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Lawrence City Commission faced with dilemma: raise taxes or cut city staff

The payroll data is sourced to Open Records requests submitted to City of Lawrence. Property tax data comes from Dept. of Revenue, as provided to them by City of Lawrence.

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Lawrence City Commission faced with dilemma: raise taxes or cut city staff

FYI, Lawrence property taxes increased 197% since 1997. http://www.kansasopengov.org/kog/data...

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Brownback to call special session to address school funding; no date set

Glad to hear Governor Brownback called the special session. Here's what we'd like to see happen. https://kansaspolicy.org/dont-let-cou...

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Kansas Democrats start petition for special session

You have a vivid imagination.

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Saturday Column: Standoff damaging to state’s schools and image

Legislators should not let the courts close schools https://kansaspolicy.org/dont-let-cou...

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Editorial: Call the session

We agree that a special session should be convened...with specific action taken https://kansaspolicy.org/dont-let-cou...

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Lawrence school board vice president's commentary on Kansas politics gains wide following

Our numbers are indeed facts provided by KSDE.

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Why state lawmakers wait until the last minute to pass laws — hint: It's politics

Not talking about cutting retirement contributions or anything else you listed. I'm talking about providing the same or better quality service at a better price.

Also, most of the tax reductions went to individuals, not business. 71% went to individuals, 29% to small business.

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