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Twice as nice: KU women enjoying return trip to Sweet 16

So proud of these women! I'll be watching the rest of the journey.
Rock Chalk all the way to the end!

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Man of Merit: Student overcomes academic probation to become case study in success at KU

Hey George, I bet you had to walk to school in the snow, too. Uphill. Both ways.

It's called progress. We improve over time. That's just the way it is.

I've never seen so many cynics. Sure, lots of students need resources. This article isn't denying that. It's simply highlighting one of many students who has a success story. Good for Matt and good for the LJW for highlighting him.

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Rain or shine, pastor’s daily devotion to running carries prayers though Lawrence

I have an interest in a humanity that includes many different beliefs. Your comment does nothing but further divide the community. Maybe you should work to unite instead of divide.

Proud Neighborhood Atheist

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Son testifies he saw his father shoot his mother in Osage County murder trial

Is the AP really surprised that Sunny Reece did not return phone calls left at her home and place of employment? She, too, is a victim of this horrible crime. I only hope that she and all others mourning the loss of their loved ones are given the peace to do so.

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KU names Sheahon Zenger new athletic director

"It is not official or true until the University says so officially."

You might want to check the KU website homepage.

Just sayin'...

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KU names Sheahon Zenger new athletic director

Was it the egotistical profile name (that implies an age of around 23), the lack of punctuation, or the way they incorrectly spelled "dumb"? It was all three for me.

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KU names Sheahon Zenger new athletic director

But davidsmom, then they wouldn't be able to bitch and moan in the comments, don't ya know?

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Why are adults playing kickball at the Youth Sports Complex? Also I’ve also noticed the adults have

We might be playing at the Youth Sports Complex, but we're on the soccer fields, so far away that your children look like ants. Don't worry, your children won't be tainted by our foul, crude, intense kickball behavior.

And I seriously doubt that the alcohol consumption causes so much of a problem that anyone would need to passive aggressively call attention to its existence...

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