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What would you do to get out of paying taxes?

Unless you are a rich person yourself, Bart, the rich are better than you too, according to your line of reasoning. Why does wealth make someone better than someone else? Some people measure wealth in different ways. I would rather go through life surrounded by family and Friends that I love and Love me as a Middle class worker ,than to be Monetarily wealthy man. Wealthy people never know if someone is "Being" their friend because they have so much wealth or because they are just a good person and Friend. As a middle class multi tradesman(Blue collar worker to you) I place "Wealth" in a completely different category and set of circumstances than you. I think that is why most Disagreements about this subject occur.

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Letter to the editor: School solutions?

"Eduaction". Pardon my misspelling(11th sentence). Or, could possibly be a Freudian slip!

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Letter to the editor: School solutions?
This is a very comprehensive report. It shows that there has been a 3.1% decrease Per pupil funding(just this year) and that no school district in the country, with higher stats, spends Less than Kansas does on their students. There is a link within this link that gives National data. I looked at the Kansas Dept. Of Education and could not find the numbers you are using anywhere on there sight. Could you provide direct links to this information that you believe so strongly in? 10 year trends may show a an increase overall but the cost of everything(Groceries, Utilities, Cost of Living, etc.) have gone up dramatically over the Last 10 years. It would be expected to see the cost of educating our children to do the same. I do not understand how conservatives could expect the cost of eduaction to continually go down when the cost of everything else goes up every year unless your true goal is to de-fund Public education until it does not work so you can then say"See, it doesn't work! Private schools are the obvious choice!" We see through that smoke screen!

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Letter to the editor: School solutions?

Used "Liberal "3 times in 3 different sentences. Have you had your coffee this morning? Just a review of what Liberal actually means:
As opposed to Conservatism: Remember: Change is part of progress. No Change, No Progress.

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Letter to the editor: School solutions?
Not sure where you are getting your figures because you posted no links to support them. These articles Refute your increase in School funding claim and Your Decrease in Graduation Claim.

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Editorial: Stopgap steps

Why don't you take up your complaint with the writers of this Editorial instead of chastising the readers on this Public Forum? They didn't write it. Your actions and words in the past give everyone reason to believe the editorial. "Deny, Distract, Attack"! Right out of the GOP Playbook, Angela.

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Kansas population continues shift to urban centers, latest census estimates show

Sedgewick, Johnson, Riley,Wyandotte and Douglas were the only counties that showed growth.
Montgomery, Allen, Cherokee, Reno and Labette all showed declines.

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Editorial: Irresponsible path

Just a note from a person seated in reality: When I don't make a scheduled payment on a credit card or mortgage, on time, there are penalties(interest and late fees) and it ends up costing me more than if I had just payed the payment on time. Is it, somehow, different for State Government?

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Brownback delays $92.6 million KPERS payment

Yes, I have already talked to my financial advisor about this and what came up is a chilling what-if: What if all KPERS participants pulled their money out for fear of the Republican Led Legislature in Kansas leaving KPERS Insolvent? Think it won't Happen? Hmmm.........

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