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Day 4: From the Emerald Triangle to the Sunflower State

I hope they grant them a speedy trial... So I can attend the police auction and hopefully get/ buy a few of the firearms... See the Emerald Triangle Indictment Link above.

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25 years ago: Manager remembers early days at city pool

re·nege: \ri-ˈneg also -ˈnāg, -ˈnig; rē-\

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Opponents of drug testing for welfare benefits see it as hassling the poor; Brownback says it will help

In order to serve in the Military, (those that put their lives on the line, if for no other reason than for us to enjoy the freedoms of being able to log onto a blog page, and air our weightless opinions), you have to submit to UAs. Those receiving assistance, should very well be

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Letter: That’s enough

Why don't we just teach our children, the meaning of Life.... Now that will be Enough.

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Lawrence police investigating comments made via phone with Douglas County District Court clerk

What is there to investigate? I'm sure those clerks always, receive calls from people frustrated with the disposition of cases. Why would they mention this if they were not going to tell the story. Just another tactic to keep society living in fear.

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Lawrence man arrested on charges of aggravated criminal sodomy, sexual battery

Didn't get to read your post before it was removed. But, Sodomy, is typically understood as unnatural sex acts to include oral, anal, and bestiality. So this person could have been committing any of this acts.

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Lawrence man treated and released for injuries after single-car accident on Interstate 70

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Lawrence Police Department report of Taser usage released

I no longer live in Larryville, but have been told by some of my Police buddies that the difference between Tasering and Shooting is who completes the after action report.

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