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Letter to the editor: Trump’s ignorance

And why do you think they didn't vote for the Republican Tax bill? Did they have any say whatsovever in crafting that bill? Were they given the opportunity to ask any questions about the bill? Were there any hearings about the bill before it was rammed through? This was such an anti-democratic process that voting against that bill should be considered a patriotic act, Gary. And I've already covered this topic with you before, Gary, so stop misrepresenting what really happened: you know better.

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Letter to the editor: Trump’s ignorance

How did your family get established here, Scott? Was it just one person or did a couple of brothers come over, or did the first one provide assistance in bringing over others? To establish yourself successfully in the United States, it has always been the rule to bring others with you at the same time or later when you can afford to do so. Even if someone comes based on their "merit," how many of them will stay if they cannot bring others whom they know/are related to later? I would even go so far as to say that one of the main predictors of success for an immigrant's in the US is related to the number of close family members/friends that accompany them, sooner or later. It was true with your family, my family and pretty much every immigrant who has come to the US in search of a good home.

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Letter to the editor: Trump’s ignorance

I'm disgusted with folks who depict this as a win-lose contest, including Trump, who said that the compromise was a case of the Dems "coming to their senses." What kind of language is that? He's the one who is shifting around his position so much that it's hard for either party to know what he will agree to.

The Republicans have reportedly run to their campaign contributers, saying that they've "won" this round, so pay up. What kind of insanity is that? Has anyone noticed that it was because moderate Democrats were willing to give the process more time that the shutdown was delayed for another 3 weeks?

I think the American people need to tell anyone that they will REFUSE to contribute to anyone who depicts the political process in this manner, as it is nothing more than insulting the opposition and widens the divide. Americans are past tired of this attitude and instead the media should be rightfully depicting this as a sign that the moderates of both parties are trying to establish a beach head in the middle somewhere so that a reasonable and reasoned discussion can once again take place in our legislative branch.

So stop embarrassing yourself by trying to depict the legislative branch in the same light as you would All Star Wrestling. The legislative process has only suffered when seen in this manner and can only heal itself if the American people demand a different approach.

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Kansas election chief tries to reassure lawmakers on security of Crosscheck voter database

Sounds to me like the original purpose -- voter registration issues within a 4 state area -- was what this system was designed to handle, and it seems pretty much incapable of being scaled up architecturally and in a secure fashion to incorporate all 50 state registration records. Shutting out the Arkansas' network is not solving the scalability issue. Sounds like they're trying to haul concrete in a pickup when they really need a cement truck--I say stop wasting taxpayer's dollars on this ill-conceived expansion project. This is especially true since there is an alternative: the secure ERIC database run by the nonprofit Pew Research Center. Kansans should instruct our SOS to spend these resources on improving voter turnout as a method of diluting the impact of the miniscule voter fraud that has been revealed.

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Thousands attend Lawrence's 2018 Women's March to promote resistance, change

A very patriotic thing to do, indeed, don't you think? And since we're talking about it, here's a link to do just that:

Thanks for prompting me, Sam!

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Opinion: What, exactly, is a good American?

Your label-throwing, neo-eugenicist attitude is the very thing that Linda Chavez cautions against, Bob. Try to absorb a little of what you read and be a little more thankful that folks did not treat your family the same way that you are treating others who have a different outlook (thank goodness) than you do.

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Thousands attend Lawrence's 2018 Women's March to promote resistance, change

You'll be happy to know that voter registration was active, Sam.

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Thousands attend Lawrence's 2018 Women's March to promote resistance, change

Gee, I can entertain reading about and even attending marches and other events for and by BOTH women and men, can't you????

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Thousands attend Lawrence's 2018 Women's March to promote resistance, change

Actually your factoid statistic is about as unverifiable as anything I've read lately. If you really believe that, provide backed up citations, please.

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Kansas utilities say they'll pass on tax-cut savings to customers

OK, Bob, I'll call you on that one (again). Show me the SCIENCE that says the DRD4 polymorphism DETERMINES behavior. Now go take your congenitals and play away in the privacy of your own home.

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