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Developers to propose downtown project with conference center, hotel and high-rise condos

No one else wants to buy the J/W property so why not stick it to the taxpayers....there will be incentives REQUESTED...but these are not developers,,,they are interlopers..

Real developers would bulldoze the riverfront mall, the city hall and start from the river and go south... if in fact that location is even desirable..

Realistic developers would go to the west campus and build the conference center..after all the Dole Center is there and the Lied Center....Downtown has NOTHING....

This is a way to bail out Dolph,

btw,,,the bridge over the river is misplaced...

"downside for the city" Who is the city? There seems to be a reoccuring theme that the city is NOT the taxpayers and residents but rather a private entity made up of staff, commission , and a city manager..
Lawrence cannot even fix streets...I can only imagine what the proposed development would look like in 20 years....remember how dirty the library had become..BECAUSE the "city" wanted a new one...and the taxpayers would be stuck with the bill and maintenace in perpetuity.

Tony Peterson talks about traffic....Tony the staff and the architects don' t care about traffic problems..I have heard that there is even a roundabout proposed in the eventual final design...

It's going to be big, beautiful, and feature works of art

West campus is the place but great minds are not in Lawrence but have gone elsewhere to invest..

And Treanor is investing how much? Perhaps the money he has already made off the taxpayers in Lawrence...even as far back as the airport.

A real generous guy NOT.

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Police want to build new headquarters near west Lawrence Walmart; $17 million project also may use no-bid process

15th and Kasold!! Build it there.

NO BID? Remember what happened with Rock Chalk park?

The commission will show their true faces and ineptness if they go along with the NO BID plan.

Previous commissions passed up on a good deal for a Senior Center when they failed to buy church property on Kasold with adjacent land. That's what you get with small town minds and no VISION....now especially led by a City Manager desperate for something to brag about in a rather dismal employment...future.

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Letter to the editor: Stop the waste

And Mr. Edwards you are about to see a WASTE of money with a bus hub, a transit hub, a hubbub of a hub.

Any ideas for a HUB name? After all parks, buildings, in Lawrence need a name...maybe the BOLEY HUB, or the MARKUS HUB, better yet the outgoing commisoner could be recognized with an award winning designed , spectacular building...aka THE AMYX HUB..

How can these four commissioners in good conscience believe Lawrence need a hub? They cannot even fix a Mausoleum but instead have some Friends of the Mausoleum apply for a grant.

Friends take care of friends...they don't go begging for money !!!!

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Editorial: Get going on transit center

A boondoggle from the beginning. With estabished routes...riders can transfer! This is another waste of money...and nothing is budgeted for maintenance and by the way...is this to be a NO BID PROJECT....

Mr. Brennaman,,,a 23rd street route from east to west and west to east is to simple for simple minded folks to figure out.... The commission is fixated on a hub,,because that is about the only thing they can be proud of...although is not something to be proud of...

Lawrence likes to spend foolishly!

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Sheriff's Office exploring modular units as stopgap solution to Douglas County Jail overcrowding

I understand they put two women in a cell but not two men. Why? Is this true? Do you know, Elwyn Jones...please clarify.

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Lawrence Police Department's request for downtown surveillance cameras fizzled 5 years ago; no plans to add them now

Burns is NOT going to make any changes. He is NOT bringing big city policing to Lawrence!

Sounded good but he will become one of the good ole boys, just a doormat for the department, sadly.

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Lawrence Police Department's request for downtown surveillance cameras fizzled 5 years ago; no plans to add them now

Dorothy, you could take in foster children and adopt some children and give them a second chance with your parenting skills.

It is Christmas you know!

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Regents OK $26 million indoor practice facility for KU football

Chancellor Girod is going to do what the DONORS want. He is just a signer of legal documents that the university attorneys tell him the paper looks good. Just like Bernadette did. She had no say in hiring or firing coaches or athletic directors.

The DONORS rule!

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City finds some residents letting dogs run free, 'degrade' gravesites at Lawrence cemetery

And the CITY OF LAWRENCE has let the Mausoleum become degraded.. Short of five months to memorial day...what can the five commissoners put in action to make the Mausoleum a place of pride for Lawrence and the final resting place of those left in it.

All talk they are and no action.

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See the latest plans to build large student apartment complex around Lawrence day care

has been FINED....as, was, the same they were FINED.

your assignment Richard Heckler for study hall is Study the Bribery Charges and report back...if you report in proper time you will not receive study hall for another week.

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