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Judge jails former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort ahead of trial

As my debate coach once said, "When you resort to name calling, you not only lose the argument, you discredit yourself as a speaker." Good Job, Harlan!

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Judge jails former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort ahead of trial

John Boehner said it Best, "There is no Republican Party. There is a Trump Party." Some are even calling it a cult. If you support that, then own it and wear it around your neck and take full responsibility for all that comes with it. You deserve that. November is coming. In the words of your savior, "We'll see what happens."

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Judge jails former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort ahead of trial

Hope he is enjoying the "Adult Summer Camp" that is provided by our government. 3 meals, Exercise periods, AC/Heat and Healthcare. Some people have said that what the Children are experiencing in the Detainment centers are comparable to a "Children's Summer camp". All of the Federal Prisons have conditions such as these. Give it a try sometime and see if you would enjoy "Summer Camp".

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Opinion: Immigration policy is pure evil

WOW! I don't know where to begin! "Children's Summer Camp"? Good Lord, Help us All! It would take 7 pages to respond to your 7 paragraphs but it would do no good. This is a perfect example of what is wrong in our country right now! You do realize that this country was founded by people who were adamant that Religion should be kept separate from Government, Right? This is going to get worse before it gets better if a 1/3rd of the population believes what you do. Thank God only a minority of people in this country believe like this. Still, that minority is a large enough number that we should all be very, very concerned!

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GOP lawmaker drops re-election bid against 2 openly gay Democrats

Because "Gay" is a Republican dog whistle. Most of the GOP won't even consider a gay Republican candidate let alone a Democratic one. Might as well have included that they are probably Pro Choice on abortion rights. It is all about red meat for the base!

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In ambassador’s job, ex-Kansas governor looser, more relaxed

"Religious Freedom"? His idea of religious freedom is to discriminate against and denigrate all forms of religion other than his own. I see Trump is still getting "All the best People" for the job. Pathetic.

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Editorial: NFL anthem rule is unpatriotic

I will print this poem that I borrowed from a friends post. As a veteran, this speaks volumes on how I feel about the subject. I will not presume to say how others feel...........................
I stand to honor the promise the flag represents.
You kneel because that promise has been broken.
I stand to affirm my belief that all are created equal, and to fight alongside you for that promise.
You kneel because too few stand with you.
I stand because we can be better.
You kneel to remind us to be better.
I stand to honor all that have fought and died so that we may be free.
You kneel because not all of us are.
I stand because I can.
You kneel for those who can't.
I stand to defend your right to kneel.
You kneel to defend my right to stand.
I stand because I love this country.
You kneel because you love it too.

written by: Andrew Freborg

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Letter to the editor: Not fit for Nobel

I only see this story referenced on well known conspiracy Web sites. FOX isn't even willing to run this story. Believe Me! I would know because my employer runs FOX news on all TVs in all Break rooms 24/7.

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Big day almost here: Kansas Supreme Court to decide whether school funding plan is constitutional

Yeah, spending money on education is such a waste. Look what it did for you!

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Girod: Athletics important to KU, but there is a "disconnect" too

Your last paragraph makes a tremendous point. However, the question should be "What will the Board of Regents allow the Chancellor to change?" If you want to start somewhere with "What is Wrong with KU", start there. You can't realistically blame the chancellors, past and present, for all of KU's problems.

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