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Brownback to lead delegation to China

Quick! Change all the locks!

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Brownback will not disclose names of applicants for court position

Thank goodness they passed this law in the interest of government transparency! Now we can all see exactly what's going on in.... well, wait a minute!

[Goes to look up "transparency" in a non-Koch edition dictionary.]

Ooooohhh! Now it all makes perfect sense!

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Teachers reach contract agreement with Lawrence district

The 8 years is an estimate. Starting employees are placed on the scale (usually) at the base, and each year (or so... this method changed a few years back) we're moved up to the next level which means a little more money. This continues until you max out on experience, which took me 8 years in the district to reach (that's where the 8 came from).
So for employees like me, the only way I get a raise is either through negotiations or by taking additional graduate hours. (Which, if you take them at KU, it's not worth the pay increase because tuition is ridiculous.)

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Teachers reach contract agreement with Lawrence district

There is no built in cost of living increase. The matrix that determines how teachers are paid (educational background and teaching experience and years served, etc...) is fixed at definite amounts and doesn't change unless it goes through negotiations like this. In years where there was no money added to the matrix, and if you had already been in the district for about 8 years, the only way you could get more money was to take more graduate hours (which costs a lot!). No adjustment was made for cost of living.
Hope that helps.

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House approves ban on union pay deductions

We used to have the choice to have it taken out of our paycheck, but the state just took that choice away. Now we either have to pay dues directly or set up payments through our bank instead of our employer. The state just keeps putting more hoops for us to jump through hoping we'll give up and go away. Not bloody likely!

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House approves ban on union pay deductions

Oh, and by the way Stafford, tomorrow I'm setting up my direct deposit with my bank for my KNEA dues... and doubling the normal amount.

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House approves ban on union pay deductions

"Protect individual rights?" By taking away my right to do with my money as I please?
And the next shoe to drop will be the removal of my rights to negotiate my own contract.
Gee, if only there were a political party in power that while preaching the reduction of big government would keep it's nose out of my personal business. Anyone? Anyone...?

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Mexican restaurant Tapas closes as it loses lease on downtown building; Mexquisito expands into Eudora

If expecting free chips and salsa means I'm cheap, then I don't wanna be rich!

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Lawrence schools now out of snow days

Hmmm, state law says the schools have to have a set number of school days, but state law also says the state needs to provide adequate funding for the schools to do so.
Gee, if the state can ignore this law, why can't we? I say to heck with making up the days and let the state take us to court.

February 26, 2013 at 8:42 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Statehouse Live: Committee chairwoman says business-backed, anti-union bill needs more study

If Rep. Smith wants to speak for himself, fine. But like ATR mentioned, he's trying to speak for all teachers... NEA members or not. Frankly, if an ex-Navy man and law enforcement official felt "intimidated" by the KNEA "thugs" in Shawnee Mission, then maybe these "thugs" should be the ones running for state office.

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