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Kansas quakes likely caused by disposal of saltwater that results from oil and gas fracking process

Andy, it also causes plates to shift that would Not have normally shifted. Is that concept too "complex and Erudite" for you?

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Kansas governor seeks tax increases to address budget woes

Where is the petition? I will sign it!

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Kansas ethics official doesn't appear before grand jury in Brownback loan case

I do not think her office gives her immunity.The prosecutor can offer immunity in exchange for Testimony. "Transactional immunity" would let her testify with no risk of prosecution. "Use Immunity" would mean she could still be charged even if she testifies but her statements cannot be used in the current prosecution but could still be used against her at a later date. One thing for sure, if she appears before the Grand Jury, she will appear alone. No attorney. Just her facing the Prosecutor and the Grand Jury. Lying to a Grand Jury is a Felony.

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Kansas ethics official doesn't appear before grand jury in Brownback loan case

Fred , it says right in the article she did not appear as ordered. Subpoenas usually have a date, Time and Location as well as required documents or materials. They usually include a sentence or two about what will happen if you do not show up.The Grand Jury sent the subpoena. She was called! If she did indeed disregard the time and Place to appear, she most likely will be in contempt. Whether her Boss told her not to go or not is irrelevant. She will be Punished for failure to appear, not her Boss.

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Kansas legislators, supporters celebrate Brownback's reelection at 2015 inaugural ball

You are so Right Phillip. Everyone in Kansas that benefited the most from this administrations Current Policy were in That Room Last night. The rest of us will shoulder the Burden through Cuts to services and Higher Taxes. Amazing that the New Christian Movement punishes the poor for being Poor, Punishes the sick and Elderly for being sick and elderly, punishes the unemployed for being unemployed, Yet they Reward the Rich for being Rich. Just not sure which Bible they are getting this from. More Like what the Great Deceiver would do if he got into a Good Christians Heart:Pervert the belief in their religion and Dupe them into doing his bidding under the guise of Their own religion. Brilliant! But, He has had eons to perfect His methods. These people never saw it coming and they never stood a chance. Hope they all do some soul searching before it is too Late.

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What is your favorite indoor activity for cold, snowy days?

Re-Jetting a Set of Mikuni Carburetors and Prepping a Brand New Alloy Mag Wheel and Tire for installation on The Old Kaw Police Bike. Shop Heater is Doing overtime today though.

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Kansas court orders more state spending on schools, suggests at least $548 million more per year

So now you want to tie Performance of Students to Teachers Retirement as well as compensation? Then, we need to apply this uniformly. Performance based pay and benefits for The Kansas Legislature! They would not get a Dime, in my opinion. I do not teach yet I contribute to KPERS and will retire with benefits. How do you square that fact, Andy? Are you starting to see how ridiculous your suggestion is?

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What’s the lowest price of gas you can remember?

I remember the Day in 1969 when my Dad drove home in his Brand New Plymouth Road Runner with the 383 Magnum Motor. He ended up racing an SS 396 Chevelle that afternoon and won! 37 cents a gallon is what I remember. That may have been Premium knowing my Dad. What a Rumble Wagon that thing was!

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Pay raise for Kansas state workers still on table

A little better than That. My Paycheck showed a $170 increase since it was Pretax income on top of Normal Pay.

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Prosecutor: No criminal charges warranted in case of woman who died in jail

"Based upon the review of materials above, there is no evidence of any type of physical abuse by jail staff of Ms. Sewell." Branson Wrote. Neglect that leads to a Death is Not abuse? Ask Child Services about that. The KBI said ,In their opinion since they are not medical doctors, they thought she was suffering from Illegal Drug Withdrawals. If a Dr. makes a wrong diagnosis and a Patient dies under their care, what happens to the Dr.? I find it deeply disturbing that someone can die in custody and not receive any help and actually be put into a position of being Deserved of their condition by Authorities if they think you are in withdrawals for drug addiction. She died because she got no help for a serious medical condition that the KBI misdiagnosed and had no business diagnosing in the first place. A Doctor should have made that call. Hard to believe this is not considered a criminal act. I hope they(The Family) take this Department to the cleaners in a Civil suit. I find it Truly Appalling that people are treated like this by the very people that are supposed to "Serve And Protect". This has happened too often lately. Is there any wonder why most people Fear any involvement with Law Enforcement Authorities? What will have to happen to change this climate? It is Getting worse everyday.

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