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Whom do you look up to in your community?

My Pastor. He is a great example of a person that truly cares about the people in his community and is very dedicated to his work. He encourages myself and my husband to be better Christians and better people all around.

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Will you do any traveling this summer?

I really want to road trip to Oregon and see the ocean for the 1st time (yes I'm 29 and have never seen the ocean) but that might not financially be possible. We do have season passes to Worlds of Fun so I'm sure we'll be making many trips out there but a "real" nice family vacation is still in the air for now.

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What are you reading?

Still reading Into the Wild...... I haven't had a lot of free time to sit down and read.

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What treasures would you look for at a new Lawrence flea market?

Right now the specific things I'm looking for are tea cup and sauce sets, anything I can utilize in my garden, and a skeleton key (preferably gold) for my daughter...... she thinks they're magical.

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Man accused of striking 16-year-old during alleged road-rage incident

When I commuted to Lenexa from Jefferson County for work the people I found to be texting/reading something on their phones the most were men in the upper 20's- early 40's range. I'm not saying grown men text more then teenagers or anything.... maybe they're just not as good as hiding it. But I always thought it was weird to see grown men sitting there texting away while driving. They should know better!

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Kansas winner comes forward to claim record jackpot, but remains anonymous

My hubby works for the lottery so I don't even get to play. He had to go into work extra early on Friday to make sure all the lottery machines in his area were working properly. So if the lucky winner wanted to give me $20,000 I'd be okay with that. Just kidding, I do hope whoever it is that won can do some nice things for themselves and their families and is able to enjoy the money because like Notorious B.I.G. said, "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems." :-)

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Thomas Robinson to announce decision to enter NBA Draft on Monday

Good Luck T-Rob! You will be missed!

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How do you think Kansas men’s basketball will do in the NCAA tournament?

One dollar Drew............ oh wait, nevermind. Um, I think we'll make it to Elite Eight BUT I hope we make it further and go all the way. Can't wait for selection Sunday! The Hubs and I always make a friendly wager over whose bracket will go the furthest and so far I've lost EVERY year but this could be my year!!! I just feel it!!

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Two men receive lengthy prison sentences related to 2010 drug raid east of Lawrence

Just commenting on this real fast so I can easily come back and read all the comments while my cupcakes are baking!

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