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Orders from court, plus flood of new voters lead to delay in certifying voter rolls

Thank You, Jamie Shew, for sending my wife and I our ballots through the mail. Filled them out and dropped them in the box on the south side of the court house. Simple and effective. Thank you for making voting easy for busy people. I will be out of state on Business this election day and this was by far the best solution. Great job, Jamie!

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Editorial: Sidewalk repair

If Tax a abatement works for developers why not Home Owners? If the city would allow a property owner, that is affected by this, to file for a tax abatement equal to the cost of the repair, the city would not have to come up with the large sum of money stated above and the property owner could repair the sidewalk. If the cost is more than their annual property tax, the abatement is extended until the amount is reached. What could possibly be wrong with a solution such as this?

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Kansas judicial races drawing big money ad campaigns

I am tired of the Robo-callls from supposed family of the Carr Brothers massacre. If the prosecutors had followed proper procedure , there would be no problem. I do not blame the Supreme Court Justices for this. They are following the Law. The Prosecutors fouled this up. The charges were not filed properly. Don't blame the Judges for the mistakes of the prosecutors, Retain all Supreme Court justices except the one injected by Brownback.(Caleb Stegall) No matter what you have been told, the current Justices followed Constitutional Law. Don't blame them for doing their job. Blame the prosecutors for not doing theirs.

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Opinion: Trump a poor excuse for a man Yes, they did. That is the America I know and Love. Just because they are political adversaries does not make them the Enemy. "United, We Stand. Divided, We Fall."

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Opinion: Trump a poor excuse for a man

The attack has been condemned by everyone as an attack on Democracy. I agree. Let the FBI investigate and find out who did this and punish them to the fullest extent of the Law. Jumping to the conclusion it was a Liberal is premature. As ugly as this campaign has been, what if it turns out to be a Conservative group trying to pin it on Liberals? Not a far fetched possibility considering the sociopolitical climate today.

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Concealed weapon disagreement leads to Kansas shooting

Having a CCL means he sat through a class on Gun Laws and went to a firing range and loaded and fired his handgun at a target and hit it enough times to say he was "Proficient in its use". Not what I would call Training. Just a test to see if you are familiar with the basics of a firearm. I am a Veteran of the US Army Infantry (Ft Benning, GA) I was rated as an expert (Rifle and Pistol) by the Military after extensive training and testing. The Military is not for everyone and I do not recommend it just to hold a CCL. But, Training could and should be more Rigorous than it is and, in my opinion, should be required to hold a CCL. I have a CCL and have had one since they were allowed in Kansas. When you take a driving test, do they just ask you to start the car and drive it a few feet and then park it and turn it off?

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Concealed weapon disagreement leads to Kansas shooting

If the 59 year old man was able to see the firearm and gain access to it before the owner realized what was happening, it really doesn't sound like it was "concealed" that well if at all. Poor Judgement on both counts. The owner of the firearm was injured with his own weapon(Luckily not seriously) and the Concerned citizen will most definitely face serious charges and jail time. Carrying open or concealed, with no training required whatsoever, is Legal in Kansas if you are of the proper age and have no legal reasons on your record to not allow it. If you want to blame anyone, blame the lawmakers that enacted the Law.

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Kansas Republicans condemn Trump's lewd remarks about women but stand by him Support Trump if you want to, Bart. It is your right to do so. Don't let reality get in your way.

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Kansas Republicans condemn Trump's lewd remarks about women but stand by him Have a Good Read, Bart. You are pretty much in the minority on this view as well as most of your others. His campaign is already walking back the comment and is in full Damage control Mode.

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Another fast-food chicken chain coming to south Iowa Street; maybe Lawrence has more vacant apartments than once thought

If the property doesn't get rented, costs are still incurred by the property owner. That would be an incentive to lower their rental price unless they are receiving some sort of subsidy or Tax Break for having the property vacant. Is that the case, Chad?

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