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Kansas Supreme Court blasts bill signed into law by Brownback

That is Exactly why I left it as a Question,. I think, as Adults and Citizens, we can think for our selves and draw our own conclusions and not have to wait for some one to tell us how to think and Feel.

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Kansas Supreme Court blasts bill signed into law by Brownback

The Kansas Supreme Court ordered the Kansas Legislature to fulfill a State Constitutional Mandate for Public Education Funding at a level the Legislature's own Research identified. Then they refused. Now,The Kansas Legislature Has Decided to De-fund the Kansas Judicial System. Could this action by The Kansas Legislature and Governor Brownback be defined as "Obstruction of Justice"?

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New revenue estimate prompts debate over Brownback's tax cuts

Toatal Tax receipts dropped from $6.33 billion last year to $5.97 billion this year.That is a $360 million dollar decline From last year to this year. Let the Republicans spin it any way they want. It is a Loss Of Revenue brought about by cuts in Taxes to the Very Wealthy and Major Corporations. Math does not lie.

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Letter: Done deal

Well for one thing, holding the Kansas Relays at Memorial Stadium would not put any revenue into the pockets of the Rock Chalk Park Developers. They want to start Profitting NOW, not next time around. Money Rules.

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Political analyst predicts Republicans will reclaim U.S. Senate

Yes and Mitt Romney was Supposed to have won by a Landslide in the last Presidential election. Sorry, I do not put a lot of FAITH in Political analysts predictions. Some of them are Paid to say certain things. Thank you all for your predictions. I will be ready to vote next election. I hope everyone will be. Then we will just have to see...

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Lawrence would lose $1.7 million from school finance changes

Exactly, James! I am amazed at how many posters on here praise these changes as if they Only affect the other Party. Got news for Ya, Republicans: These changes will affect you as well. So, Keep cheering them on. It is your future too!

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Analysis: Brownback will sign schools bill, ending teacher tenure

I wonder if Governor Brownback realizes he is more of an asset or acquisition that belongs to Global Conglomerate than he is Governor, an individual,or anything else right now. You will be alright as long as they need you, Governor. Just look out for when they don't. This is a Throw Away Society. Things that are not needed any longer just get thrown away.

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Analysis: Brownback will sign schools bill, ending teacher tenure

As long as Governor Brownback Passes the Legislation that The Koch's want,Unconstitutional or not, Re-election or not,It doesn't matter. I am sure his future with"The Koch Machine" will be Bright! Politics Bought and paid for and the Kochs want to see the Return on their investment.

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Hundreds of teachers show up at Statehouse to protest plan to repeal teacher tenure

Well, two days later and it looks like everything is Back to Normal. What was THAT all about?It would be great if they gave us an update on what was being tested besides Our Patience.

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Education Commissioner DeBacker resigns

Yep! It looks like it is back to Normal. What was THAT all about. Now There are a bunch of posts showing when the Replies went Down. This Is silly. Agree with you Ken. If it was permanent, my Subscription was about to be pulled.

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