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Tax plans coming together, but business owners' taxes still a hot issue

How is Taxing the income for a Business "Stealing" but Taxing the income for a Worker not?

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Douglas County says Kobach was not shown favoritism in building case; failure to be strict on building codes was result of new, unwritten policy

I am with Cheryl Nelsen. This does not pass the Smell Test on multiple levels.

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Kansas House rejects plan to raise sales tax to fix budget

Well, Andy, apparently our Republican led State Government doesn't know how to create Wealth for anyone other than the already Wealthy. The current Redistribution of Wealth seems to be from the bottom to the top and only to a few. Please enlighten all of us Critical Thinkers as to how it is done. It is Complex I am sure.

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Kansas House rejects plan to raise sales tax to fix budget

"We have made a commitment to Business owners." Republican Rep. Randy Powell, Olathe. Thank you for pointing out who you really support and it is obviously not your constituents. 2.9 million people in Kansas and you commit your support to 281,000 business owners and 53,000 farmers(figures from this article). I hope everyone remembers this statement along with your name come next election. Your job is to represent (hence your title Representative) ALL Kansans, not just your campaign contributors and Special interest groups. You gave business owners a Tax Break in order to create jobs and promote economic growth. Neither have materialized. You have failed the majority of your constituents since they far outweigh the number of Businesses. Overall Grade for your performance? A big, fat "F" for Fail!

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Teachers, parents unhappy after teacher loses job

Thank You, Nick but I have seen worse words used towards members of our State Government and against people that oppose their views by people who support their views and vice versa. The criteria for deletion does not seem very consistent. Just an observation.

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Teachers, parents unhappy after teacher loses job

I find it very interesting that two posts that were critical of the Principal of Langston Hughes Elementary were Deleted even though the first story listed that is related to this story is about the Principal of Langston Hughes Elementary. I read the posts from Dave Bonnell and Marvin Shanks, before they were deleted, regarding their Personal experience with this person whom I shall not name for fear of being deleted myself. This just leaves me with more Questions about what is going on at this Elementary School.

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Letter: School questions

Very civil response, Kevin. Thank you. You have touched upon an aspect of Mankind that troubles me: Labeling. Europe and America are names Man gave to continents. We named them all. We created the labels. Bottom line is we are all Human. We all need Air, Water, Food and shelter in order to survive. We all bleed red. We give birth, we live and then we die. Our similarities far outweigh our differences. This ,I believe, is one of the greatest challenges we face. If we all realize our similarities and embrace them, we just might make it. If we continue to Label and divide ourselves by the color of our Hair, skin,or eyes or by the languages we speak or religions we practice, I am afraid we will inevitably do ourselves in. We have a choice to make:,embrace our similarities or fight to the bloody end over our differences.

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Letter: School questions

An excerpt from observations by Meddy, European American, Winter 2006 (top of Page 7) "I feel that one of the most valuable lessons I learned in this class is to not make assumptions but to see everyone's perspective." Truly Frightening? Wow! I have read enough of your writings to understand how this could be "Truly Frightening" to you and other Conservatives. If humans are to survive on this planet, and we only have one planet, taking into account other perspectives is necessary. Otherwise, we will always be at war with someone who decides their perspective is the only one that matters. We are all in this world together and alienating others based on their different perspectives has not worked as our history clearly shows. I, for one, am willing to look at other perspectives and try to find what works for All of Us. Even yours.

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