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Coalition: Lawrence 2nd meanest city to homeless

Great. Lawrence posters come out swinging against the mentally ill and the downtrodden. We should be numero uno in the US, based on this thread.

Yes, the article is a bunch of cr*p. Just like most of these posts.

What would Jesus do with these worthless, sub-human homeless folks?

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Certain fish from river remain unsafe to eat

Hey Marion:

I fish for sport and throw them back. Shall I keep them for you? Send me your address. I'll bring them by.

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Runaway cow won't be slaughtered


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Poll: Most say warrant needed to snoop on Americans' calls

Yup, you've got it all figured out, Arminius. It is all black and white. No shades of gray. Liberals versus conservatives. Christ versus the anti-Christ. Good versus evil. (The Arminius paradigm, Part I.)

Clinton was bad, therefore Bush is good. (The Arminius paradigm, Part II.)


Humor, courtesy of Arminius:

"I guess Bush should just ignore the threat posed by al Qaeda, start an affair with an intern..."

You just can't get past the intern thing, Arminius. Hilarious.

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Day of reason


I am a fan of your posts. However, I think that you should lay off the windowpane for a few days.

Happy New Year, dude.

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President: Europe wanted to complete Holocaust

From Gnome:

"GWB is being proven right as we are winning in Iraq and will soon turn governance over to that independent democratically elected government."

No offense, Gnome, but I think that you must have fallen from your tree and landed on your head. When Iraq is an independent democracy, I'll buy you drinks for a decade.

Also from Gnome:

"liberals: told us we had to get along with the soviet union and avoid making them mad;"

Right. JFK and LBJ waged war in Indochina because they didn't want to make the Soviet Union mad. Truman went into Korea for the same reason.

Go pour another stiff drink, Gnome.

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Sebelius knocks federal budget

From Arminius:

2) The state exercises control over the measure of labor and of consumption in accordance with the principle of socialism: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his work". It fixes the rate of taxation on taxable income.


Fair point. However, I did not want to waste my time addressing the obvious. But I guess that I should have done so for your benefit. Here goes:

When salaries and wages are artificailly fixed, as was the case in the erstwhile Soviet Union, there is no true "taxation." The Commies termed it "taxation," but when you juxtapose an erstwhile Soviet citizen's "rights" with an erstwhile Soviet's particular circustances, you will see that it was not a matter of taxation-it was a matter of withholding, without recourse. That is not taxation. That is government control of salaries and wages.

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Sebelius knocks federal budget

From johngalt, obviously not a Rhodes Scholar:

"who don't you lefties just come out and admit you are socialists -

you want to take money from one group of folks and hand it to others

they tried it in the old Soviet Union, and it didn't work out too well, did it?"

It's called taxation, genius. Every free country in the world is free because of taxation.

There was no taxation in the erstwhile Soviet Union.


Taxes are imposed to fund the defense of the country, thus enabling free enterprise.

Taxes are imposed to fund local law enforcement and fire protection, thus enabling free enterprise.

Taxes are imposed to fund/assist education, so that we have a capable work force, thus enabling free enterprise.

Taxes are imposed to provide relief for the sick and poor, so that we do not have a chaotic, unhappy and rebellious society where free enterprise would be obstructed.

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Judge strikes down intelligent design

Big Jim. Big Jim. Big bad Jim.

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Judge strikes down intelligent design

Apologies to Jimmy Dean....

Big Jim, Big Jim, Big bad Jim.

He stood 6'6'' and weighed 225, kinda narrow at the hip and nobody gave no lip to Big Jim.

Big Jim. Big Jim. Big bad Jim.


Anyway, as I recall, Big Bad John (Jim) remained at the bottom of the mine. Just like Jim in this thread.

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