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Rescue teams remove fifteen from Kansas River after search, none injured

Yep. Its a shame kids cannot do that anymore, but its a different world out there now. I too remember as a kid all my summers were spent outside all day long, but those were different times.

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Kansas and Douglas County see more households leaving than coming in 2010

We all I'm sure have seen that things haven't been going well with the ecnomy throughout the last few years. Our Country needs jobs, I'm sure everyone knows at least a couple people who are unemployed, actively seeking some sort of work. I know my friends, family, and I know people struggling to find work.

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Royals trade Zack Greinke to Milwaukee Brewers for prospects

Does it really matter the Royals traded Greinke? Even with him on the mound you can't win the division, especially wih how the Chicago White Sox lineup looks. Mine as well take some young prospects and continue battling Cleveland for that 4th place spot in the AL Central. Unfortunately in the game of baseball money$$ gets you wins and KCs small payroll just isn't going to cut it.

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Do you support the city of Lawrence's snow shoveling law requiring sidewalks to be clear within 48 hours after the storm?

And this shouldn't be about the city helping the people. I'm sure people are thinking..Why should I have to shovel my sidewalks if the city isn't going to plow every street in time? Well this should be more about people helping people and making it easier for your community to use the sidewalks.

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Do you support the city of Lawrence's snow shoveling law requiring sidewalks to be clear within 48 hours after the storm?

Absolutely I agree with this. Not everyone owns a car, therefore walking is the only option. Clear your sidewalks and if your neighbor is elderly or unable to shovel, do them a favor and clear their walks as well. I live in Michigan now so it would be such a hassle if people didn't take responsiblity and shovel their walkways...although everyone out here owns a snow blower, which I'm looking into purchasing eventually.

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Lawrence man's extreme passion for Christmas illuminates the whole neighborhood

Clark: We checked every bulb, didn't we?

Russ: Sure, dad.

Clark: Hmm... maybe we ought to just go up there and check.

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What store would you like to see come to Lawrence?

I would like to see an indoor ice rink.

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Lawrence is 156th safest city according to 2010 U.S. crime rankings

When I lived in Lawrence I rarely locked my doors and I got by fine. Somebody mentioned above that St. Louis is the most dangerous city in the U.S., which is true, but it really just has to do with East St. Louis, which is very rough and nobody really has any business wandering around E. STL. I live in Detroit now, which too is dangerous, but like DGL said above if your not involved in criminal activity or gangs you should be fine. A lot of violence in cities is due to people associating with the "wrong" crowd and getting involved in criminal activity themselves.

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Lawrence couple offer warm welcome to international students during holidays

Great story. I remember when I went to KU and the holidays rolled around I was fortunate enough to have roommates invite me to their holiday celebrations with their families. It always made me feel great because I don't really have a lot of family. I hope someday I can do something similar to what the Huchingsons do and return the favor to those who find themselves without anywhere to go during the holiday season.

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