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KU expert on distracted driving supports National Transportation Safety Board’s recommendation to ban cellphone use

Banning cell phone use while driving is a very good concept...however enforcement will be a major issue as the laws always seem to change which hinder the Police in their ability to do their jobs. Or rather...it is the lawyers. The Police will likely have to have someone on video which is BS. Oh no...we can't take the Officer's word on this, we need to see the tangible proof. With the numerous other duties/responses they have to deal with, this will almost have to be a "selective enforcement".

Okay...to change the subject...I wish they would crack done big time on people that can't seem to use their turn signals. Seems to be an epidemic these days.

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Authorities respond to multiple injury crash at 19th and Iowa

Actually, I was first on the scene after I came across the 10-48 accident and reported it to our Dispatcher. Aside from that, I really can't make any more comments.

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Wichita man, 63, cited for drunken driving after vehicle runs over KU student's foot after game

Perhaps we should just go back to the good old days and outlaw drinking with Tailgating at KU. I'm sorry, but if you have to drink in order to have fun, then you have some serious issues. Of course...this will never happen, because the crowds at the football games would drop by two thirds...and with that said, so would the $$$ coming into KU Athletics. Maybe we'll have a Chancellor some day that doesn't kiss butt and give in to all the red tape.

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Attorney working on South Lawrence Trafficway lawsuit says attempt at mediation ended in impasse

First off - In the past, the Baker Wetlands were not flooded until when we got Spring rains. Of course...beavers damming things up actually turned it into the "Wetlands" that it is today. I grew up in Lawrence and lived there until 2006, so yes I do remember.

Meaning no disrespect, but if I owned the property in question or the majority of people in general did...this would have already been a done deal. Kind of like the city coming in and building a sidewalk through your yard. Guess what - you have no choice and you have to provide the upkeep which is total BS. I agree...there were sad times and still are, but I owe no one an apology for things which were done in the past and currently to Native Americans or any other group. I did not do any injustices.

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Jurors convict Baldwin City driver of reckless aggravated battery for hitting bicyclist south of Lawrence

I do not believe bicyclists belong on the streets unless they can pedal and sustain the posted speed limit and/or minimum speed limit. More often than not, when there is a group of them riding, they travel 2-3 abreast and tie up traffic. They definitely make people angry and cause accidents. Some of them deserve to be cussed out, but no one deserves to be intentionally hit.

I would say 1 out of a 100 bicyclists actually follow the rules of the road. I've seen people all decked out: reflectors and lights on their bicycle and reflector clothing and I'm going alright! Well...that is until they blow through a stop sign.

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Judge blocks parts of Arizona immigration law

The people who are hiring the illegal immigrants are the ones who should be prosecuted. Gee...Bob's Janitorial in Lawrence comes to mind.

Bottom line...start at the top where the cause of all this exists.

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Judge hears arguments for, against statewide smoking ban

As a former smoker (quit in Oct. 2002), I can see both sides of the aurgument. Personally, I feel that all Kansas casinos (Tribal and State-Run) should be non-smoking. The smokers would piss and moan about it for awhile and boycott the casinos for a few weeks and then they would be back at it. If you need a smoke that bad...then you'll step outside the building for a few minutes. Those who gripe the most are usually the ones who are the rudest of people. Whether a smoker or non-smoker, no one is forcing you to enter a casino or any other facility. However, as most people have to work...they should not be subject to second hand smoke. On the other hand, the law should apply to everyone with no discrepancies.

I know...let's just build separate buildings strictly for smokers. Gee...if you still don't have enough, then pipe some more smoke in.

Kind of ironic...the Golden Eagle casino in Kansas has a "smoke free" enclosure with slot machines and all (or at least they used to). They meant well, but the problem is you still have to go through the smoking parts to get to it.

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Food-stamp shopping: Could your family eat on $68.88 a week? One parent gives it a try

The first thing I thought of about Food Stamps was people using them for beer and cigarettes and driving a pretty nice vehicle. I remember seeing alot of that going on when I was growing up. I've never been on Food Stamps, but I do understand people being in a place in their life where this is needed. As a tax payer, I have no problem with resources going to where they are needed, but haven't any sympathy for those who squander it.

Kind of along the lines of catfishturheyhunter...I believe we should take care of our on people first. If we have any leftovers, then that can be divided to the other counties. U.S.A. first!

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Man airlifted after struck by car

Wouldn't the sentence be...lying on the street? Of course...the way some of the potholes are in Lawrence, one could indeed be in the street.

This incident is very unfortunate and while I don't have alot of sympathy for stupid drunk people or stupid people in general, someone should have at least reported a passed out subject on the street. There are alot of people who don't want the direct contact for fear of liability, so I can understand this...especially if you try to wake the subject and he or she becomes combative. The subject passed out on the street should be fined and pay to the full extent of the law. The same goes, for the driver of the hit and run vehicle.

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Veteran leads protest of Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church

I think Phelps' clan needs to go over to Afganistan and protest over there.

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