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Wealthy conservatives cap Koch brothers weekend with pledges

Oligarchy-1: Government by the few. 2: a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes.(Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary).

Interesting article whether you like Jimmy Carter or not. Thank You, SCOTUS. Hope you are happy(well, at least 5 of you anyway) with your Purely Partisan vote on Citizens United and with what it has done to this country and it's people. You Brought back the Ruling class and the Peasantry that we fled a continent and fought a War to rid ourselves of.

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Lucky breaks with federal funds, pensions help Kansas budget

"Sullivan said the bulk of it — more than $7 million — is coming from the state Department of Education. He said state officials overestimated the cost of payments to the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System to cover teachers’ pensions during the previous fiscal year.

“That money wasn’t spent,” he said."

Really? A 9 Billion dollar (with a Capital B) unfunded liability in KPERS and you can say that with a Straight face, Mr. Sullivan? Wow!

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Opinion: Truckers impose traffic order

My Bad. Half a mile before the merge point is acceptable but I do not understand why you would be getting cussed and flipped off. I took it to mean you were one of those drivers that flies up and cuts in at the last possible instant. Sorry if I misinterpreted your explanation.

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What's your worst moving experience?

Found a Great Couch and we moved it into our apartment. Decent colors and very comfortable. Woke up in the middle of the night to noises in the Kitchen. A baby possum was rummaging around so we opened the patio door and used a broom to show it the way out. Must have been IN the sofa. Let this be a warning to all. Thank God it was not a Baby Skunk!

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Letter: Update living wage

I am inline for retirement for sure but no just yet. You must be a good Grandpa to have that sort of a problem. Good luck with that and cherish the days they are around. Have 4 Grand kids myself. Enjoying each and every day with them(though, they do not all live with me. One wants to go to LHS so she is moving in soon.Lol! ) One day, all I will have is the memory of that. Comforting to know I will still be smiling well into retirement, Thanks to those Memories. Family is Everything!

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Letter: Update living wage

John, that might be true of unskilled positions but it certainly is not true of skilled Positions. I recently resigned from a 20 year stint at a Public Institution of Higher education because they refused to keep my pay commensurate with my skill level and the Market Rates of pay. I had 3 Global corporations bidding on my services as a Multi-Tradesman(Mechanic, HVAC Tech, Electrician and Plumber.) I chose the job that suited me best and am now making $12k a year(a 30% increase) more than I was making after 20 years and that is my Starting wage with room to grow. They were bidding on me because people with my skill sets and level of experience are very Rare in today's work force. There was no one standing in line behind me and the job I left after 20 years will never find an equal replacement for the wage I was making.

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Renters return to Lawrence: Five things to know

Glad you included the Fact about Tennessee and Kentucky Streets. Always know when the students are back when I see a car heading towards me on one of those streets. Happens, at least once, every year.

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Kansas collects $3.7M less in taxes than expected this month

The AP story(above) by John Hanna, says Kansas officials attribute the shortage to a "National softness in consumer spending". Another misstatement of facts(Lie?). See the article below.

National Consumer spending is trending up. Kansas? Well, not so much.

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Opinion: Truckers impose traffic order

Please note that I said no one says you should file in 5 miles ahead. I am commenting on the dangers of waiting until the very last instant when there is very little room for correction. Waiting until you are forced to cut in because the barricade leaves you no option but to force your way into a moving line of cars is Foolish and inconsiderate. When you see and pass a Merge left or right sign, you should do just that at the very next possible opening. You are now in a Construction zone where speed is reduced and fines are doubled for a reason. Speeding up and passing other cars just so you don't have to wait is an accident waiting to happen and forces some drivers to stop rather than collide with someone who decided to wait until they have no choice but to merge. This is all about attitude and the guy with the V8 has a Bad one when it comes to other drivers and commercial vehicles.

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Opinion: Truckers impose traffic order

The fact that you realize you are causing people to flip you off or cuss should let you know YOU are doing something wrong. You are one of the "Entitled" drivers.You and Your V8 should not have to wait in line like the rest of us! Did it ever dawn on you that drivers having to stop and let people like you in, at the very last minute, is the reason the traffic was moving so slowly? No one says you should file in 5 miles back. Waiting to the very last instant is foolish. You will eventually cause an accident with that philosophy. Please be sure to share your reasoning with the attending Officer should you survive. Trying to outmaneuver a Semi can get you killed. They tend to squash vehicles like your V8 with impunity. Driving like that makes you a Danger to yourself and others. Grow up and learn some consideration for your fellow drivers. You do not OWN the road you drive on.

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