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Fritzel offers to make $50,000 historic preservation donation to help resolve Varsity House dispute

Isn't this usually called hush money? Only this time it's out in the open...

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Federal officers make drug arrests in Douglas, Johnson counties; eight suspects are from Lawrence

From a 2004 article on ljworld.

"One of the brothers, Los Rovell Dahda, 22, pulled a sawed-off shotgun on officers during his arrest Friday afternoon, Cobb said. He is charged in federal court with one count of possessing the illegal weapon but so far with no drug charges. His brother, Roosevelt Rico Dahda, faces one federal count of using a firearm in a drug-trafficking crime, punishable by up to life in prison with a minimum five-year sentence."

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Federal officers make drug arrests in Douglas, Johnson counties; eight suspects are from Lawrence

I just read through the indictment...an awesome read. These dorks were pulled over multiple times for traffic violations. You would think that if you are carrying large amounts of pot you would at least obey traffic laws.

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Lawrence school district to consider buying iPad 2s

"Data collection from “walk-through observations,” the 5-minute sessions in which observers visit teachers’ classrooms to see what they’re doing right and what could be improved."

Curious, this can't be done with a pen and a piece of paper?

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Crime victims compensation board starts work

yes, there is a state funded program to help pay victims medical bill.

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Car owners regret do-it-yourself repairs

In my best NPR voice - This story has been underwritten by the Auto Repair Shops of Lawrence.

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Facebook not just for kids

It is one of the biggest time wasting activities on the web.

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Salvation Army Toy Store helps families have merry Christmas

I'm all for hard-working people getting help, BUT I couldn't help but notice....Hannah Montana and Dora the Explorer? Hmmm... those shows are on Disney and Nickelodeon... you have to pay for those channels. When we had satellite, our bill for the small package was around $30. My brother-in-law has the full $120 a month package. Here's my point, you put that $30-120 a month into a jar, you've got a pretty good Christmas AND it wasn't 3 months after we cut the dish that our kids completely stopped talking about HM and other shows they just *had* to have. So, that cuts out some expense, too. We should be obsessed with giving our kids what they *need* plus a few nice things for Christmas, but probably not "everything they want and more". Like I said, hardworking families sometimes need help, but I'm also all for helping people make choices that put them into a position where they no longer need help.

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McCain-Obama wars : a new hope

After thinking about this "Paul Theravarajoo is a Douglas County resident who has agreed to blog about his experience as a first-time voter on LJWorld.com." and then this statement "I don't know if there are many voters who will take the time to validate and research all the ideas, plans, history, accusations, voting records and backgrounds of each candidate. As much as I should, I just don't have the time to invest in such a task." Then the LJWorld should find someone who will invest the time. Otherwise it's a pretty sorry excuse for a "blog".

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McCain-Obama wars : a new hope

Paul, You seem very uninformed about the candidates, maybe you should go to their respective websites and read about them before you make your decision. If you don't please do us all a favor and don't vote.

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