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Should grocery stores in Kansas be allowed to sell liquor?

Yes you can but they are in a completely separate room and rang up on a different cash register. Those are the rules already set down by the State. Visit "On the Rocks" on Mass. St. You will see what I am talking about at the entrance. Soda Pop, Mixers, Snacks and Ice are in a separate room with it's own entrance and cash register just to the left as you walk in. They have to be separate according to current State Law. You have to make two separate purchases on the same premises. If they allow Alcohol sales in Grocery stores, they should have to repeal this ordinance for liquor stores.

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Kansas House rejects giving Brownback more say in judicial selection, then reconsiders

Any chance we can get the names of those that voted for and against this measure? Would be useful information for the elections in November.

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Opinion: The world according to Trump Don't you mean the Fundamentalist from Canada?

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Group of retailers offers new plan for Kansas liquor sales

These Large retailers will not start new businesses just because they can sell alcohol. It will just be another convenience they can offer shoppers in already established stores. Small, family owned liquor stores will suffer, layoff workers due to slower business or eventually close. This idea kills jobs and businesses. I thought the "Brownback Experiment" promised to create Jobs and bring in new Business. I guess they were lying all that time when they were promising a "Shot of Adrenaline" to the economy in return for votes. I have talked to many of my friends across the US and have reminded them that if they want to see what it would be like for the entire U.S. to be run by Republicans, just look at Kansas and think about what has happened and is still happening here. Do you want this for the entire United States of America?

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What's the oldest thing you own?

Also a pair of Chandler and Price "Clamshell" presses( circa 1880's) donated by a couple in El Dorado. KS. to the KU Design Dept. Restoring them and they should be ready by fall 2016 to print on.

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What's the oldest thing you own?

I870's Ostreander Seymor Extra Heavy, Flat platen cast iron Letter press. Called a "Prarie Press" because it could be broken down in pieces and taken, by wagon, to almost any where. and set up to print single fold Newspapers.

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Letter to the editor: School solutions?

Not that I need your approval but I am glad that you acknowledge people that speak out against obvious BS. Good for your ,Bob! I appreciate your contributions to this site and your insight into the obvious misrepresentation by the Right wing trolls.

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What's your favorite guitar solo?

Also, Stevie Ray Vaughan's rendition of Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile". R.I.P. Stevie Ray!

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Review finds Lawrence police voided city tickets without proper approvals

Always a Judgement call by the officer. They look at the circumstances and can issue a ticket or a warning. It is up to them.

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