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Semi truck crashes into roundabout on George Williams Way

i got a class A CDL and NEVER done this, what a nub nooby lol

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Semi truck crashes into roundabout on George Williams Way

Dang it, now I know why I didn't get my delivery of furniture, next time I deliver it myself for geesh sakes, the man ran off scared poopless rotflmfao...

Now bring me my darn furniture you noob driver lol

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Linwood man — convicted of raping 8-year-old — ordered to stay away from children

This makes me puke!! Out on bail ffs, all it takes is for him to disappear and trust me if he is being watched it don't mean nothin, shows the court system is corrupt.

This is one reason why the system need to do a mandatory castration of these perverts!!!!!!!!!!

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Pickup truck driver says he had no idea a piece came off his vehicle, killing passenger in vehicle on SLT

infact very bad, I have almost been hit head on and or side swiped by vehicles after hitting those bumps, I don't even drive SLT anymore as its become unsafe and clearly the bumps at the trust of the bridge which is a BIG BIG NO NO folks!!!!! where the foundation(DIRT) is meeting bridge foundation is falling as you can see it. IMO someone made a very very bad mistake when it was built.

This is wrong and those bumps have been there for a while and have become worse, now someone has passed with the bumps involvement I hope the county steps up quick to repair both ends of this bridge area, not sure if city can be held for something outside of city limits, I think its the county, but I can be wrong.

So sorry to the family, inspectors should of done their jobs better!! Too Sad, family in my prayers

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The police department's new patrol car insignia, front, replaces the former phoenix logo with a badg

not trying to be selfish, but look at pics a lil closer, the car that is farthest sits low= GREAT control at high speeds, now look at the new one LOL, it looks like a 4x4 lol not good at high speeds at that height. wow nice car though, now get back to work...

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One person dies after being struck by a piece of metal that fell from an oncoming vehicle on the SLT in Lawrence

Sorry for the loss your in my prayers.

This is one lesson that needs to be really attacked hard. This is why they make covers, tarps to cover things up. I do know its hard to cover big things like a tractor but double checking everything before you hit the road saves lives. I don't haul anything, but I have and including a race car on an open trailer and machinery and scrap metal and double checking makes a huge difference when it comes to safety of others..

I am sure the driver doesn't know as he would of stopped, I am not pointing fingers at him or her either, I just am simply saying double checking your load and parts makes a huge difference..

Sorry for the families loss, your in my prayers

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Douglas County Sheriff's officers work the scene of a car accident near mile post 2 on Kansas Highwa

I wasn't sure of accident but watching news just now I feel sorry for the displacement. This is a sad story. Trucks loaded with junk/scrap ect. should use better covers and protection to keep things from falling from their vehicles.

You and your family are on my prayers..

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Douglas County Sheriff's officers work the scene of a car accident near mile post 2 on Kansas Highwa

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Eudora woman sues Overland Park for discrimination related to bipolar disorder

AMEN and enough said. I have BP and I am doing well. Thank you very very much for standing up for us. God Bless You!!

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