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Activists ask Wichita to remove Confederate flag from park

"... historic flags that flew for the U.S. in war times."

There are a few things wrong with this.

First- the St. Andrew's Cross flag was not the flag of the CSA. It was a battle standard. Kind of like the flag with KU on it is _not_ the state of Kansas flag.

Second- the flag in question never flew for the US. Ever. It's pretty much the symbol of everything the US isn't. It flew against the US.

So why is it being displayed with flags that DID fly for the US??

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Foreign language enrollment at KU: Down but hardly out

Back in the day, I was a foreign language major. When I started taking classes at KU, I thought I'd continue my learning and signed up for basic Portuguese. Imagine my shock when the books required for a 100-level class totaled more than $300!

And we're wondering why people aren't signing up for foreign language classes??

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Free State High School mourns loss of science teacher

Awww Brad. You'll be missed.

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KU campus rape allegation under review by district attorney

What this article doesn't mention is that the alleged perpetrator ADMITTED he continued having sex with the alleged victim AFTER she said no.

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New Ramen Bowls awakens Lawrence noodle craze


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Editorial: In the street

" It was after hours and was a great celebration. It characterized what Lawrence is all about."

^^ This.

Seriously- what is open that late in the evening downtown anyway? Some restaurants, and I'm pretty sure people still ate. In fact, my family ate dinner at an establishment in that very block that night.

"A stroll down the 1000 block of Massachusetts Street during last week’s closure didn’t do much to elevate the city’s image..."

Pfft. It sure did. It said "We like to have fun, and we like to do things that the community can get behind." It said "We're kind of quirky, and if that's your style, come on and have fun with us."

It was a very Lawrencian thing to do. And that's good.

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KU school celebrating 100 years of architecture education — and late nights of work

I've had many architecture students work for me, and they've all been hard working and conscientious. I always knew, though, that March and April were killer months for them. Walking Dead? hah. Try architecture!

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KU freshman Ben McLemore declares for NBA Draft

After seeing Kevin Ware writhing on the floor last weekend, do you blame Ben for making the run to the pros now? That sort of injury (or worse) can happen to these athletes at any time. He can come back and get a degree even if he's wheelchair-bound, he's thinking smart to go pro now while he's healthy.

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KU to wear alternate adidas camo uniforms in Big 12 tournament

I was thinking the Shamrock Shakes.

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Half Price Books to close Lawrence store in coming months

Sadness! I love Half Price and shop there often. I'll have to stock up before they head out.

I also go to Dusty Bookshelf, don't get me wrong- but Half Price is just... better.

DB has charm, but their filing system drives me nuts. "Oh yes- cookbooks are over there. And there. And on that table. And by the door. And under that stuff." If I'm looking for something specific, it is very frustrating. If I'm just browsing, it's heavenly.

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