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Editorial: Teacher totals

Considering how "attractive" the current government, Chamber of Commerce and past BOEs have made the teaching profession in Kansas, I'm flabbergasted as to why teachers from all over the country aren't flocking to join our dwindling ranks.

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Kobach says Taylor has to stay on the U.S. Senate ballot, Taylor says he'll challenge ruling

Kobach is "right" on everything. Way right!
But is he correct? Rarely!

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New wireless phone and tablet store open on Massachusetts Street; John Brown to make return to downtown?

And if memory serves me right (and it does), there used to be a very popular bar downtown called... wait for it... Quantrills. (No relation, I'm sure.)

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Editorial: Tax reflex

"it’s disappointing that local officials are willing to give so little consideration to any option except raising local property taxes to help finance their budget."

In regard to the school financing, what other options do they have? The state has just essentially taken funding away from the Lawrence school district, so if there are other feasible options besides raising the LOB, I'm sure the board would love to hear them. (Note, the key word here is "feasible".)

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Kansas Senate committee approves bill to limit conservation easements

It's just one aspect of the Republicans' un-holy trinity targeted by the Ks legislature and the guv... Environment, Education and Health Care. As long as it's good for "Koch" business, these 3 are definitely expendable as viewed by our powers that be.
We can only hope that the rest of the state will wake up and try and vote these clowns out before the damage they do is irreparable.

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Kansas Supreme Court orders some school funding increases, sends big question back to lower court

Just waiting now to see who'll be the first state official to thumb their nose at the Supreme Court... and the children of Kansas.

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Instructions for online practice exams; anti-Common Core bill

I think we should require every legislature to take the practice exams and have their results published. That would probably go a long way in explaining why they all seem so darn scared of education.

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Kansas House panel expands gun-rights measure

Yeah, this makes sense! To avoid the intense inconvenience of having to unload your gun at various county and city boundaries, lets make it perfectly legal for anyone, even without a concealed carry permit, to keep their gun loaded all the way across this wonderful state of ours. I'm sure nothing bad can come of it. (see Michael Dunn- Jacksonville).

Meanwhile, let's make damn sure we fingerprint and drug test all the teachers.

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Geologists to measure aquifer levels

I'll bet if all the farmers were as frugal as your family was, we wouldn't have this problem.

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