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Opinion: Gun sale like victory lap on boy’s grave

What is very sobering about this case is that it proves a guy with a gun can confront someone who does not have a gun and if the confrontation precipitates into a Physical altercation, the person with the gun, who initiated the altercation, can then plead self defense, shoot and kill that person and be exonerated by the court system. "Stand Your Ground" laws are flawed if you can initiate the confrontation, find yourself getting your butt kicked and then pull a gun and kill someone that you confronted and have the courts side with you. Zimmerman initiated the confrontation. He had a gun. He shot Treyvon Martin who was unarmed. Any other facts I missed? Treyvon reacted to a perceived threat as in he was being followed by a strange man, at night on a Dark street. What was he supposed to do? Run and Hide? He "stood his ground" and was killed for it. Wasn't Treyvon's action Self Defense? I do believe the prosecutor made a mistake in the charge. Should have been 2nd degree Murder or Manslaughter. Those charges might have stuck. The Jury was deliberating in 1st degree Murder Charge. I sat on a Jury for a 1st degree murder case and the instructions are strict. There was no way they could have found Zimmerman guilty of 1st degree murder. None of the criteria had been met.

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What road in Lawrence is most in need of improvements?

Checkout Rhode Island st, 19th to 23rd. Lived here for 15 years and all they do is patch the patches. Main pictures are of the 22nd and Rhode Island Intersection.

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Brownback undecided about proviso on KU, K-State budget cuts

This is an Interesting letter in the opinion section of the Ottawa Herald by Jim Porter who represents the Kansas Board of Education, District 9 which includes Ottawa and Franklin County. A very Concise listing of the deceptions perpetrated by the Brownback(KOCH,ALEC) administration as far as School funding here in Kansas. Worth reading for sure.

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US sues North Carolina over transgender bathroom law, calling it 'state-sponsored discrimination'

I don't believe there needs to be a protected class of people if all people recognized the rights of other citizens as equal. Protected classes come about because groups of people(mostly Religious) refuse to accept that people they don't like, for whatever reason, have the same rights as they do. I just do not understand why some people feel they can decide who gets equal rights and who doesn't. As a Veteran. I served in the US Army infantry to uphold the Constitution and protect it from all enemies ,foreign and domestic. I did this for All US Citizens, not just the ones I like. And Yes, Segregating Bathrooms occurred. I grew up and remember seeing 'Whites Only" Signs. That was changed to reflect the belief that all men(and women) are created equal. Removing the Segregation of bathrooms led to Desegregation in Schools. The Transgender Bathroom Bill is a step backwards. A lot of people nowadays feel they have the right to pick and choose who gets equal rights and who doesn't. That is Unconstitutional.The ones that refuse to follow the Constitution and Bill of Rights are the wrongdoers here. I consider them Domestic Enemies of the Constitution I was sworn to uphold and Protect.

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US sues North Carolina over transgender bathroom law, calling it 'state-sponsored discrimination'

Amendment XIV
Section 1.

"All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."
The Constitution also states that it is "We The People" that are covered under the Constitution and The Bill of Rights. If a transgendered person is a Citizen of the United States, they are covered and should not need "Protected Class" Status.

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Prosecutor looking into conduct of former Kansas election official

It's about time. Add this to the Statistical anomalies with the electronic voting machines and the fact that Brownback won reelection with all polls against him. All it takes is a "Reasonable belief that a crime occurred" for an investigation to begin. If it was a legitimate and fair election, wouldn't Kobach want to prove that, to remove all doubt of wrongdoing, by releasing the paper documents to verify the results of this last election? He is certainly trying very hard to keep the Paper trail unseen. Why would someone do that unless they were trying to cover something up? If it was a fair and impartial election, wouldn't it be in his best interest to prove it due to all of the questions that have come up?

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Editorial: Voting concerns

Kobach should have to prove the last election was not "rigged" by providing the Paper Documentation. If he cannot, or will not, I do not see how he can be trusted to be a Secretary of State and oversee a fair and impartial election in the State of Kansas! All it takes is a "Reason to believe a crime occurred" for the US Attorney to launch an investigation. What more proof do you need other than Brownback won against the odds of ALL polls in the US, a Professional Statistician proclaimed "Statistical Anomalies" in the most recent election and Kobach will not offer up evidence to prove otherwise? Where are You, Mr. Grissom?

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US sues North Carolina over transgender bathroom law, calling it 'state-sponsored discrimination'

If they are American Citizens, they are protected from discrimination by the Constitution and the Bill of rights. By trying to put them ,as a group, outside of these rights, you are discriminating against them. The Supreme Court has ruled on this and it is settled. Supremacy Clause! If a state wants to defy the Supreme Court Ruling(and the Constitution), I suggest they put up a Barbed wire fence around the border of their State, expel anyone that does not believe as they do, welcome people that only believe as they do, forego all help from the US Government that they despise so much and see how well that works for them. Go ahead! Secede from the U.S.! I am getting sick and tired of people trying to form a Divided States of America! "United we Stand, Divided we Fall"! This type of discrimination divides us and makes the US appear weak to our allies and the world.

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Opinion: GOP must face election reality

So, by your statement, you believe Trump supporters have "The Liberal Condition"? Wow! So what does that say about the Republican Base voters?

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