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Plaintiffs seek to block new Kansas school funding plan

If the Republicans had gone along with the court order and got the Court to sign off on the fact that the Mandate was upheld, they could have changed the formula afterward. I think the Courts won't allow any changes at all until the Mandate is proven. Changing the Law now does nothing to the fact that the Law was not being followed when it was indeed the law. Will wait and see what the Court does but this may have been a serious miscalculation on the part of Republicans.Or this is a Direct Challenge to the Authority of the Judicial Branch of our Government.

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Kansas Senate approves concealed carry of guns without training or permit

Leslie, I hope you take into account that most people you run into in everyday life are Law abiding citizens. They are most definitely in the Majority. Whether they carry or not should be irrelevant. Criminals have always carried guns. That is not about to change. Please try to remember that not everyone who carries is a person to be afraid of.

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Kansas Senate approves concealed carry of guns without training or permit

If you read on down in the article, they specifically mention the M855 "Green Tips" Armour piercing ammo. The 5th and 6th paragraph explain that this is the ammo that they are taking issue with, not All 5.56 ammo.

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Kansas Senate approves concealed carry of guns without training or permit

The type of ammo you are describing is a 62 Grain Bullet with a Steel Penetrating core that was designed to go through Flack jackets and some Bullet proof vest. This round was designed for Military application. Looks like any other 5.56 but has a Green tip. Armour piercing. Maximum Damage, Minimal cost. Not your average hunting round.

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Kansas moving toward allowing concealed guns without permit

Where do I apply for a Refund on the 132.50 for the permit and 75.00 for the Class? I am a Veteran. Army Infantry. Training with weapons is all we did. My records were already on a National Data Base (NICS). So now, any one who wants to, can carry concealed? I was appalled at how little training was required for the permit. But Now, no permit required?The Police in Kansas can now assume Everyone has a weapon on them and They Will act accordingly. The Kansas Legislature just made their jobs Harder and quite probably,
more Dangerous. Way to go Brownback & Co!

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Letter: Civil service

I get that you think money is a symbol, a necessary evil if you will, Agreed. You think the Laffer curve is BS. Me too. We disagree on Free Market. The GOP sees Free Market as just that:No Regulation, anything goes economic Darwinism. You seem to hold to that belief and that seems to be what the GOP are selling. Free Market does not guarantee we all Make it. Our society was formed on the tenet that ,as a Nation, Together, we will all make it.. If the people at the top could show restraint and let some of their wealth "Trickle Down" then there would be no Problem. However, Greed keeps them from completing what would be a workable system. It is only Their Greed that keeps this from happening. When Man cannot control himself, Laws are needed. If we innately showed 100% perfect judgement on all subjects of right and wrong, there would be no need for Law. Not gonna happen since we, as humans often do, make mistakes.

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Letter: Civil service

"Yes, because we have more and more Government." All brought to you by the Party that says it wants less big Government and Less intrusion of Government in our Lives. I know you listen to what they say, Bart. But, Do you notice what they are doing? And, if you cannot legislate Poverty away, what makes you think this Legislature is correct in thinking it can Legislate Morality? Especially Their Brand of Morality? There is nothing Free about their Idea of Free Market! They will pick winners and losers based on political affiliation. Not a member of Their Party? Sorry! Starting to look a lot like Fascism to me.

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Seeking to prevent divorce, Kansas legislators hold 2 days of hearings on marriage

If history has taught us anything about tyrants, it is that they are eventually overthrown and Betrayed, usually by the ones closest to them. History has an odd way of repeating itself every now and then.

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Kansas lawmaker wants to set up new foster care program favoring churchgoers, stay-at-home parents

I believe Racism would be hard to prove here. Discrimination based on Religion is pretty much how they laid it out in their description. People that went to church and adhered to the rules of the church would be Paid More. Did not even try to hide it.

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Kansas lawmaker wants to set up new foster care program favoring churchgoers, stay-at-home parents

Well, it seems the Brownback Administration has realized that is really hard to take Rights away. So, they are just going to give themselves and people who think like them, More Rights. Another Constitutional FAIL. Preferential treatment for one group over another group based on Religious Views. Absolutely Unconstitutional. More Kansas Taxpayer money to defend a Conservative Right Wing Ideology that only benefits a few at the expense of the Many. And Yes, This will be challenged!

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