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Task force proposal would raise Kansas admissions standards for KU, public universities

I guess I'm an exception, back in the day I wasn't a very good highschool student (Immature) and got very sub-par grades. Well, KU admitted me as an out-of-state student and I'm thankful they gave me a chance (one of the few big schools that did). I got done in 4 years, matured, and was prepared to enter the work force. I understand the admission standards might be low at KU, but I agree with giving people an opportunity to prove themselves. However I do remember my freshman year at KU it was estimated every 2 out of 10 freshman dropped or failed out but people need to realize all large Universities have these statistics.

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Dillons proposes tearing down Lawrence's Massachusetts Street store and replacing it with larger building

Does anyone know what happened to the barber shop next to Dillons? Went there for a couple years when I lived in Lawrence and saw it was closed last time I was in town..

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23rd Street reopens after injury accident at Massachusetts Street intersection

Lots of bad drivers out there, its really getting rediculous. People need to slow down, get OFF the cell phone and watch the road. Driving isn't a right, its a priviledge and there are lots of drivers out there that need their DLs taken away.

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Big 12 North could be decided on Saturday: Missouri or Nebraska?

who cares..i stopped watching big 12 football after our sorry excuse for a football team. looks like its back to the dark ages for KU football...which didn't take long.

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Lawrence Chamber of Commerce, Plastikon Industries announce plans for new facility, 120 jobs in Lawrence

I like what I hear. I had to move out of Lawrence for the lack of decent paying professional jobs. Maybe now I could move back in a few years.

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Topeka residents charged in Monday morning shooting, attempted robbery

I know some people get upset when we blame Topeka for some of the violence that goes on in Lawrence, but can you blame us? Hopefully they get locked up for a substantial amount of time, behavior like this shouldn't be tolerated and they should not be allowed back on the street.

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Gill says team policy on women not causing a negative reaction from players

Pretty petty rule, I could see something like no being out on the town after 10PM leading up to gameday, but no women after 10PM On any night? Someone mentioned this being negative toward recruiting and they're correct, what young man would want that rediculous "structure" in their personal lives? There's a lot to be said about coaches being a "players coach," and typically football players will work harder and fight harder for a coach that respects their freedom off the football field...but within good taste. Obviously you can't have b-ball and football players brawling on campus..

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KU football players fed up with roller coaster

Regardless this team is a joke on all fronts. Hopefully K-State doesn't embarass us too much on Nat'l Television.

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Em-Bear-rassing: Jayhawks routed, taunted in Waco

Terrible game, poorly executed in all aspects. Gill looks like he belongs back in the Mid-American Conference, I'm afraid hes in over his head trying to compete in the Big 12. You can now see why Mangino had to be tough...55-7 loses are not O.K., just embarassing. Hopefully this gets turned around by the K-State game or else we're in for a treat on national television.

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