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Sprouting interest: School’s garden teaches about food economy

Being a huge fan of educating our children in practical life lessons that they can carry forward, I applaud this effort!! I loved reading about George Washington Carver in my youth, and in more recent times Jaime Escalante and his endeavors made famous in the movie, “Stand and Deliver”. This parallels your story and touches on what can be accomplished when we encourage unlimited potential through a generous douse of creativity and practicality. This also falls in line with my life philosophy of supporting the community through teaching others to fish. Thanks again Sarah, I enjoy reading about the good news in the world!

Semper Fi, Hank

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Big loss, big gain


Thanks telling this story, and way to go Lori. I've seen so many young men and women transform their lives through either the rigors of bootcamp or officer candidates school but it's good to see people going through their own personal commitment to be healthier, a win - win. When I retired from the Marine Corps my wife was the first to tell me I was starting to put on a few pounds, I love to eat so biking, walking, and staying active has been part of the solution but also just making better and more disciplined choices about what I eat. In the last six months I've lost the extra pounds and I'm feeling pretty good. Reading stories like this remind me to set a good example and be and encourager to others.

Lori - I'm proud of you, keep it up!

Semper Fi, Hank

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Coffee corps: Retired Marine starts Lawrence-based line of brews to support military

Well our "No Shakes" Decaf is for those long days on the rifle range, especially during the winter season, where a hot cup of brew really hits the spot.

Semper Fi, Hank

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Apologies issued

I was extremely impressed by Coach Bill Self's comments and how he is handling the situation. His comments reflect the best of the leadership I experienced as an active duty Marine. I remain proud of KU and am glad of the proactive role Coach Self is taking. I hope the men under his leadership will be inculcated by the values he articulates. There is something to learn from this and perhaps this is an opportunity for students of KU and the professors to discuss several topics to include conflict resolution, racial slurs, exposure on social mediums, etc...
With Utmost Respect ~ Semper Fi, Hank

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Coffee corps: Retired Marine starts Lawrence-based line of brews to support military

Wisenup21 – You have every right to be proud of your son, obviously I share your affection for the Corps. Thank you for the kind words and support, I look forward to hearing back from you. Drop me a personal note via DevilDogBrew and I’ll send a personal note to your son.

Kawatchi – great catch, WWI Belleau Wood, Semper Fi, Hank

madameX – I love grinding the whole beans in the morning and making a fresh cappuccino, Colombian Supremo is my favorite but I love a little variety from time to time hence our flavors. Give your brother my best and thank him for me for his service. What Branch of Service is he in?

Boris – I’ve been greeted here in Lawrence with open arms, and that holds true around most of the country. When I talk to the Viet Nam veterans I know there’s still some sadness about how they we’re received. My experience has been quite different and I’m extremely grateful for the support and respect I’ve seen towards our military men and women.

Danimal – Thanks for the shout out. And Semper Fi!

Marion – I think getting folks interested in history is a good thing, you’ve started some dialog. Another facet is sometimes folks confuse the Devil Dog with our mascot the Bulldog we affectionately call Chesty. Our Devil Dog represents a kind of anthropomorphism, the Marine.

findaway – Thanks for the support!

lori – I just have to smile

RalphReed – Will do, and thanks!

KneeDeepintheHooah – Claire you’re the best. Thanks for the tremendous work you do for Veterans and Active Duty Military regardless of Branch of Service. And yes, I’m a pretty lovable Marine!

milehighhawk – just saying thanks, and a mile high at that.

gccs14r – That’s why you’ve got to try our “No Shaky Trigger Fingers” version when your on the range. Semper Fi, Hank

TheSychophant – thanks for the kind words, I was extremely blessed over 21 years.

With Utmost Respect ~ Semper Fi, Hank

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