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Kansas governor won't be present for budget announcement

I guess after lying so recently about the difference in teacher's Pay in Kansas versus Missouri and the fact that the major News media outlets pointed out it was a Lie, The Governor will probably not be speaking publicly for awhile since every time he does, he is called out on yet another lie. Let Shawn Sullivan lie for him for awhile. His Duties were expanded for a reason you now.

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Letter: Egg alternatives

No Problems with eggs Here. The hens are laying about 10 nice, brown eggs a day. My Daughter brings us a fresh dozen at least once a week. My neighbors are quick to grab any surplus. Nice having a local farmer in the Family.

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Opinion: ‘Principle’ must be evening applied

I got a Letter from Selective Service notifying me to turn myself in to Local authorities for failing to register with them. I turned the letter over to my Company Commander at Ft. Benning. He and the Battalion Commander got a Good laugh out of that.I had already been through Basic and AIT and was starting my 2nd year of service. They sent a letter to SS and it was taken care of.

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Kansas received more than 9,800 concealed carry applications in the last fiscal year

The Conservatives call me a Liberal Because I believe in Equal Rights for everyone and that includes the right of a woman to chose what is best for her and I believe People should be able to Love whomever they chose. I also believe everyone should pay their fair share of taxes and I am against War because I know how Horrific it can be. Liberals call me conservative because I believe in a fiscally Responsible Government and Spending does need to be reduced. I believe in the Constitution and ALL of its amendments including The 2nd and especially the 1st and 14th. I am called an Idiot coward and a Paranoid Gun Nut for exercising a Constitutional Right. You can say all of things as much as you like. But know this: I am a Veteran. People like me Guaranteed you would have the Right to say these things. Some of them Payed with their lives. We Love America enough to sacrifice ourselves to see that it Stays Free. So, Feel Free to say what you want, Love whom you want or Hate whom you want. We guaranteed your right to do so.

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More details emerge on pending west Lawrence retirement community; city set to tackle bus hub question; major changes to 21st Street possible

"Some folks are convinced The T is owned by KU." For whatever the reason, The T bus garage and Maintenance Facility is maintained and repaired by KU Maintenance Staff. The KU Campus buses are housed, repaired and maintained there as well as The T Buses. That might be why.

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Letter: Waving the flag

It was put up in 1961 to protest Integration and to honor the 100 year Anniversary of the start of The Civil War. It flew over the Dome of the State Capitol Building until 2000 when it was taken down and put in the Confederate War Memorial. I did not know that either until NPR did a segment on it. Most definitely a reason to take it down.

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Letter: Price of liberty

All this proved to me is that if you are an individual or Corporation that has enough Money to pay for an entire full page ad in a newspaper, your views will be seen. They had every right to Pay the Money and Post their beliefs. I had every right to put it where I thought it would serve me best. My birds can't read but it works for me.

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Gay rights leader, Kansas Gov. Brownback argue over marriage order

Save your breath Mr. Witt. I know it is an old saying but Mark Twain was Right. "Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."

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Editorial: Street strategy

Do the plans include removing the median for a center turn lane? If not, all traffic in one direction will have to come to a stop when one vehicle has to wait for oncoming traffic to clear before they can turn left. I did not see any information in the article about a center turn lane.

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