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Letter: Lie cover-up

Actually, I think the Republican attacks on Hillary's credibility, by using Benghazi, are Helping her. The same can be said for the Emails. If this is the best they can do, it proves how desperate they are and how strong a contender she really is. Let them keep it up. All the way to the election. Democrats best get out and vote, though. Republicans are going to try every trick in the Book, and probably some new ones, in their effort to Gain Power. Let's Hope that, in their Lust for said Power, they make Mistakes like breaking Federal Law that brings about Grand Jury investigations and Federal Charges. People that act out of Desperation usually make serious mistakes. I have Faith in Republicans to live up to my expectations. They have, so far, already.

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Opinion: House power struggle continues

Yes, the minority needs to compromise. The Freedom Caucus ,which represents less than one fifth of the House of Representatives, is the Minority. Unfortunately, they think 40 members is a Majority. Hard to compromise with individuals who refuse to compromise. As far as Democrats compromising with Republicans, just look at Kansas. Almost all of the policies the Republicans pushed forward, with no compromise from Democrats, have been found Unconstitutional by the courts. There should be no compromise on Policies that are obviously Unconstitutional. When the Republicans offer Policies that are Constitutional and benefit everyone, not just Special interests, then, you may see compromise. Notice I said "May". They All are still Politicians.

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College course on voter registration proposed in Kansas

How many conservatives does it take to change a light Bulb? None, They will spend millions of Taxpayer dollars on a consultant group to find out why the Bulb burned out, hire a Private company that contributed to their campaign to change it and then blame Liberals for it burning out in the first place.

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Editorial: Changing views

Education has always led Progress. Knowledge is what drives it forward. The Idea that Education should now follow politics and ideology is bassackwards! And KU is not trying to separate itself from the State. Our Politicians are trying to Separate Education from the State and replace it with their brand of politics and ideology. If they do not like or support education for themselves and their children, Fine! They are allowed to do that. But now, they are trying to deny others that choice. Forcing your choice on another is unconstitutional. And THAT is the problem conservatives are having as proven by how many of their Laws have been deemed Unconstitutional by the Courts! You can't compromise with someone who refuses to compromise.

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Editorial: Lie confirmed

I just love that last paragraph. I find it amazing that this degree of concern about Liars being placed in High Government Positions is coming from the newspaper editorial staff that endorsed Brownback and Co.

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KU Provost Jeff Vitter is preferred candidate for Ole Miss chancellorship

Bob, don't forget the consultant group, Huron. Look at what they have done for KU.

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Former AG Phill Kline sues to restore law license

Paul Davis lost an election. He was not disbarred by the Kansas Supreme Court for unethical Behavior like Phill Kline was. What is Your Point?

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Editorial: Voting volley

With an Ego as Large as his, he will claim that he and his policies are responsible for the fact that there are no illegal aliens being prosecuted for voting fraud(Only legally Registered Republicans?
Hmmm..). He will claim Victory, to his base, for solving a Problem that was proven to barely exist while suppressing 33,000 other possible voters for the sake of prosecuting 3 and possibly a few more according to reports from his office.

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Saturday Column: Team not to blame for KU’s dismal football status

Simple Fix: Associate Vice Provost of Football Team Success. These Quarter of a million Dollar positions are abundant and have been known to fix all of KU's Problems. What is one more going to hurt?(sarcasm alert)

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Letter: Abortion protest

What is it with Anti-Abortion supporters and Bullets in the head? They also like to Bomb things too. Any Pro choice supporter Shootings or Bombings you can think of?

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