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Veteran leads protest of Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church

I agree with yankeevet

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Kansas Athletics, Joe-College settle legal issues

Larry got off easy, with a slap on the hands. Too bad KUAC didn't burn him.

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One taken to hospital after car vs. pedestrian accident near 6th and Maine


I totally agree with your statement, but regardless of whether the pedestrian may have been at fault...this involved the driver leaving the scene. I really don't think someone is going to be completely oblivious to hitting someone. Well...unless they are talking on their cell phone and there's plenty of that.

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Lawrence police officer involved in early morning scuffle at west Lawrence grocery store

If the suspect is so "mentally challenged" then maybe he should not be allowed to be out in public.

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KU coach kinder, gentler

I'll volunteer to be one of security guards to carry boxes into his office and watch him pack.

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Longhorns roll over embattled KU

I have no use for Mangino and hope they fire him. He is by no means a people person and this is a needed trait by anyone representing KU. We need someone with the personality of Bill Self who can coach football. Magino is plain and simple a bully and definitely has issues. Football is a contact sport and if you're afraid of getting hit, then you should not play. This is something expected on the field, in the game and in practice. However, I don't feel it is something that should be expected from a coach. Jabbing someone in the chest is not what I would call positive reinforcement. Regardless of my thoughts on Mangino, I think he should be allowed to finish the season. What KU did to Terry Allen was not appropriate and no coach deserves this regardless of their job being on the line. Another thing...let's do away with tail-gating at KU for a year or two and see just how many come to the games.

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Proposed ban on panhandling protested

Hippies and religious fanatics. Gee...don't you just love Lawrence. I remember being a kid and we never had all this BS going on in downtown Lawrence. I'm for freedom of expression and all, but why should 30 protesters decide what's best for all of Lawrence.

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Record breaking weekend

All hell is going to break loose in 2012.

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Joe-College.com ordered to pay Kansas Athletics more than $660,000

As the shirts in question did not say KU or have the Jayhawk logo printed on them, I think this is alot of BS and Mr. Sinks is being charged wrongly.

But on the other hand, speaking from experience, Larry was a pretty arrogant a-hole in High School, so I don't have alot of sympathy for him.

Yep...it's always good to look at both sides of the issue.

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Mangino: As of now, no players will serve suspensions

Are you really surprised by this article that there will be no suspensions? Come on...there's a game this Saturday.

You know...for such winners, the Basketball and Football teams have really shown themselves to be alot of losers.

The boys will be boys attitude just doesn't cut it here.

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