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What is the best-smelling plant?

Honeysuckle in full bloom.

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State now operating on thin margin

$350 Million Surplus Sounds Like a lot of money. But, then Why Did The Legislature just Borrow $675 Million for this next Years Budget? Sounds Like the "Surplus" you are referring to is only about Half of what is needed. That means your $350 million "Surplus" actually leaves Kansas "in the hole". Kansas also held up payments on Income tax returns, probably to make the Tax Revenue numbers "look Better". Brownback's Tax Cuts are having obvious Negative effects, Believe it or not.

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New City Hall report estimates it will take tens of millions to fix city sidewalks

Thanks Carol. Since my side of the block never had a sidewalk in the first place, I must admit I know very little about Responsibilities concerning them except the Snow Shoveling Ordinance. Since the sidewalk is in what most would call the City Easement, I thought it was theirs. I think most people are in the same situation.Yes, the Sidewalks are either non-existent or in Poor shape But, I was asking why Not fix the Streets? I use the sidewalks occasionally. I use the Streets Every Day. It has cost me 2 front tires, a steel wheel and a Strut in the last 2 years because of Potholes that were unavoidable or hidden in the snow. All on my wife's car and she is Known for driving slow.

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New City Hall report estimates it will take tens of millions to fix city sidewalks

Well,this is enough of an issue that KCTV 5 Reporter, Brix Fowler, was in my front yard at lunch, camera in hand and recording, looking at the Sidewalk that only goes half way down our street on one side. The side walk is not in that great of condition but the street is worse and it was noted. The City is Raising taxes to fix something I thought my taxes were already supposed to cover. Tax incentives going to Developers when we need investment in Infrastructure. Priorities at city Hall seem to be Not in the Best interest of the average Lawrence Citizen.That was the subject of the interview. I will have to see if they run it.

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What is your favorite work of science fiction or creator of science fiction?

The "Ringworld" Series. Larry Niven

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Your Turn: Student decries power play

Welcome to the New "Free Market" way of life. Accumulating "The Dollar" is The Most important thing there is. More important than any Individual or Collective Group. No feelings. No remorse. Just Pure Capitalism. Greed Rules. "The Dollar" replaces "The Golden Calf". Worship at your own peril.

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Letter: Wrong reaction

"When the President does it, it means it is not illegal." President Richard M. Nixon. Quote from 1977 interview with David Frost.

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Kansas Republican Party files ethics complaint against Democrat Schodorf

Cronyism Rules The GOP. I am not saying it does not occur within the Democratic Party, But the GOP are turning it into an "Art Form". I would have said they had it "Down to a Science", But I know how the GOP feels about Science. Come ON November! OK, Kansas Citizens! Exercise Your Right To Vote!

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KU moving quickly on procedures for social media rule

I am Not a clairvoyant, but I see a Legal Challenge Coming the First time they try to implement this "Policy". This has gotten national attention and it is not Flattering to the State of Kansas or KU. The only supporters are the Regents. I am sure there must be a Reason For that. Who appoints the Regents?

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Senate must confirm new KanCare inspector

As of Late Friday afternoon(6-6-14), The Wichita Eagle reported Saturday morning(6-7-14) that Hermanson has resigned.

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