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Editorial: School inequity

So, is a person that goes to Church and professes Christianity ,as their true faith, called a Christian with a Small "C' if they believe Billionaires who are running for the presidency promise to make us all rich? And, Yes Bob, I am conservative with my Money as I have only so much that comes in so, I can only spend so much. I am a conservative on Government Spending and a Liberal on social issues. Conservative Democrat or Moderate Republican. I am also a Veteran. Call me any name you choose.

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Editorial: School inequity

Name Calling? Please explain. Your Name is Bob, correct?

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Editorial: School inequity

Thanks Bob. Your Story completely explains what Conservatives mean by, "Let's Take our Country Back" to the 1800's.

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What's your favorite Mardi Gras tradition?

Throwing the beads to the Ladies that Earn them!

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Saturday Column: U.S. needs president who can break the gridlock

Interesting article for those of you who believe voting for one party or another will make a difference. It is all just a distraction so that the "Powers that Be" Can do anything they want.

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Pedestrian-Bicycle task force releases proposed recommendations, asks for more funding, organization for accessibility issues

Yes, try Barker, from 19th to 22nd, for an example of what you describe as well. Most sidewalks in East Lawrence are in a grave state of disrepair. How about Tax incentives for Neighborhood Sidewalk Restoration? Can a Homeowner apply for such a thing? That would benefit the public and help the homeowner whose property that the sidewalk is on. Something along the lines of a Property Tax Abatement based on the cost of repairing or Replacing the sidewalk. Or, are they only for Developers with deep Pockets?

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Kansas secretary of state pursuing 3 new criminal cases, but none involving noncitizens

Wow! That picture is telling an interesting story. Things are not going well for the SOS and it shows.

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A Thousand Voices: Readers support bill reforming hemp, marijuana laws

Every time a study is done on Marijuana, they find it is a good treatment for another ailment. Keeping it illegal is more about the revenue it generates through fines and property seizures than it is about it's possible benefits to medicine and Patients that suffer from chronic illnesses that might benefit from it's use. Big Pharma would not make as much money on it's Man made concoctions so they lobby against it's legalization heavily. Again we have the situation that Profits are more important than people. Marijuana has been around for thousands of years. Even the Egyptians knew about it's properties and used it medicinally. If people are worried about "Gateway Drugs" Look at Alcohol, Nicotine and even Caffeine. All are legal and used everywhere. With the exception of caffeine, Alcohol and Nicotine account for tens of thousands of Deaths in the US every year. Marijuana? Not one documented death directly attributable to THC over use. Good article below, about what Medical Professionals know about what Marijuana treats successfully. I say Legalize it, Regulate it and Tax it. Would create a new industry and Tax base. Tobacco companies could grow it for Big Pharma Companies. Why would they complain about a possible multi Billion Dollar industry just sitting there????

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Letter: Godly parents

Must have. Since Adam and Eve were the only 2 humans on Earth, at that time, and for the race to procreate, incest had to have occurred. I raised eyebrows at a Family Reunion awhile back when I posed that to my Uncle and some cousins who are Pentecostal preachers. They had no answer other than I should not think like that and I should "Just Have Faith". They don't call me "Doubting Thomas" for nothing.

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Letter: Rising costs This is just one article from a pretty reliable source. There are many more if you search. This one is a little more recent than the Reuters article.

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