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Local Boy Scout leaders react to news that girls will soon be allowed to join

Will there be a special troop for Nonbinary Scouts?

October 16, 2017 at 2:33 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Man punched, robbed while walking along KU's Jayhawk Boulevard

KU has cameras but Downtown Lawrence does not.

I bet KU has the license plate also.

Lawrence does not.

Why did Amyx poo poo the use of cameras? What did he really mean when he said they would only help catch the suspects?

Old articles LJW 2006, 2009...Chad are you busy..?

Revive the articles. The commission doesn't need to study anything as they are just rehashing the old same old , same old.

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Plan for large shopping center at SLT and Iowa Street interchange still alive, but delayed again

Dorothy , you say that leases are going down ( suppose you mean the rent) . That being said you said you left N Lawrence because the rent was too high.

Why not relocate to a place that had a "lease" going down? OR did you move the business to your house because there was little business activiity.

Did ever occur to you that the emptly retail spaces are : NO business to sustain the operation?
or THE business was cannabalized by yet another shopping center.

This proposal south of town if built will be like cannibals sucking the lifeblood of other centers.

How many athletic stores can Lawrence support. How many chicken places...Slim Pickens is slim on business.

Costco needs bodies and Lawrence doesn't have enough.

Lawrence is just limping along and will for some time to come.
These shopping centers get built and as soon as they are filled with tenants they are dumped.

Just like HERE, well maybe they have to get the rents back up so the Chinese can be a buyer.

Collett won't keep that center.

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Online survey testing the waters for proposed name change at South Middle School

And in 50 years it will be renamed again. Revisionist history at work by small thinking minds. Do the kids care ? Ask them!

Sooner than laater we will experience the naming of a high school NON BINARY HIGH...so that inclusiveness is fullfilled.

Just wonder if the Journal World dared to interview students as to who was Pelathe..if they would know..Now Boy Scouts would know but that group is gone bye bye.

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Financial errors could leave city short on funds for Farmland remediation

Clara , they do not care. They are busy perpetuating "affordable housing" but have no list of recipents.. It is a scam.

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Financial errors could leave city short on funds for Farmland remediation

My , my what a convenient number $40,000. Mr. Markus can spend that amount and not get commission approval. Didn't the commission in their infinite wisdom give Mr. Markus free reign to spend $50,000 without their approval.


October 13, 2017 at 10:34 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Financial errors could leave city short on funds for Farmland remediation

With all the people working at city hall and the moles at city hall , I find it very hard to believe that NO one knew what was going on. And on top of that one city commissioner worked for the IRS. wouldn't expect an Uber driver to know or a barber.

Just what questions do the commissioners ask at their study sessions.

And where was the city going to earn 3.5 and 2 percent interest? Just asking....

October 12, 2017 at 8:44 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Downtown shooting causes city commissioner to talk about ... panhandlers; are city leaders ready to tackle gun issues?

Mr. Devlin,,,do not read what I write then you do not have to follow. Is Brandon Devlin a real name? Any relation to a Devlin that worked at Presbyterian Manor.?

If you can't follow don't waste your time. Why don't you present some facts once in a while or just once.?

Don't worry about me....

Lawrence is dead and not moving forward.....hey Mr.Markus how's that Van Trust deal? How's the Menard deal.
Slim Pickens is might slim in the parking lot.

Brandon Devlin they need business . Maybe you and the other fake posters can get together for some Slim Pickens.

October 9, 2017 at 9:23 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Downtown shooting causes city commissioner to talk about ... panhandlers; are city leaders ready to tackle gun issues?

More wasted time talking about shootings and catching suspects.

Does anyone remember the articles written in 2006 thats 11 years ago.

The candidates need to stay focused.
The cannot come up with a plan that stops shootings.
They CAN come up with a plan to catch the suspects.

Amyx voted against cameras downtown..he said they would only help to catch or identify the suspects I cannot believe Amyx was quoted as saying that, but he agreed with a KU professor so called expert on cameras.

Well guess what the banks have cameras and the KU professor is wrong. Stay away from the KU professors, the experts. They have many times mucked up this community. And the new Chancellor wants to improve "town and gown" relationships. That is the same b.s. that has been spewed for years..The new chancellor wont get much support from the "town" for the "gown' with the "gown' bitching about pay and their morale.

So suck it up KU professors or move on.

I was downtown this weekend and the police were called to talk to 3 women outside the Tonic. wonder what that was about..the commissioners and candidates should look into that.

The building was packed and the lines outside were waiting to get in....It appeared to be the 'in" place as opposed to Brothers which was lacking in clientele (only short lived though) AND a police car sat in the A&P (formerly) parking lot.

That was a good gig for the police,,,sit in the car while the real problems were in the 700 block..

Well, why doesn't Chad print the artilces from 2006, 2009 and we can read about Last Call, Brad Ziegler and others quoted...Maybe the commissioners and candidates need a refresher course ...101 Downtown and What a Qaugmire.

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