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Ethics professor takes high road

Professor Reitz,
Your indelible mark of integrity and solid moral principles is still having an impact. Thank you for being a friend.
With Utmost Respect ~ Semper Fi, Hank

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Lawrence man taken to Overland Park hospital after accident on K-10 east of town

Errata: Although the life flight landed, I'm told subsequently that Mr. Goodson was indeed taken by ambulance. s/f Hank

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Lawrence man still in hospital after Wednesday morning accident on K-10

Mr. Goodson,

Sir, I just happened to be the 3rd car that stopped to provide assistance and direct traffic. The hero of that day was an off duty Douglas County Sheriff's Officer who was in the second car that stopped to provide assistance. That Officer directed the actions of others and was with you up until the on duty emergency Police/Ambulance/Fire & Life Flight arrived. I'm not sure if that Officer wishes to be identified or I'd release his name here.

I came across this LJW post when I reflected on that day and wrote a note to the Sheriff's Office to report, although belatedly, on that Officer's heroic actions. I cc'd the writer of this article, George Diepenbrock, and you'll receive a copy in the mail. I hope this finds you well.

With Utmost Respect ~ Semper Fi, Hank
Major & Mustang, USMC (Retired)

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Lawrence man taken to Overland Park hospital after accident on K-10 east of town

I just happened to be the 3rd car that stopped to provide assistance and direct traffic. An off duty Douglas County Sheriff's Officer was the second car to stop and he directed the actions that day that very well may have saved the life of the primary victim, who was in fact wearing his seat belt. The reports have been corrected subsequently. I was following up on a note I penned to the Sheriff's Office today and checking reports.

The article reports that "Goodson, who was not [was] wearing a seat belt, was taken to Overland Park Regional Medical Center by ambulance [by helo life flight which landed onthe K-10]." The helo life flight, that can be seen in the video clip on this page, actually took him to the hospital.

With Utmost Respect ~ Semper Fi, Hank

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Marine Corps to celebrate birthday Nov. 10 at Dole Institute of Politics

Happy Birthday to our Marines everywhere. I look forward to being at this event and celebrating with friends of the Corps. With Utmost Respect ~ Semper Fi, Hank

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Cole Aldrich going pro: Junior center leaving KU to enter NBA Draft


I've enjoyed watching you this season, your maturation as a player, and I was encouraged to hear you still have plans on completing your degree. I look forward to seeing your future success on and off the court.

Coach Self,

Thank you for yet another professional press conference, it clear that you care deeply for the players and are always magnanimous in your comments.

With Utmost Respect ~ Semper Fi, Hank

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Family promise

10 November 2007 - It's been quite a while since this article was written apropos that it was written on the Marine Corps Birthday. Well RagingBear I visited Family Promise's website today and it looks like they've done quite a bit of good. I wouldn't expect less from a Marine once he puts his mind to something and I believe he's working with an outstanding group of people. Joe, thank you for the service to your country and the continued service to your community.

With Utmost Respect
Semper Fi, Hank

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Take a bite out of your morning coffee

Just came across this blog. Devil Dog Brew is indeed at Checkers and within a few weeks at some other local stores. We're also beginning to show up in the Kansas City and surrounding areas in Price Choppers. We've started by selling our coffee online at and at places like the National Marine Corps Museum in Quantico. Now we are popping up here and there. Thanks 'Informed' for linking to the article about my company. Basically I'm a retired Marine that loves coffee. 100% Dark Roasted Gourmet Arabica Coffee.

Semper Fi, Hank

p.s. Checkers also publishes their weekly ad on

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College veterans await checks still pending from new GI Bill

REF: Felix Zacharias, president of the KU Collegiate Veterans Association, said his organization had been working with the VA and members of the Kansas congressional delegation to ensure that 300 GI Bill students wouldn’t have to cut class to make trips to Wichita to ensure they get their funding. - OUTSTANDING


Thank you for your work and representation of our local Veterans. As I'm local, a retired Marine, and my eldest son goes to KU it would be my honor if you'd let me buy you lunch sometime. Hope you look me up and drop me a line.

When I spoke to my wife & family months ago about this program I wasn't very optimistic about the timeliness, it's a shame but I'm comforted to hear that KU is doing its best for the Veteran Students.

Andy Hyland,

Thanks for reporting this story, I'll be hitting the forums at TogetherWeServed (over a 1,000,000 military members) to see what's being said as I'm sure this is a hot topic.

Ultimately I believe it will all be sorted out but how frustrating. While in service of our country among other things we demand diligence of our military, tragic that the inefficient execution of this program demonstrates a measure of disrespect.

With Utmost Respect ~ Semper Fi, Hank

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Becoming Obama's War

I remember President Obama consistently calling Afghanistan the Necessary War during his bid for election. During that time he pledged new resources. He also criticized President Bush for neglecting this conflict. Soon after taking office, President Obama sent approximately 21,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, I believe the total should currently number more that 60,000.

President Obama sent General McChrystal to Afghanistan (five months ago) as the top military commander to devise a new strategy for winning the war.

General McChrystal has requested, may I say somewhat urgently, an additional 40,000 troops. My understanding is that General McChrystal also predicted failure should Afghanistan not receive immediate attention. Recently I’ve been listening/following some of the criticism that President Obama hasn’t been communicating with General McChrystal or taking decisive action. I’m not sure of what the truth is, but I do know that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, receives daily briefs and by extension the President is advised daily on military concerns throughout the world.

This afternoon President Obama is meeting with his full team of national security advisers, including Defense Secretary Robert Gates and the above mentioned military officers. I am interested in following what is reported as a result of that ‘publicly’ announced meeting.

As a former enlisted Marine and Officer my only dog in this fight is to pray that America’s brave military men and women serving in Harm’s Way get the support they need. May this concern get the attention it deserves and may we discuss our opinions with dignity, respect, and thoughtfulness.

With Utmost Respect ~ Semper Fi,
Major Hank Salmans, III – USMC (Retired)

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