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Opinion: Christianity without a hint of Jesus

Having a strong social Network(Friends) as an adolescent is one of the factors given credit in this study of the DRD4 gene. So, Bob, did you not have many friends when you were growing up? That would explain a lot. One thing you should be worried about: since this condition is genetic, is it a dominant or recessive gene? If it is recessive, it will eventually(1000, maybe 10,000 years or so) be removed from the gene pool. The question is what are Conservatives to do if it is Dominant? Scary thought, huh? Enough to keep you all up at night I bet. Troll on, Bob. Troll on. This is the study he refers to.

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Opinion: The president who knew too little

Please re-read my comments. Not once did I state that Clinton got a majority of the votes. The only time I mentioned Majority was in reference to the fact that the total votes that were not for Donald Trump was a majority(over 50%) but that included all other candidates. The only thing I said about votes concerning Clinton is that she did indeed get more of the popular vote than Trump did by almost 3 million votes. You wrongly implied that I wrongly implied that Clinton got the Majority of votes. My very first entry did mention that a POTUS should have a Majority of the votes in order to serve the true will of the people. That did not happen. Would not have happened even if Clinton had won the Electoral college. The fact that a Majority of Voters voted against Clinton(as you pointed out) and a Majority of voters voted against Donald Trump(as I pointed out )just shows us all how bad our choices for POTUS were in this election.

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Opinion: The president who knew too little

Thank You, MerrieAnnie. Andrew and I had a very lively debate about this as you can see. My Number one point was that our Voting system does not work for the will of the people. THAT is the Problem. Trump won the Electoral College while not winning the Popular vote. The other problem is Voter participation. Trump won with only 32% of Registered Voters support. When a minority can rule a majority with an inferior amount of support, we have a Broken System! One thing I can say about this current situation is that people I know that have never been Politically active are now coming out and getting involved Big Time! Sometimes, things have to get so bad and go so far out of bounds before the complacent become active. We will see in November. If the Democrats take take back majorities that were lost in the past, I plan to wholeheartedly give all of that credit to Donald J.Trump and the current GOP establishment. They will have earned that outcome rightfully.

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Opinion: There is not much to ‘understand’

That would an accurate statement, Bob. No more or less accurate than mine. Trump IS President with the votes of 32% of Registered voters. That explains his poll numbers very well.

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Opinion: There is not much to ‘understand’

Your Assertion that "Half of the people in this country voted for Trump" is way off. There were 200,081,377 registered voters in the US in 2016, a Record by the way. Trump received 62,979,636. That is roughly 32% of Registered voters. Actually, almost, but not quite, 1/2 of those persons that voted in the 2016 election, voted for Trump. Now that would be an accurate statement.

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Opinion: The president who knew too little

Honest answer. I appreciate that. Thank you for the lively debate. We have more in common than you might imagine. I Look forward to our next exchange.

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Opinion: The president who knew too little

So ,how do you feel about the 3000 lies that Donald Trump has used to Mislead the entire country? You must really have a problem with that if you are so into factual statements and not misleading the reader or the viewer. Watch FOX much? You should be very unhappy with them, too.

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Opinion: The president who knew too little

The Lack of integrity of this President and his supporters are duly noted every day in every story from the White House. 3000 lies and counting! The GOP and Donald Trump will be remembered in the History books for sure. Although, it may not be how they will want to be remembered. November is coming. Thanks for Playing.

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Opinion: The president who knew too little

That is a Trick question because this last election proved that the Popular vote can be discounted so no office is truly elected by popular vote of the entire Nation since the Electoral College can go against the Popular Vote. The last two instances of this happening occurred in just the last 20 years and both were Republican candidates. You would have to go back to the 1870s-1880s for the times it happened previous to these.

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Opinion: The president who knew too little

It is not dishonest to state facts. It is not dishonest to state my view based on those facts. The fact is that Trump did not get more votes than Clinton but was still given the Electoral College Victory. There were 3 other times in History that the Electoral College went against the popular vote. Those were elections where the difference in votes was in the thousands of votes. Trump was behind Clinton by almost 3 million votes which makes this the most votes any President in History lost by, in the popular vote, but won the Electoral College anyway. Spin that any way you want. Facts are Facts. How is that Dishonest?

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