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Letter: Rising costs

Yes. My doctor of 20+ years just recently turned to Concierge Practice. I could not justify paying $1,650 a year out of pocket just for the privilege of being seen and that is on top of Healthcare premiums I already pay. Luckily, I am in very good health for mid 50's and only see a Dr. twice a year for a full physical and a 6 month follow up. I will do my best to keep it that way. Can't afford to be sick. Had no problem finding another good Dr. to add me to his client list either. He was recommended by my original one.

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Letter: Rising costs

Do you think this Transformation will come about Peacefully? Get ready. You think a Riot with a few hundred was bad in LA or Baltimore? Try a 1000 next time. 10,000 the next and so on. Hope you will be happy living in a 3rd world country because that is where we are headed. Think I am joking? History repeats itself. Everything that can happen has already happened in one form or another and it will replay in larger scale. Hope you all are ready. It gets Rocky from here on out.

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Letter: Rising costs

Wrong. There is a solution but Greed stands in the way. The Millionaire/Billionaire CEOs would have to do with a little less and that is not about to happen. Corporate Greed is the Reason for most of Americas Problems including Healthcare. The True Evil facing America is Capitalism without Conscience. "Free Market" is another name for it. Unregulated, it becomes Social Darwinism. The rich can be rich without owning everything. When they own everything, what will drive the economy? They are shooting themselves by starving the Economic Engine known as the Middle Class. If the Economy really falls, all of those billions of paper dollars will be worthless. They may be able to go to another country with what they have left but, where does that leave us? Bottom line is they don't care.

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Letter: Rising costs

So, Socialized healthcare doesn't work in England and the average American is having a hard time affording our Privileged Healthcare System here in America. What do you suggest, Bob?

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Letter: Rising costs

As long as we have a For Profit Healthcare system in the US, the price of healthcare will always rise. There is no incentive to reduce costs. Profits over People. Healthcare, in this country, is a Privilege not a Right.

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Kansas tax collections $27M short of expectations in December, raising more budget concerns

Is this 27 million below expectations even after they lowered their expectations because the projections for almost all of this last year were below their expectations? Reality will set in soon but I do not think our Legislature or Gov. Brownback will admit it even then. They are going off orders from above and facts mean little to them. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is a sure sign of insanity. Look out Bottom, here comes Kansas!

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Douglas County Jail spending an average of $90,000 a month sending inmates to other area jails

Still doesn't solve the problem. You do know that Drug abuse is a symptom of a problem,Right? We need to address the cause and work on that if we are ever going to alleviate the symptom. Moving them around is just playing a Shell game. This just creates more problems not less.

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Douglas County Jail spending an average of $90,000 a month sending inmates to other area jails

Doesn't solve the problem. Moving them around is what is driving up costs. Sanctuary cities have decided not to use municipal funds or resources to enforce Federal Rules on illegal immigrants. Sending them to a sanctuary city solves nothing except making them a problem for someone else to fix. Typical NIMBY tactic. It is still a National problem. That means it is still OUR problem.

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Douglas County Jail spending an average of $90,000 a month sending inmates to other area jails

Incarceration of Non Violent offenders is part of the problem. You can end up in Jail for a Traffic infraction(OUI/DUI) , Minor drug offenses, Petty theft etc.or not having enough money to pay court costs and fines. The Solution is not to build bigger jails with more capacity. We need to look at our Justice System and find out why it is so easy to end up in Jail in this Country which does have the Highest Incarceration Rate per Capita than any other Modern Country. See the link below for stats. I can understand violent crimes and Felony convictions landing someone in Jail. But, some of the people in jail have been charged with non violent misdemeanors. We are just putting too many people in jail for trivial reasons. Making some prisons Private, for profit institutions did not help either. There is a Profit driven motivation to incarcerate people that really should not be incarcerated. The second Link is a very interesting read on this phenomena.

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Kansas lawmakers pin hopes on efficiency study

This article appeared in the print version but not on the online version. This is taken from the KC Star. KanCare may be kicking patients with Hep C off of Medicaid under certain conditions such as if they drink alcohol. The Republicans have found a new "Efficiency" method here. Remember when Republicans were scaring everyone about "Death Panels" that would arise from the Affordable Care Act? KanCare may be starting one of their own. I thought Republicans were against a Nanny State. I guess the less Patients they have to treat, the more money they save. Profits over People once again.

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