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Lawrence schools would lose $3.8 million, KU $15 million, under Brownback cuts

Okay, I'm announcing a contest to caption the above picture! I'll go first...

"Okay boys, we've gutted education, social services and the middle and lower classes! What's next?"

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House opts not to take vote on tax bill; back to the drawing board Tuesday

And they call us (the teachers) union "thugs".

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Kobach sees filing election cases soon under new Kansas law

I still find it remarkable that this person who will more than likely cheerfully prosecute people who made honest mistakes on where they try to vote is the same person who "didn't know" that he couldn't build a residence in his barn in Douglas County.
Kobach can say, "Oops, sorry!" and not even get fined, but you can bet any voter who says that won't get the same treatment from him.

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House advances bill to reduce civil service protections

"Government workers don't generate profits"
Wow! I wonder how many of the "profit-generating" companies would fold without the services provided by the public sector. Maintenance of the infrastructure for one, and don't even get me started on the "profit" of our children's educations.
I should also point out that the state of Kansas has made it illegal for teachers to strike, even if they wanted to.

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Lawrence could get 5 inches of snow this weekend, National Weather Service says

It's a snowpocolypsageddon!! Run for your lives!!

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Kansas Senate passes bill that would move local elections to November

Once again the state, which screams bloody murder about "Federal intrusions", has no qualms about telling us how to do our business.

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Kansas governor announces cuts to public schools, higher ed

Wow, what a lousy extortionist! "Give me $54 million or I'll take $45 million from you."

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Proposed bill could allow criminal prosecution for teaching 'harmful' materials

They're also "underperforming" while breathing. Should we make that illegal too?

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Kansas legislators divided on hate crime legislation

After reading this article, I thought to myself, "Why the heck would anyone in their right mind be against this bill? It's a no-brainer!" Then I realized, I answered my own question.

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Lawrence voters overwhelmingly approve keeping local option budget at 33 percent

Pondering, pondering....
Hmmmm... All pondered out, and I still like my "yes" vote.

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