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Opinion: President Trump is Wile E. Coyote

Where is an anvil, falling from the sky, when you need one?

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In Kansas, maligned 'gut and go' tactic gets laws enacted

I will believe Corporations are people when Texas executes one of them.

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Worst of bad U.S. flu season finally over as illnesses decline

There are some employers that actually present employees with Letters of Disciplinary Action if that employee calls in sick. Calling in sick is only one of many ways to receive such a Letter. Each letter puts them closer to termination. I would prefer sick employees stay home and get well but it could cost them their job if they work for one of these employers. The Policies of the Corporation drives a lot of this. If it is going to change, the Policy makers will have to change it and make the health and welfare of their employees more important than Profits. Do you see that happening anytime soon? Me neither.

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Opinion: When truth is regarded as ‘fake’

Fast forward to 2018 and Fox News still shows a rating of 60% for statements rated Mostly False, False and Pants-on -Fire. If I had included Half True we would be up to 78%. Tha means FOX rates True and Mostly True only 22% of the time. .
Your attempt to discredit Politifact because of one instance would be like me finding one instance where Donald Trump actually told the truth and insisting this means we should disregard all of his verifiable lies. It just doesn't work that way.

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Opinion: When truth is regarded as ‘fake’

So Bob, everything reported by anyone or any outlet that is not painting Trump or the GOP in a Good Light is Biased? Do you realize how paranoid that sounds? Well, at least this keeps the Conspiracy Theorists out of the unemployment line. By the way, you are pointing out only one particular instance to try and refute years of Fact checking thousands of other statements. One instance that fits your narrative does not negate all of the previous months and even years of Statistics. Sorry. Not buying it.

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Opinion: When truth is regarded as ‘fake’

Found this comparison of FOX, MSNBC and CNN. You might find this interesting. While no one outlet always tells the truth, the breakdown for Mostly False, False and Pants-on-Fire Percentages are as follows: FOX 61%, MSNBC 44% and CNN 21%. Read the entire article here:

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Opinion: When truth is regarded as ‘fake’

That's funny. Faux News comes to mind for me.

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Letter to the editor: Porn is powerful, evil

I don't own an AR-15 either even though I am trained in the use of an M-16, An M-60 and even the .50 cal M-2. I was in the Army Infantry and was an E-4 Weapons Specialist trained in the use of every weapon on the modern battlefield up to and including the TOW Missile. I don't need them. I am a veteran and I know what they can do. I am a fire arms owner and a CCHL carrier. I do not feel the need to own an assault rifle and I do not see why the general public needs an assault rifle either. I am not trying to stop them from owning one as the law does allow it. I do not need one so I do not own one.

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Letter to the editor: Porn is powerful, evil

If you don't like porn, don't watch it, Carl. Nobody is forcing it on you. I don't care for it so I don't watch it. It IS that simple!

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