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Business, labor clash over bill aimed at restricting union politicking

It is possible to get rid of a teacher, but it is a long and drawn out process. It's hurts the students and the morale of the other teachers who truly want to work and be there.

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Kobach's proof of citizenship proposal lives again

It's amazing that a person who is willing to work harder and longer than the rest of most of us is vilified for being willing to work longer and harder than the rest of most of us.

Kobach is a Conservative. He is criticized for being a Conservative? Why are people surprised that he is a Conservative?

We are a nation of laws. If you don't like the law...change it. Both parties have ownership of the system.

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Kobach praises new Alabama law he helped write that cracks down on illegal immigrants

I think the Catholics schools do provide a lot of "extras" which 50 years ago didn't fall under education. Also, Catholic schools are growing in the inner city. They are educating more minorities at a higher rate than previously because fewer private schools are opening in the inner cities.

As an educator we do feed, clothes and then attempt to educate. It's very frustrating.

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State pension work remains unfinished, legislators to tackle it in wrap-up session

The legislature needs to tackle this problem this year!! One issue which needs to be addressed is that the state has not funded KPERS adequately. That needs to be rectified.

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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach announces the passage of his proposed voter ID bill

Glad to see it was bi-partisan. Hopefully other states will follow the lead of Kansas and Georgia.

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Coalition of Kansas school districts files new lawsuit challenging education funding in state

Yeah, the Rs did vigorously challenge the Ds. However, the Ds had all the power. There weren't enough Rs or Is to stop the Ds.

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Kobach beats Biggs to win Kansas secretary of state race

The people have spoken.

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Kansas GOP candidates like proof of citizenship requirement, but court says no in Arizona

In regard to voting, Trust, but verify.

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Attack ads

"Here is an idea, instead of whining about those who generate income, become one of them." Great line...Thanks.

"Sure, I'd love to be in that top 1%. Let me just snap myfingers and make it so." You actually have to work to make it into the top 1%. Oh, and by the way, there is no guarantee you'll make it...just the opportunity to try. Good luck!! It can be done.

How about we all work together at our community level to support the people who need help. Not carry them, but support them.

Health care is not a right. Education is not a right. They are provided within our society but they are provided as the "Hugo" addition and not the "Lexus" addition. Nothing in the Constitution says we need to provide the "best" to any person. My faith teaches me to help others and that is what I do. I don't turn to the government to fix things. Most things can be fixed at the local level. Not everything, but most things.

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