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US News & World Report names Baker top regional university

44th in a 12 state area...C+...

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Republicans call for removal of former legislator from education panel

Watch it Lynn! You're making way too much sense! You're gonna get your comment removed!

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Editorial: Job skills

I work for a Temp agency out of kansas City; manufacturing-no experience. They have a need for 30 people for a job that lasts six months, annually. The most they have found in a given year is seventeen...directly related to failing the drug test. I just thought of know how much $$$$ I could make selling my urine?

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New study suggests Lawrence may be the capital of part-time employees; city issues $46 million in debt

E-mailed this to a couple of folks in France... they are way impressed ! And want to send a delegation!

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News of a big hole at city's Eagle Bend Golf Course; Lawrence startup hopes to tackle video game violence, other phobias

Double the size of the ball brainer as well...if you wanna make some money.

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Four suspects arrested after string of overnight burglaries

I'm a gun owner as well. Too bad I have to share the same "label" with your dumb ass...

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Health Care Access parts ways with executive director

Really big shoes to fill. Health Care Access has played a critical role with vital health care for me personally, at a time when I was permanently layed off from my job. This is going to sound hard to believe but it's true. I've never had to wait past my appointment time. I don't recall ever visiting a doctor's office that was as consistently as prompt. Whats even more impressive...very rarely have I seen as many "patients" or people getting help at a doctors office.

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None of state's KanCare providers hit benchmarks

Didn't meet the benchmarks in any month on purpose & for a reason of course. This is how privatization works. This is how they will achieve getting the benchmark regulations changed. There's just too many regulations anyway...gets in the way of the bottom line. It's the bottom line before the citizens health now. It's the law.

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Brownback campaign to residents of Lawrence: 'It's nothing personal'

That's the problem. The Koch bros. ARE more important than the average Kansan. Even if we were allowed to pool our money together, it wouldn't come close to what amount of influence the Koch's cash could buy. It's that way on purpose & for a reason. And it ain't getting any better soon...The Dems just know how to "bandage the wounds" a bit better.

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Bicyclist struck, killed by car in rural Douglas County

Just a matter of time before it happens again. You need a bike path on that road.

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