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Letter to the editor: Facts are facts

I feel sorry for you Bart. I clearly understand the Rule of Law. It has nothing to do with Your opinion on a case. I am a veteran and I served my country to uphold The Constitution and The Rule of Law. Not sure what you are talking about when you refer to "Free Stuff." I work hard for everything I get. I Pay MY taxes. And You Know what you can do with that "Shame on You"? I will be glad to show you. I feel no shame in my service to this country and in being a contributing member of Society. The Shame should fall on you for feeling that you are right and everyone else is wrong and somehow you are above it all. That is just ignorance and arrogance you display.

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Letter to the editor: Facts are facts

You can't have a trial by jury unless charges were brought and a judge agreed to proceed. The FBI said she was careless but not Criminally Negligent. There are no charges to be filed so there will be no trial. Sorry that you will never find happiness, Bart. If this system of Law we have here in the US was truly just, W, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell and Gonzales would all be sporting matching Orange Jumpsuits. Nobody really cares if you admit you are wrong or not. This isn't about You. This is about the Rule of Law and it has been presented and upheld. If being careless is a criminal act in our Government, then, they should all be locked up!

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Lawrence Police Department to launch campaign against impaired drivers

Dorothy, with all due respect, you don't have to be drunk to kill someone in a vehicle. Anyone driving a vehicle has the potential to cause an accident or fatality for any number of reasons. Drunk driving accounts for about 28%(Latest NHTSB Numbers) of Highway fatalities nation wide and Speeding, Inattentive driving and Bad weather cause all of the rest in that order. People that say drunk drivers are the worst problem we face are just plain wrong and the statistics prove it. Also, all of the reasons are preventable(Don't Speed, Don't Text and drive, Don't drink and drive and don't drive in Bad weather) They are all contributors to thousands of fatalities nation wide every year but Drinking and driving is targeted way more than others. Again, I ask, ever wondered why?

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Lawrence Police Department to launch campaign against impaired drivers

And Sorry about the Typo. Should be Lose not Loose. My fault.

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Lawrence Police Department to launch campaign against impaired drivers

"Retest is one of them, could lower stupid accidents where drivers just don't pay attention, to the worse the Drunks" Drunk driving accounts for less than third of Fatalities according to the NHTSBs most recent numbers. Speeding and Inattentive driving cause , by far the most. Almost two thirds. Also, drinking and driving and driving while drunk are not the same thing but are treated and punished as the same. How many people go to jail and loose their license for a year or 2 for speeding or texting while driving? They target drinkers even though it has been proven that they cause less than a third of the problems. Where are the "You Text. You drive. You Loose" or the "You speed. You drive. You loose" campaigns? The fines and punishments for speeding and inattentive driving are no where near as severe as for individuals that consume alcohol. Ever ask Why that is?

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Lawrence Police Department to launch campaign against impaired drivers

Actually the $70,000 figure is low. $1,500 for lawyer for each person, About $850.00 for fines and court costs, $270 tow bill, $75.00 dollars for the Victim Impact class, Mandatory Counseling $130 and up depending on length of treatment based on your intake Evaluation, And the interlock device that you will be paying $76 dollars a month for a year or two adds up to quite a chunk of money. All for parking your car and going in for coffee after dinner and drinks with friends.

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Lawrence Police Department to launch campaign against impaired drivers

I don't follow you here. Are you saying that people driving with no License or suspended licenses will show up voluntarily to take a driving test at the DMV? And Restricted drivers who have DUI/OUI convictions are already closely monitored by the courts and agencies that install and periodically check the device for evidence of tampering or drunk driving. Not sure how this test will affect this group of Drivers. Only Law abiding drivers will voluntarily take a 10 year proficiency test and I think that is a good idea.

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Lawrence Police Department to launch campaign against impaired drivers

In other words, Stay away from Downtown Lawrence or North Lawrence during this time. Put off that dinner with friends where Libations will be served. And don't stop for coffee after dinner and drinks. Go straight home. Doesn't take much to be over the limit. And you don't have to speed, swerve or drive recklessly to get an OUI. Find a Designated driver you can trust to stay sober and get you home safely. Not following these suggestions could cost you lots of money and , for some, even their job. It is not a waste of resources and money. Last year, about this time, they had over 50 arrests in one weekend, Between Court costs, Fines, Lawyer fees, Tow bills, Mandatory counseling sessions, and interlock devices, about $70,000 dollars was made for various sate and local agencies in just one weekend.

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Jenkins, Pompeo warn of 'attack' on fossil fuel industry

My 2003 Honda Civic(Non Hybrid-or electric) gets 37 MPG daily.I can go 425+ miles on a single tank of gas. Electric cars are held back by Battery Technology. Limited travel based on reserve capacity. Hybrids try to correct this by using a fossil fuel engine to drive the electric Generator to keep the battery charged. Most electricity is still generated by coal and Natural Gas. See the problem? Even Electric cars rely on Fossil fuels. The solution is inevitable. Sustainable energy, rather than unsustainable energy, should power the grid. Then, Vehicles should be able to draw the power they need for motion from the road itself(Like Subways do unless you want to recharge your battery all of the time)At first ,maybe only on Interstates and then use battery power around town. We are a long way from this but there is a solution and the United States has some of the best Technology and innovation industries that could make this happen. It is Just a matter of setting the Goal and achieving it. It Can Be Done!

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Kansas exporting college graduates to other states

We are urging my nephew who just earned a perfect 36 on his ACT and a 1550 out of 1600 on his SAT to not even bother staying here. Berkley and Stanford in CA. and Georgia Tech are already interested and he is just a Junior. He is very interested and is excelling in Aerospace and Robotics. Will support any decision he makes but it won't be Kansas.

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