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Magnitude 4.8 earthquake near Conway Springs felt in Lawrence

i was inside a building on West Campus and thought that F-16 from earlier in the day had flown over again. Wow!

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Letter: Angry at results

First of all, I want thank you for Your Service as well. You should understand how I feel when only 50% of the voters exercise a right some fought and died for. Second, there was an invite to a discussion. I pointed out that I have lived here for over 40 years and am not going any where. Soldiers do not quit. They stay and fight and anyone that picks a fight with a soldier might end up in a war. If the LJW Staff thought I had threatened you I would have been deleted immediately and Probably removed completely. They understood my statement as it was meant. Sorry if you interpreted it differently.

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Letter: Angry at results

Thank You, Sir. It was(and still is) an Honor and a Privilege to have served this Country and it's Citizens.

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Letter: Dire prophecy

Good point Phillip. With every Religion in the World claiming They are God's Chosen Ones, Someone has to be wrong. What if they are all wrong? As I sit here, I am reflecting back on what I was taught when I was young and, it was that We are ALL God's Children.

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Letter: Angry at results

Yep! There is that brand of GOP Compromise!" I suggest you move out of the State if you cannot accept the Outcome." I have a suggestion or two for you Scott! I might get removed for saying them here, So, lets meet and I will finish my discussion with you Face to face. I am Not leaving a State I have lived in for over 40 Years. Soldiers Do not Quit. They stay and Fight. Pick a fight with a soldier and you can end up in a War. So, What do you say Scott? Want to continue this by telling me to my face I should leave this State? Happy Veteran's Day!

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Letter: Angry at results

Absolutely right. Notice Brownback won by the same percentage as the Gay marriage Ban Passed by. That is the group that will vote for him no matter what he does because they share his views on social issues. When he started out he had roughly a third of Voters support. Now, it is Roughly a Quarter. Still, enough to win if the turnout is low.

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Letter: Angry at results

50% of a 50% turnout is 25%. Not a Majority. Voter apathy allows a Minority to rule a Majority. Since only half of eligible voters in Kansas voted, I do not see how anyone can say the Majority Supports Brownback. If we had an 80% or better turnout, that would be more representative of "The Will of The People". Brown back won his First term with 60% of a 60% turnout(36% Support). The Gay marriage Ban passed with 70% of a 35% turnout(About 25%). I do not see a Majority in those numbers. Eileen, this was more of a response to Fred, than to you.

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Kobach to appeal 10th Circuit citizenship ruling

I would be happy if he was made to reimburse the Taxpayers that financed all of this.

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Letter: Voting woes

As long as it is at the expense of the Taxpayer, Yes. Looks like the voters gave Kris another term to write law that will be contested and defended vigorously, All payed for by the Taxpayers. With their focus on Gay Marriage,Abortion and Voter ID laws, I doubt they will ever get around to The Economy.

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Letter: Voting woes

Kobach's Voter ID Law was voided yesterday along with Arizona's by the 10th Circuit in Denver. But there is no mention of that in this news paper. They are more worried about stopping Gay Marriage . And for the "she "and" Her", I have no idea where that came from.. My Bad,John!.

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