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Nine children seriously injured in school bus crash on I-35 near Wellsville

You mean you did'nt feel safe, even though you wore a helmet? I can see that it d made it harder to lick the window, but I thought you did that (licked the window) to calm yourself down.

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Nine children seriously injured in school bus crash on I-35 near Wellsville

Pywacket, does it really matter? It will not change the outcome, so do us a favor and STFU...and just hope that they are OK.

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First lady calls on NAACP to help fight childhood obesity

Meggers; you are correct and I feel the same way. "Sometimes. ploitics need to take a back seat to common sense" well in the post of happyp, common sense depends on what part of the country you come from.

@ happyp, your name is so misleading. You SAD piece of crap, how will she take credit for our youth being healthier?

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Police respond to reported armed robbery near Ninth and Tennessee

CB, you don't even believe BS yourself.

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Pastor at Heritage Baptist says he convinced suspect in child rapes to turn himself in

hf, I think you are as your implies ...full of hot air. As for your two cents, it not enough to retire on so keep it to yourself.

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Lawrence soldier injured while fighting in Iraq

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Victim of near-drowning in fair condition

Irish, You amaze You always have the answers for everytihing...I am glad the kid is OK and hope he makes a full recovery. Why don't they make the kid do community hours and stand down and make sure no one else enters that area (read the sign outloud)...and maybe no one else will disregard the posted about that in stead of putting the responsiblity and financial woes on the city or Bowersock (fencing)...I'm sure that the city codes or law; states that Bowersock had to post known dangers, which it sound like they did...Start holding the violators responsible.

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Restaurant owner takes fake ID case to ‘Judge Judy’

When anyone uses a fake ID, they are committing fraud. Fraud is “an act…gesture…anything…that is intended to deceive people”. I think that there should be stricter laws and punishments for offenders. Good move Mr. Holiday.

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