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What’s the lowest price of gas you can remember?

I remember the Day in 1969 when my Dad drove home in his Brand New Plymouth Road Runner with the 383 Magnum Motor. He ended up racing an SS 396 Chevelle that afternoon and won! 37 cents a gallon is what I remember. That may have been Premium knowing my Dad. What a Rumble Wagon that thing was!

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Pay raise for Kansas state workers still on table

A little better than That. My Paycheck showed a $170 increase since it was Pretax income on top of Normal Pay.

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Prosecutor: No criminal charges warranted in case of woman who died in jail

"Based upon the review of materials above, there is no evidence of any type of physical abuse by jail staff of Ms. Sewell." Branson Wrote. Neglect that leads to a Death is Not abuse? Ask Child Services about that. The KBI said ,In their opinion since they are not medical doctors, they thought she was suffering from Illegal Drug Withdrawals. If a Dr. makes a wrong diagnosis and a Patient dies under their care, what happens to the Dr.? I find it deeply disturbing that someone can die in custody and not receive any help and actually be put into a position of being Deserved of their condition by Authorities if they think you are in withdrawals for drug addiction. She died because she got no help for a serious medical condition that the KBI misdiagnosed and had no business diagnosing in the first place. A Doctor should have made that call. Hard to believe this is not considered a criminal act. I hope they(The Family) take this Department to the cleaners in a Civil suit. I find it Truly Appalling that people are treated like this by the very people that are supposed to "Serve And Protect". This has happened too often lately. Is there any wonder why most people Fear any involvement with Law Enforcement Authorities? What will have to happen to change this climate? It is Getting worse everyday.

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Editorial: Sobering report

Until the average worker is put back into the position of being Considered an Asset by their employers, and not some replaceable and expendable "Widget", this problem is likely to continue. Hard work has been Devalued and people that do Manual labor are looked down upon. In the words of Mike Rowe" Somebody's gotta do it". Ceo's and Owners of businesses seem "Entitled" to make a Profit. They write the rules so they win more often and even win when they Lose(Golden parachutes, Bonuses etc). I am a Government worker. I do not Produce anything.(Thanks for pointing this out ,Speaker Merrick) I just Keep the lights on, the water flowing and the Temperatures livable at a multi- Billion dollar Institution of Higher Learning. But that is only important enough to be payed what my Father got paid for doing Almost exactly the same job in 1976.His yearly wage then was enough to buy a house. That same amount now is about 1/5th of the average price of a house. Trades wages have remained stagnant for 30-40 years despite the increased use of Computers and Technology. The workers are working hard. Per capita Productivity is very high across this nation. Why aren't wages rising? Simple! The people that could pay more Don't. That would mean They and their families would have to do with less. That is just not going to happen. In their eyes they should not have to do with less. "I got an Education and I started this Business so I get the Profit!" Sound like entitlement to you? Don't count on these people to change anything that would bring about better conditions for all. That is someone elses Job.

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Letter: Suicide no joke

I do remember a Dessert called "Death by Chocolate". Someone may have gotten more creative with the name.

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Middle school student disciplined for bringing throwing star to school

Also see "Shuriken"(Japanese). They came in many shapes(some do resemble stars) and are associated with The Martial Arts. Ninja Stars is also another name,

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Middle school student disciplined for bringing throwing star to school

I remember seeing Pickups in our High School parking lot with a .22 or a shotgun or both in the rack Behind the driver and passenger seats. That was late 70's and that was here in Lawrence. Never had any problems that I can recall. We had a fist fight every now and then but nobody ran and got a gun.

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Letter: Ban lifted

Congratulations, Neighbor! Let me know when the festivities are and my Wife and I will drop by with a Nice Bottle of Wine for you two. Haven't gotten any of your mail Recently. :-)

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Saturday column: Brownback has chance to put Kansas in more positive position

Well, Dolph, you got the Tax cuts Brownback promised and what did you do? Got rid of The printing operation of your paper, Laid off the workers that had been there for years and Pocketed the cash! Good for you and Brownback! Unfortunately, ONLY people in your economic category got help. The rest of us are financing "No Taxes" for you and your friends. Brownback will hit the accelerator on his experiment. They will be so tied up defending an unconstitutional Ban on Same sex Marriage, pushing forward on more abortion restrictions and disenfranchising even more voters with Kobach's Voter ID Laws that the economy of Kansas will continue to suffer for years. Funny how 50% of an Approx. 37% turnout is some how considered a Majority when the fact is that well over half of Kansans, did not vote. So, Please call it what it is: A minority ruling a Majority due to voter apathy. If Brownback and Co. call this election a Mandate from a Majority of voters in Kansas, it proves they are delusional and have not learned a damn thing. I know it is illegal to get into a car and purposefully damage it or other property by driving it around recklessly and with no regard for safety. Why isn't it illegal to do the same for a State? There! Left you a question to go with all of Your other unanswered questions. Hopefully, your answers will come shortly as the results of "Brownback's Grand Experiment" become fully realized. Look out Mississippi: Here comes Kansas!

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Gay marriage now legal in Kansas

I wish I could give the name and credit to the Law Professor that pointed out that Attorney General Schmidt's assertion that Gay Marriage would only be legal in the 2 counties noted in the Lawsuit is absurd. It will be legal in ALL counties. Nothing in the article here about that but it was in the article on the radio. Apparently Justices Scalia and Thomas went on record in support of the views of The Kansas Government.

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