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Editorial: Street strategy

Do the plans include removing the median for a center turn lane? If not, all traffic in one direction will have to come to a stop when one vehicle has to wait for oncoming traffic to clear before they can turn left. I did not see any information in the article about a center turn lane.

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Streets, infrastructure polling higher than police headquarters in new city survey results

The sixth paragraph of the above article said there were 1300 responses from a random sample of residents. I was one of them and the results followed my responses pretty well. Not all citizens received the survey. I did not get to respond to the previous two(2007 and 2011) they listed as comparisons.

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Plumbing work determined to be cause of Saturday duplex fire; damage estimated at $150,000

Fires of this nature are one of the main reason that construction companies have changed to solder-less Joints (crimped and O-ringed copper or Shark Bite and Pex Plastic). Noticed during the walk through at the new Dorms on Daisy Hill. Not one solder joint or torch to be found. Definitely quicker and easier for the installer. Time will tell how reliable and durable these new methods are but they do reduce the chance of Fire.

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Editorial: Street strategy

The patches on the patches are not holding. 22nd and Rhode Island St.

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Intersection of 22nd and Rhode Island St. Two Blocks east of Mass. St.

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The patches on the patches are not lasting very long. Intersection of 22nd and Rhode Island St.

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Editorial: Street strategy

Just two blocks east of Mass. St. on Rhode Island St. Intersection of 22nd and Rhode Island St.

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Editorial: Street strategy

How about fixing the streets we have before anything else? Please take the time to drive a few side streets and check out their condition, especially in East Lawrence. Just repairing the Repairs is not an answer. A good example is the intersection at 22nd and Rhode Island. Looks like the surface of the Moon and this is just 2 blocks off Mass. This street is heavily traveled as west bound traffic on 23rd cuts through because traffic backs up at the 23rd and Mass. traffic light. Time your traffic lights better and fix the streets you have first!

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Kansas court orders state to immediately pay $49.6 million to local school districts
I hope Brownback is keeping an eye on what happens when a Governor uses his position to Punish those who do not agree with Him. This story might give him a Reason to pause and re- think his plans to de-fund the Judiciary of Kansas for not agreeing with him and Fellow Republicans on the School funding issue. Been a Tough week for Kansas Republicans and Brownback. Hope they can learn from this. The beliefs of Their People and their ideology are not in the Majority. Good Luck ,Governor. The ball is in your court, so to speak.

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Wagle discusses 2015 session, role of lobbyists, during Dole Institute talk

The picture looks like only friends and family showed up to ask questions. Not surprised one bit.

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