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Opinion: Don’t forget America’s first refugees

Nowhere in this article does Leonard Pitts say Mary and Joseph were Refugees. He only references them by pointing out the Starbucks Cup is supposed to be about celebrating the Birth of Jesus(Christmas). He is pointing out that America's first Refugees were the "Plymouth Rock" Pilgrims. So, Shawn, your point, although biblically true, is moot.

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Panel declines action on school board conflict-of-interest bill

This would not have withstood Judicial scrutiny since it was so pointed at one specific group. The Legislators are starting to realize they may become the "Fall guys" in the Governor's Failed "Experiment." Elections are Coming, right?

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Scam alert: Area officials warn of phone scammers impersonating local agencies

I had one a Month ago. The Caller ID said "IRS". They claimed that I owed $6500 and need to settle now or They were going to call the Local Sheriff's Office and issue a warrant for my arrest and freeze my Bank accounts. They said I had received 3 formal notices and had ignored them all and this was my Last Chance. I told the Lady I needed More info for my CPA as they are the ones that always do my Taxes and they would be handling this. She got very Rude and I hung up on her. I immediately called the Sheriff's Dept. and reported this and they assured me that yes this sounds like a scam and instructed me to report this to the State AG Office. I did so and they were aware of the scam. They said they get at least 10 calls a day about this but they never bothered to notify anyone in Kansas about it. To Busy I Guess, what with all of the Litigation they are facing.

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Letter: Sinful trend

My use of Capitalization on certain words is to point out the emphasis or importance of the word that you would normally hear in the tonal inflection of my voice. Since this is a written Body of words, Capitalization of certain words is my choice of showing you what I think are the most important words in the sentences. Using ALL CAPS is a Sin in my book. Sorry if you are offended, Bob. I am Really Happy that my use of capitalization is all you have to complain about on what I have said. Thank You.

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Letter: Sinful trend

Speaking of Sinful Trends:
It is Sinful to Judge others when the Bible says there is only One Judge and that is God.
It is Sinful to deny basic Human rights to those whom you disagree with or see as Different.
It is Sinful to persecute the Poor, Sick and Elderly as if their condition is a Result of Bad choices.
It Is Sinful to Speak Hateful words against those you do not agree with and call them The enemy.
It is Sinful to call yourself a Christian when you Cherry pick quotes from the Bible to match your arguments.
It is Sinful to seek Money and Power to gain Control over all aspects of other people's Lives.
It is Sinful to sit by and watch as your fellow man suffers needlessly.
It is Sinful to declare yourself more Moral and More deserving of a Better life than your neighbor.
It is Sinful to think ill of your fellow man for having what you perceive as More than you.
It is Sinful to take more than your fair share when there is not enough to go around.
Shall I Continue? This covers pretty much all of the 7 deadly Sins. I see them Violated daily by So called Conservative Christians in their quest for Self Proclaimed Superiority over all others. It is shameful that the Christianity of my Grand Parents and my Parents ,One of Understanding, Caring, Forgiveness and Love for one another, has been Perverted into this Self Serving, Self Righteous tool of Discrimination and Persecution. We are a Nation of Laws that come from our Constitution, not the Bible. Our Forefathers knew better than to Base our Country's Laws on One Religion. They wanted a Republic not a Theocracy. You want to live in a Theocracy? Get a plane ticket to any number of countries in the Middle East and go there. Look at those Countries and tell me just how well a Theocracy is working for them.

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Kansas legislators get 8.5 percent raise in allowance

129 Republicans and 36 Democrats make up the Kansas Legislature and you Pick 1 Douglas County Democrat to make your Argument? Typical GOP Tunnel Vision with a heaping helping of Partisan BS!

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Kansas legislators get 8.5 percent raise in allowance

It is still an increase of Taxpayer money into their pocket. It is still considered income. If they did not spend it and had to return it, that would be one thing, but this is not the case. This is Taxpayer Money that could be spent elsewhere. No one else in Kansas is Getting an 8.5% increase on their income. With all of the tens of thousands of dollars spent by Lobbyists on food for these So called Public Servants, that have been reported by this Newspaper and others, it is very hypocritical for them to take this raise for their expenses when they are cutting every other agency in Kansas. Of Course, Hypocritical is what all of us have come to expect from these Lap Dogs of the rich. Apologizing for them isn't going to change my mind about them. They claim wrongdoing by people that they claim to be Entitled while proclaiming their Entitlement to more Taxpayer money. A True Definition of Hypocrisy. They ARE what is Wrong with Kansas.

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Kansas legislators get 8.5 percent raise in allowance

Surprised this article doesn't mention the fact that the Legislature bases their yearly pay on a 12 Month, 31 days a month, payment plan. That's Right! They get payed for a 372 day work year and they are supposed to be in session for only 90 days. Jim Sickels is being too nice for the word he uses to describe these Supposed Public Servants. And they have the audacity to give themselves a Raise? They are serving themselves at the Public Trough. Hypocrites!

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Saturday Column: Provost’s exit raises questions about KU leadership

I left KU after serving for more than 20 years. KU was an Institution of Higher Learning when I move here in 1974. Students were the reason for such an institution to exist. Faculty, to Teach these students, are the next Priority. Administration is needed to keep all of this on track to provide an excellent Education. One thing I have seen, in my almost 40 years of living in Lawrence and being part of the KU family(Many Family Members earned Degrees as well as Taught at KU), Is a Shift in Priorities. It sure seems as if the Administration sees itself as More important and necessary than Faculty, Staff and Students. Look at how many Associate Vice This or That Positions, which pay a Quarter million a Year, that have been added while cutting Faculty and Staff positions drastically. More and More Classes are being taught by Grad Students or Adjuncts for a Fraction of the Cost of a Professor. Is providing an excellent education for our next Generation of Young People the Priority at KU? Well , just look at the National Ratings KU has received since this apparent shift in Philosophy has happened. Not from what I can see. And , Dolph, I am Sorry. You are the only one that thinks you should sit on the Board of Regents.

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Letter: Prices out of step

Lawrence KS has always had Higher Prices on Gas. I have Liked here since 1974 and this has always been the case. It is called a Captive Market. Prices are higher than surrounding areas but People continue to buy it. Used to be prices were even higher out on the Turnpike but their business suffered from Lower prices off the Turnpike, so they Lowered them. If everyone stopped paying the price for convenience by getting gas in other towns or cities, the prices would most likely come down. Gas is bought in Bulk and stations in Lawrence pay the same as surrounding areas. They charge more because they can. Capitalism.

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