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Letter: Fear sells guns

the correct title of this should be: propaganda sells guns. ignorance buys them. NRA makes millions.

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Letter: Godly plan?

thanks Sam for running this state into the ground. and I'm sure that once you milk it dry, you will be off elsewhere laughing all the way to wherever you have stashed your kickbacks from the Koch's and others whose pockets you have lined. I am most hope there is a god who will reward you the way you deserve....eternal punishment. by that, that comes from the book you supposedly follow. you know the one that condemns those who rob from the orphan, the widow and the poor.

as for me, I am stuck here until I retire, but as soon as I do, I will be out of here to find a place where people like me (you know, middle class taxpayers) are treated like human beings and not a cow to be milked dry, then turned out to pasture.

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Letter: Godly plan?

prosperity for he and the Koch brothers, poverty for everyone else.

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Letter: Unchanging God

I think someone needs to read some theology, history of the development of theology and church history. the Catholic Church has changed her teachings time after time over the centuries. there was a time when the church taught it not possible for soldiers to receive the sacraments because they had blood on their hands, that all changed in time. just look at the Crusades, the warmongering that goes on to this very day and the church's teachings that the death penalty is ok in some circumstances. another example. it used to taught that charging interest on money was a big sin, one you could even be excommunicated for. now the Vatican is one of the biggest "money changers" in the world. try getting an annulment without paying out the nose for it. even the church's teaching on sexuality have changed. back in the good ole days the only legit reason for having sex was for procreation. some theologians even considered loving one's spouse too much could be considered sinful. people were also required to give up sex with their spouses during Lent and other penitential times and before receiving communion. when was the last time you heard a priest preach about that from the pulpit? there has even been changes on when the church said life began in the womb. Augustine didn't believe the fetus was fully human until after the 40th day, that is about the time it begins to move around. Aquinas believed the same thing. There are so many other examples I could give you. Oh and I learned all of this studying theology at a Catholic University. :-)

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Editorial: Clueless

Wanna bet that it won't be long after he gets control, and he will as Sam has his ways, that he decided to sell it off to the highest bidder, say one of his buddies? Sam always has ulterior motives. Will Kansans ever wake up to the evil they have put into power?

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