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Largest wind farm in Kansas to begin operation soon

Just the dumbest thing on the planet!! Its like pissing in the ocean!!
What not use what's worked forever COAL!!
I think its time for the separation of the church of the environmentalists and the rest of us!

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I cannot wait until Obama is fired and all the distructive forces he's brought with him are gone. Just because someone wraps crap with Bacon doesn't mean it should be eaten..
4000 babies are murdered a day thru abortions I'm thinking millions Murdered and hundreds saved are a little different. No life should ever be lost but who says that what you say is true. Maybe the things you say are wrong. You sure people would actually be saved?

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Risky business

There is no mother in nature.. its earth

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We’ll adapt?

Every summer its hot. Every winter its cold. Anyone who thinks humans have the power to control this planet is lost in a narcissistic fairy tale!! Say hi to the bean stalk for me.. ;0)

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Large crowd gathers at Statehouse rally for religious freedom

Alrighty you want government health care? You thought HMOs were bad wait til you've got some guy in DC or the IRS deciding whether your value to the greater good warrants your right to that health care. You've got it now. So I hope you'll be well til your dead.
Slave... why that is apart of this conversation I don't know. But there is still slavery world wide. Slavery like we had here and slavery to governmental control. Then there is slavery to ones own vices etc..
The the nuns on the bus thing aren't out for what you think they are out for. They need prayer. God called them to be His bride and bring the love of Christ to the world .. what are they really doing but being a bunch of bitter malcontents.
God established His church to lead all to the love He has for His creation. When anyone of us step out from under His Sacred Heart to behave in a manor unworthy of Him we have failed.
Evolution is listed here to.. why I don't know. But I'm thinking that evolution has got to be the most difficult faith tradition to hold onto... the ooze of the earth got together with the fish then produced monkeys alright.. then outta the blue Viola human happened. Were there female and male monkeys? Or just one size makes all monkeys. Then the humans being apparently only male according to the evolutionary chart just up and transformed into a women. Then I guess the ooze the fish and the monkeys had a meeting and decided by a Democratic vote to stop evolving. Poor Fred though he was still in the process of ooze, fish monkey transformation so he was given the role of posing for the picture .. to be used by Darwin some bazillion years later totell you where you came from. OK whatever..
Plus none Christian tick me off to no end with their self righteous attidudes toward Christian ..

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Large crowd gathers at Statehouse rally for religious freedom

What does Jesus teach that the Catholics aren't asking for from the government? I'm certain He said give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's. Caesar didn't give the right to life to anyone God did.
Just think if all those aborted people were here we wouldn't have a tax issues. They'd all be paying taxes. 53 million people would be paying a lot of taxes.
Im also certain that businesses are still required to do the governments biding even tho they pay taxes. So either way the government is involving itself in all our business no matter what our tax responsibility is..
Still... the fight the church and its people are involved with is valid and just. When you are in the battle to post your comments here (when that happens, because it will if things keep going this way) I guarantee Catholics will support you.

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Large crowd gathers at Statehouse rally for religious freedom

Liberalism controls more people then any faith ever tried.
Oh and I see people having their heads cut off everyday in Catholic churches around the world.
Its always in the news. Haven't you seen it too.
It is a belief of Gods people that every child comes from God and that life is to be given every chance to live. Contraceptives are just a license to behave in a manor contrary to what is intended for a womens body. To bring new life into this world. That's doesn't say in anyway a women is less then a man or that that is her only value. It is only the most beautiful gift.. to be someones mommy.
But if you knew what was being fought for by the Catholic church you'd know it wasn't to control you. It is to keep the government from making Catholics do things they consider morally reprehensible. That doesn't belong in the hands of any government .. and isn't left to anyone's opinion. It is a right that was given to us all when this country was started. If you don't want to comply there isn't one person forcing you to be Catholic.
if you are Catholic and agree that the people that find this morally reprehensible have no right standing up for what your church has believed and practiced from the beginning then you may find that your not in good standing with your church.
The laws and practices of Islam is not in anyway a comparison to what the Catholic church teaches on contraceptives. The Catholic church honors a women in the manor that God intended. Why in the world would the Catholic church honor so many women through out the centuries if they just wanted them stuff in a box and used by men.
The priests that behaved in a ugly and evil way to children are not every priest. But that is 1% of priest and from years ago. I see teachers, pastors brothers uncles neighbors friends of family's etc on the news nighty that have molested children. Priest are good holy men trying to live out their vocation in the world in the manor they've been called by God. With the world stepping on their necks everytime they turn around
Most people hate the Catholic church by what they assume shebelieves and teaches not by what she really believes and teaches.
If you are of the opinion that priests wouldn't do these things if they could marry, that's not what they are called to do. Everyone of them know that before they become a priest.. they are not secretly lead into this practice. Plus if marriage was the answer to fidelity then there wouldn't be any other marriages following apart because of infidelity.

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Large crowd gathers at Statehouse rally for religious freedom

If you are a well informed Catholic you would know your religious freedom was being affected. But may I just say if you don't support the rights of everyone to have religious freedom it will be the right you hold dear very soon taken from you...
Bishop Finn is in my prayers as should be every school business etc that interacts with children. Because children are abused by many many many other people then people in the Catholic church.

WWW.EWTN.com .. you'll have to go television then stream it.. there will be access to encores later... its almost over. Also EWTN is on TV probably not on cable here but dish has it.. again at the website you can find it and watch...

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Large crowd gathers at Statehouse rally for religious freedom

If you don't know what your talking about maybe you shouldn't make that public..
If you read it in the paper you know as well as I its written to feed the libs of this town.. not telling the truth is the new norm.
WWW.EWTN.com you can watch everything that happened ... not the version you'll get from here.

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