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Editorial: Finance exam

The Supreme Court did not order that more money be spent to resolve equality. They said that was one option, but they also said equality could be achieved in other ways, such as with a new equality formula.

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Editorial: Finance exam

That is not an accurate analogy. Schools were approved for a $109 million pay increase but they acted as though they were entitled to a $145 million dollar increase. The block grant gives them a $109 million dollar increase.

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Editorial: Finance exam

For the benefit of others reading this, Devin knows that my definition of efficiency is providing the same or better quality service at a better price. Every Legislative Post Audit report has found school districts to be inefficient and most of their recommendations have been ignored. Districts acknowledge that they choose to spend more than necessary for a variety of reasons, but regardless of the rationale, those are conscious choices to divert money from classrooms.

Devin also knows that I am willing to have a public discussion with him and his organization any time on school funding and efficiency...but they won't do it.

As for Gannon, the lower court thumbed its nose at the Supreme Court in reaching a political decision. http://www.kansaspolicy.org/KPIBlog/1...

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Editorial: Finance exam

To what spreadsheet are you referring? The comparison should be made to the amount the district received last year and the amount the district was scheduled to receive based on the dollar amount of increased funding approved by the legislature last May.

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Editorial: Finance exam

Schools decide now now much to spend on athletics and everything else...as well as under the proposed block grants. Administrators and local school boards don't have to cut any programs to get more money into classrooms...they could make tens of millions more available by choosing to operate efficiently.

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Editorial: Finance exam

Those speaking of 'cuts' are talking about getting a smaller increase than they want. The block grant proposal would be part of the 4th consecutive funding record for public education. Of the $171 million increase this year, only $3 million is attributed to KPERS. http://www.kansaspolicy.org/KPIBlog/1...

School districts say the formula 'works' if fully funded, but that means it 'works' for institutions...but it certainly hasn't worked for students. I explained in my testimony. http://www.kansaspolicy.org/PressRoom...

Sunsetting the current formula while a new one is being designed should give districts an incentive to change their ways...making better use of the cash reserves and making better operating decisions that will eliminate inefficiency and make more money available to the classroom.

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Lawrence schools face cuts this year under GOP plan

KPERS should and does count toward total funding. KPERS was not funded at the actuarially required level every year since the early 90s, but state law did not require doing so. Yes, I would say that not funding the amount scheduled is the same as cutting it back...and we do not support doing so.

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Lawrence schools face cuts this year under GOP plan

They counted on getting more money than the Legislature approved. The block grant provides what was approved.

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Lawrence schools face cuts this year under GOP plan

We made no such claim that reducing KPERS funding needed to be done...for any reason.

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Lawrence schools face cuts this year under GOP plan

Some of the increase is for KPERS and teacher retirement is part of the cost of educating students.

No idea what you mean by "the chair governing the state's post grad programs."

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