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Senate candidates differ on overturning Citizens United ruling

I wish I could give credit to the person that said it first but the best argument I have heard about corporations being people is " I will believe Corporations are People when Texas Executes one."

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Editorial: Higher marks

No Phd in her field. Moving on easier said than done. Both of us are almost retirement age. I grew Up Here. My Dad was an EE Prof(27 years) and Chair of EE 14 of those. My Wife, Daughter and Son In law Teach here. My oldest Grand daughter just started as a Freshman a few weeks ago. I am not going any where. They know it and they take advantage of it.

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Editorial: Higher marks

GTAs do have a union and Benefits. What about Lecturers? Private contractors renewed semester by semester. My wife is a lecturer with an MFA.She is also A Fullbright Scholar, Publisher of multiple books in her field of study, and a Study Abroad Coordinator as well as teaching three Studio classes every semester. She makes what I make as a Tradesman in FS. That is about 1/3rd of a Professor's salary in the same department. Tenure is not even considered. She would be happy having an FTE of 1.0 instead of .8. Can't even figure her salary into a Home loan because she is not full time after 17 years. She also pays a Higher premium for Health insurance due to not being Full time.

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Editorial: Higher marks

interesting. The latest numbers show Tenured professors being replaced at about 1/2 the rate meaning for every 2 professors that leave ,only one is replaced with a Tenured Professor. If it isn't profit or some sort of Cost savings ,what is driving this trend?And This is a nationwide trend.

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Editorial: Higher marks

Professors are leaving but they are being replaced by GTAs and Lecturers more often than with a full professor. Cheaper for the department. Saves money! Brings in Profit! Interesting change Huron has Brought to this once , highly ranked, very well thought of, Not for Profit University. Put profit above people and this Is what you get. Alot of Good people Left employment, were Bought out or Retired from KU. We have a Knowledge deficit that will be very hard to Recoup. New People will take years to learn what veteran workers have learned. Veteran workers are treated like overpaid, underworked employees who are a burden to the institution. These people are assets. They are not being treated as such by this Administration. Hard work has been de-Valued. My Question is this: how did this country get built with out the people that work with their hearts and their hands? Why are Workers , Tradesmen, Manual Laboroers considered and treated like 2nd class citizens? You solve these questions and you might find a path that would put KU back on the right Track. Continue to put Athletics, Profit and Enrollment as your top Priorities and the Failure will continue. You only need look at the recent past and the correlation between Policy changes and Rankings to draw your own conclusions. It is obvious to me that the KU Administration sees itself as More important than all of The Faculty, Students or Staff combined. They are Equal Parts of an equation that includes everyone. That, I think, Is why they continue to fail.

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Kansas seeks to dismiss gun lawsuit challenge

Steve and Larry, you are both right. "Supremacy Clause". They are trying to energize their Base supporters. This will not stand up to a Federal Legal Challenge.

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Boxing firm has suit against Kansas Senate hopeful Orman

Can't understand why Conservatives would have a problem with this. Isn't this just "Business as Usual" in The New "Free Market Business" System that they helped create?

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City to deliver recycling carts on Monday

I'm with you. I will use the City curbside but I will continue to donate My aluminum cans to the Charities that can turn them into cash and use it immediately.

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City to deliver recycling carts on Monday

Agreed. Will save me a trip to the Walmart Recycling center every weekend. It also appears they take all Plastic, Not just #1 and #2.

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Survey: Kansas Highway Patrol employees loyal, but dissatisfied

I know several State Troopers as well. I took care of their Crown Vics, Mustangs, And Camaros as well as the Motorist assist vehicles for years in The KU Garage. So what does knowing them prove? I worked For them. I am a State employee. So are State Troopers. Are You? Then, you do not know the "you people" you speak of. The phrase"You People" can be deemed derogatory. Also, you mistake sarcasm for humor. A State Trooper won't.

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