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Editorial: Off the track

Instead of (or perhaps in addition to) the train analogy, what comes to my mind is the Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein movie, with Sam Brownback as Gene Wilder's Frederick Frankenstein deciding to take up the old vision of his grandfather's to create life from spare parts of passed humans. The new divided legislature plays all 3 parts of Frederick's assistants: part Frau Blucher, part Igor and part Inge, all working with Frankenstein in supportive but tragic-comically flawed ways as to work toward his success. Igor/the legislative ideologues provide the abnormal brain to the project, pretty much insuring failure from the get-go, Brownback's yes-men are like the pretty but hapless Inge, and, well you get to pick your favorite legislators to play Frau Blucher (whinny!).

Will the people of Kansas play the part of Madeline Kahn and fall for the, ahem, charms of The Creature? Or will they play the part of the audience who The Creature attacks after the stage light explodes? Start the violin music, please.

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Who's leading the Kansas Legislature? Despite huge majorities, GOP leaders mired in division

The engine of state government runs on taxes, including the sparkplugs of federal monies, highway gas taxes, income tax, sales taxes, etc. A few years ago, the governor and legislature took out the income tax sparkplug and threw it onto the seat. Now that the engine is running roughly, they are messing with the firing frequencies of other sparkplugs, cleaning out the fuel injectors, re-releasing the released emergency brake, changing out the fuel filter, all the while ignoring the sparkplug rolling around on the seat.

I think it's instructive to see how difficult it is to redesign an engine while you are still using it to drive down the road. Especially with that semi-trailer full of economic competition coming up fast from behind.

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Opinion: Campaigns free of election controls

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that "Money talks, B*** S*** walks" should be the organizing principle of our political system. But if "pay to play" is your criteria for being heard in our political landscape, don't be surprised if that is what your organizing principle drops down into, never to rise out of again.

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Lawrence bands collaborate on song honoring 17-year cicadas

Is it really that different than charting the well-worn emotional cycles of human pheremones?

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Westar plans to buy wind power from new plant

Probably the feral and other outdoor cats that kill around 500 million birds in our country every year. Or maybe there will be someone come drive out and count the birds, possibly killing a few birds with their cars, which kill around 75 million birds annually. Or maybe the local maintenance shop will look out and estimate by estimating the number by looking out their window--the deadliest killer of all. Windows, after all kill some 900 million birds annually in our country.

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Opinion: Cost a real factor in railroad safety

I was surprised to hear that only one conductor is present in passenger trains. If a second person were present like they are required in passenger jets, and the driver drifted off or forgot an upcoming curve, an accident could easily be avoided if a co-conductor were present. Seems to me that this kind of solution could be at least temporarily implemented until such automatic braking systems were installed.

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Editorial: Budget blackmail?

My message is more nuanced than your depiction, something that you refuse acknowledge, so there is nothing more to say. Not that I expect that that will stop you...

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Editorial: Budget blackmail?

Sometimes the strongest defense is not a strong offense, Kevin.

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Editorial: Budget blackmail?

You continue demonstrate the inability to distinguish between North Korea as an example of a lack of checks and balances (my point) and North Korea as a totalitarian state which kills all who disagree with their views (your point). Since you are incapable of distinguishing between the two, your conflating makes it impossible for you to see that this has nothing to do with integrity and hyperbole. I could go on but I have too much integrity for that.

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Editorial: Budget blackmail?

Yes, they are different countries, with different types of government. This is also completely irrelevant to my point about the erosion of checks and balances in our state government. You continue to trip up over the ability to understand that such an erosion has already occurred in North Korea, hence the legitimate comparison between Kansas and North Korea IN THIS ARENA. Does Kansas share other practices with North Korea? Very few. Are there practices that Kansas shares with South Korea? Some, some not. I won't go into those differences because, like the other differences between North Korea and Kansas, they are completely off-topic, a point you also miss.

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