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Traffic at 23rd and Lousiana streets redirected after truck crashes into utility pole

I was sitting at the intersection. First Management truck. He turned east from Louisiana and was going so fast (what, 100 feet from the intersection?) That he lost control, popped the curb and sheared the pole off at ground level. Glad no one was hurt, and hope he gets all that's coming to him for driving like such an idiot.

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State panel wants more information before ruling on Obama’s ballot eligibility

How embarrassing.

Of course I understand that there are bigoted, ignorant, and/or imbalanced people everywhere, and one can never truly escape their depressing droning over this kind of nonsense, but I’m truly ashamed of the behavior of our elected officials.

They are bringing dishonor to the people of our great state.
Shame on all of you that voted for these clowns.

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Jayhawks’ Dixon home after earning Olympic glory

Well done!

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Varsity House being disassembled to allow for construction of apartment building

NAH - hey...does anyone smell smoke?

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Kansas gets unexpected bump in November revenue

Great! - can I get my personal tax refund check now!?

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Statehouse Live: Manhattan, K-State down Lawrence, KU in energy efficiency contest

"a basketball signed by brownback"?!
Seriously - WTF? I guess we did "lose" (by saving the most energy...?) but brownback - seriously? let's see - stick in the eye, kick in the groin, basketball signed by brownback...tough choice.

October 25, 2011 at 2:01 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

A turn for the better: KU loses again, but shows gain

Glad to see Steve Johnson walks the walk too. He was a beast on the field. Really enjoyed watching him lay the hammer down when he had the opportunity. Keep up the effort, and with a little help from the offense, we will be competitive. RCJH!

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