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Do you plan on shopping at the new Dillons on Massachusetts Street?

'til then it's "Dapper Dillons"?

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Sen. Pat Roberts disappointed, Sen. Jerry Moran 'outraged' by Boeing decision

Ah! So politicians should REALLY be saying:

"My goal isn't to create jobs. It's to create an environment favorable for corporations to make money."

If jobs get created, that's just a happy little side-effect.

How nice "For the People"!

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I think it's a decent place.

Not sure where Nicole's used to shopping, but it's not Walmart. So, probably not many "Great Value" prices there.

I spent $11 on a glazed, clay incense holder and felt pretty good with the purchase.

When I've asked for help, I received it. So, I have no complaints with the "customer service experience".

Heading off to there, now.

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Town Talk: Saints to open in Old Chicago location by Sept. 1; Dillons to close Mass. store on Saturday; more on K-State and to tax or not to tax

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August 9, 2011 at 2:31 p.m. ( )

Went there for the first time tonight. Had the BBQ Thai Pulled Pork pasta. It was very good as was the breadstick. Huge portion. Probably will last me a couple more meals...but I keep sneaking into the fridge to snack on it, so we'll see.

Professional, friendly service. I'll definitely go back and try out their other offerings.

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Lawrence city commission rejects Lowe’s proposal

Poor thing!

Driving to Topeka twice a year...why, that's an outrage!

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Obama headquarters reopens in Lawrence


September 6, 2008 at 8:26 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Obama headquarters reopens in Lawrence

Easy now, Confrontation.Only people who can't muster up an intelligent argument fall back on name-calling.So, leave that to the republicans because they certainly don't have a leg to stand on.You know, I'd find their Christian extremist, big-government message a bit more credible if they'd just come out and admit that they're really a fanatical religious organization. 800-lb gorilla, anyone?As long as they can have their guns, strip us of our rights, and force us to live our lives "the Christian way", then *we* won't get branded as being 'unpatriotic'...or worse, locked up in prison. I think that's really where they want us. You know, and when the people in charge of salaries dip into your pocket and keep more and more of it for themselves in the name of "competition" and empty promises of future jobs...that's called stealing. So, their captalistic argument, their "American Dream" is false. You didn't earn that. You just took it because you had the power to and for some reason you feel like you need 7 houses.I don't really see anybody other than Republicans jumping around, screeching, and throwing "mud" at their adversaries. But I guess what they lack in evolution, they more than make up for with breeding, unfortunately.

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Construction work starting on Bob Billings Parkway on Monday

I think that's code for "When Hell Freezes Over".

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Motel noise complaint turns into much more

Probably readying their plans to set a homeless man on fire.

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