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Pro-life rebuttal

Also... not having sex is what keeps you from getting pregnant. Contraceptives are considered by the the UN World Health Organization as a class one carcinogen. With everyone wanting to be all green or organic why you want to poison your body?
On the other hand everyone one knows contraceptives are cheap and easy to get so the newest line of crap that government, churches etc should pay for it is just another way of giving up your life in a ever growing form of governmental control over everything in your life.

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Pro-life rebuttal

Have you ever watch an abortion being done? Have you ever seen an aborted child?
If you have watched one you've seen the child trying to flee from the vacuum that is after him or her... that vacuum tears the feet, arms, legs off her body then crushes the torso into the vacuum then the head is consumed. The assistant to the abortionist is then responsible to put the body parts back together to make sure they have gotten all the little girl or boy out of the womb. Or there is the injection where she or he is burned. Then there's the cases of those aborted and are still alive and the little girl or boy is put in a pan or something to finish dying. Or there is ... I could go on and on. To me this sound like someone else's body not the female choosing the abortion.

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Fetal rights

The Latin word fetus means 'off-spring, little one, child '
I was always wondering the difference between a innocent helpless not born baby and an ax murder... o I think it might be culpablity for own choice or Killing willingly or being killed unwillingly might separate abortions and capital punishment.
In 1973 the federal government thru the branch of the supreme court made killing not yet born humans legal. I'm thinking the folks that used the poor women Roe (who is now prolife), to force everyone to support this heinous crime began the governments forcing people to accept the horrors of abortions. The prolife people are only in support of people being allowed to live. Why that is so lost to everyone that is already born I don't understand.
Honoring life is much easier then supporting death. Imagine that not yet born but alive human as a sweet little puppy.. maybe you'll care for that life more.

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Fetal rights

Try to change the mind of people that live in the culture of death is like trying to pick up a turd by its clean end.
Rape isn't an acceptable reason for abortions either. Every child is conceived with a right to life!!!
I cannot comprehend how anyone can put the life of a child in the hands of murders. When you accept that an abortion ( which is killing someone) is ok when do you stop. Especially when the consequences to the women's health are all put into far more danger of cancer alcohol and drug abuse inability to conceive again when the child is wanted etc etc etc..53000000 million people have been murdered since 1973 in America alone by abortions (those that are known about anyway). Who are you missing?
Anyone who needs help in healing their heart from loss of motherhood / fatherhood 'Rachel's Vineyard ' is a wonderful program. Also to meet others that no longer can defend their abortion. There is WWW.silentnomore.com
We were all once unborn.

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