, suggests preservation steps

The Douglas County SOIL Conservation District is like the McHenry County SOIL AND WATER Conservation District: focusing on reducing soil erosion through cost share programs designed to build terraces, ponds and ground cover projects like the Conservation Reserve Program and WHIP. Both of these are closely connected to the old Soil Conservation Service, now known as the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and focuses on agricultural land.

The McHenry County Conservation District, while having a very closely related name, focuses on preserving open space and natural lands in an increasingly urban environment. Its focus is quite different. Check out their website: for details. Sounds like a pretty cool organization.

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Kansas Biological Survey publication documents vanishing native habitat, suggests preservation steps

Human migration is nothing new; it is part and parcel of our historic and prehistoric violence, resource depletion, population dynamics and changing climate. Walls are not an adequate response to the prediction of even greater movements in the future; both conservatives and liberals need to rethink our response to shifting populations, which after all is rooted in the survival instinct and is not going to go away. The question then becomes: what can be done to help people to stay in their places of origins and what can be done to assist those forced to move to become assets to the destinations where they go?

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Kansas Biological Survey publication documents vanishing native habitat, suggests preservation steps

Humanity's worth can be measured by the degree of biological diversity it can preserve in its drive toward greater personal worth. We claim that we are the most aware of the planet's species and yet if we decrease the overall diversity of the landscapes we live in, the planet's overall awareness quotient goes down, not up.

The presence of the prairie chicken in a patch of native prairie in Douglas County is a better measure of our humanity than another housing development or a plowed field growing soybeans. An inability to be able to one without the other is a sign of our lack of imagination, not a sign of progress and we are all lessened as a result.

And yes, preservation should be prioritized above restoration, but the principles of restoration are very, very important for a growing number of landowners and while it cannot replace a virgin prairie's destruction, it can provide a wider circle of habitat for a larger number of species in our area. I am surprised at the number of native plants and animals who having spent decades hunkered down in ditches and neglected areas, who will spring back to life if given room to do so.

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Catholic leader in Kansas criticizes Kaine

Kaine can be a good Catholic and uphold the laws of the land that protect the rights of individuals and groups who have a different set of tenets that they believe in. That's called Freedom of Religion. By upholding the law, he is not personally committing abortion so is therefore maintaining his catholic creed.

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Letter to the editor: Not deplorable

I mean no disrespect for not being able to follow many of your random responses, Bob. Frustration, yes, and maybe sarcasm creeping in as a result. I promise to tone down the sarcasm if you agree to show some respect in return in your posts in the future.

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Letter to the editor: Not deplorable

Surprise, surprise, another total disconnect between my statement and your response. I am not saying that I disagree with the Barbi twins' description of how they were treated by the Donald, or even consider them as deplorable for pointing out their experience. What I AM saying is that he is perfectly capable of treating one woman or pair of women with respect and other women with total disrespect. So don't put words in my mouth, Bob.

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Letter to the editor: Not deplorable

I totally agree, Charles; Dr. Muirhead's service to our country is demonstrable, laudable and is worthy of our gratitude. This gratitude is totally independent of our agreeing or disagreeing with his political views--that is what makes our country great.

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Letter to the editor: Not deplorable

Your response to me is a total non sequitur. Why should that not surprise me?

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