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Eudora woman arrested in $57,000 embezzlement case

Randy has been overwhelmed with hundreds of emails offering support. That says a lot about him and his reputation.

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Eudora woman arrested in $57,000 embezzlement case

I hope you are an ex employee, because if not, you SHOULD be.

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Eudora woman arrested in $57,000 embezzlement case

Disgruntled ex-employees are just that: disgruntled! I would never put much truth into comments made by such people. Obviously this ex-employee is quite biased with his opinions. Makes me wonder if he/she knew and perhaps helped with the embezzlement. I am NOT a disgruntled or biased employee and would like to comment on FACTS I know to be true. The owner of Advantage, (Randy) has played a huge positive part in the community. I bet most of you didnt know that he has given free services to people who cannot afford to have heat or air in their homes. He will personally make weekend and evening house calls to make sure no one suffers through the cold without heat. He donates hours and hours to worthwhile causes. He contributes his time and expertise to those in need. He supports numerous charities and donates both money and time. He is a wonderful family man, an honorable human being, a man of great character, and he is one of the good guys. I hope those people who feel the need to post ugly and hateful things, understand that you cant keep a good man down. Randy is a good man. Believe me, he will rise above all of you. Karma is an amazing thing. "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." If Randy has a weakness, its that he trusts everyone. He trusts his employees and he completely trusted his Office Manager, Rhonda. Never in a million years did he think she would steal from him. I'm guessing he won't make that mistake again.

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Eudora woman arrested in $57,000 embezzlement case

To Greenworld: I notice you referred to Rhonda a couple of times. DING! a light bulb suddenly appears. Possible she never gave the messages to the owner?

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Eudora woman arrested in $57,000 embezzlement case

Whether its a gambling problem, selfishness or any other reason, IT'S WRONG and it's a criminal act. I'm hearing from reliable sources that she stole thousands more than listed in the story. I want to know how her family did not question her sudden large spending sprees. This woman deserves to serve time for her actions. Someone must have completely trusted her to give her full and easy access to accounts. Shame on you, Rhonda! SHAME ON YOU!! How can you even look in the mirror?

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