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Swine flu leads KU to make special arrangements for commencement

"KU encouraged those concerned about hygiene to nod, tip their caps or make other gestures of celebration they feel comfortable with."

I have a "gesture of celebration" that I'd like to extend to our departing provost. :-)

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Executive director of Kansas Republican Party resigns

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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KU athletes set academic record

cthulhu_4_president: Maybe they could push that collective GPA over 3.0 if they were working with someone who can spell "suggestions", "athletes" and "cynicism".That being said, I agree with your posts. :-)

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Sebelius promises to veto GOP proposal to cut $300 million from state budget

Madmike: If 1029 moves his "leftist ass" to California, will you promise to move your cowardly far-right wingnut ass to northern Idaho? Preferably some ultra-outpost with no internet access so that we don't have to endure your small-minded drivel anymore.

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Search strategy

"Did officials really want a powerful committee, or did they prefer a nice group of people who would rely primarily on the recommendations of a professional search group?"Awwww, what's the matter, Dolph? Didn't they ask YOU? How can any future Chancellor be successful without having kissed your ring first?

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Faith Forum: Can a person be ‘good’ without also being spiritual?

"Yes, there are religious lowlifes. But imagine how much lower they’d be without religion."Actually, I would say that Ted Haggard, Pat Robertson and Fred Phelps are lowlifes BECAUSE of their religion. They are not elevated in any way because they claim to be Christians. The rabbi's statement suggests that they still aren't as "bad" as an equivalent non-religious person, which is complete bull*&%$.

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Faith Forum: What version of the Bible is right for me?

I prefer the scratch-n-sniff version.

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Interactive Miles Davis Song Title Game

That's What Happened(From "Decoy")"D"

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Interactive Miles Davis Song Title Game

Electric Red(From "Aura"--1985)

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Bucky's location sold

Yeah, it takes time for a "mysterious" fire started by "college students" to level the place so that redevelopment can take place. :-)

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