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Joe-College.com ordered to pay Kansas Athletics more than $660,000

bozo - the $660k is attorneys fees and costs, which includes things like deposition costs (you have to pay the court reporter who types the whole thing) and any expert witness fees.

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20-year-old Lawrence woman robbed at gunpoint

Having just finished a biography about Quantrill, it is now clear to me that we have been unfairly blaming Topekans all this time. It isn't the Topekans, it's the Missourians! They are coming over to loot, pillage and rob just like Quantrill before he became a bushwacker!

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17-year-old robbery suspect will be charged as an adult

OldEnuf2BYurDad (Anonymous) says…

Someone explain how the details of his juvie record can be printed here. I thought those were “sealed” in some way.

Because juvenile proceedings and records are no longer confidential. This changed a few years ago. Juvenile records also now count towards your adult record for sentencing purposes. A lot of people don't realize these changes were made, but you can go to the pro tem division of the courthouse any Wednesday afternoon and watch all the juvenile proceedings you want.

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17-year-old robbery suspect will be charged as an adult

icedoverhillon14th (Anonymous) says…

does it really matter? standard DA practice in lawrence is to allow the perp to plea to a lesser crime, and give him probation, putting him right back on the street.

It does matter as to the sentencing options. Sentencing in juvenile adjudications are aimed more towards rehabilitation and thus probation orders often include therapy and community service. Jail is generally a last resort with juvenile cases. Plus there is a lot more leniency. There are fewer sentencing options for adults and considering his criminal history, it's a lot more likely that he's going to be doing some time, even if he pleads to something lesser.

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Dedication pays off in fight against cancer

Wow, this is amazing Bob. Thank you for your work!!

If anyone missed the Lawrence Relay and wants to check Relay out, Shawnee/Lenexa Relay is tonight at Swarner Park at 63rd and Lackman. There will be a silent auction and Applebee's is catering for free! Bring a donation and come check it out! http://www.relayforlife.org/shnlnxks

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Charges filed against father, son in attempted murder case

Sigmund (Anonymous) says…

Well apparently he didn't tell his client to shut the F' up. The whole “I have no history of a felony. … I think I can disprove this case anyway” is so telling. He might as well have said I pled that previous domestic abuse charge down to a misdemeanor and I think I covered my tracks here so they can't prove a thing.

Seriously this guy is a moron and if his wife is a defense attorney do you think a court appointed defense attorney is going to go to bat (pun intended) for him?

The statements were made at his first appearance, likely before his attorney was appointed and most certainly before the attorney had been given a chance to meet with him and tell him to shut his mouth. In fact, Mr. Robinson probably wasn't even notified of the appointment until later that afternoon or the next morning.

And yes, having met Mr. Robinson before and knowing of his work, I do think he will do his absolute best for Mr. Davis regardless of what the victim does for a living.

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Charges filed against father, son in attempted murder case

Sigmund (Anonymous) says…
“…Court appointment means this moron can't afford a more experienced attorney.”

Don't underestimate the capabilities of appointed attorneys. Because Douglas County doesn't have a public defender's office, these are all just private practice attorneys who have agreed to take on these huge cases for nominal pay despite having plenty of better paying clients to tend to. And Greg Robinson has a lot of felony criminal defense experience, and I suspect he will do good work for this guy.

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Four juveniles taken into custody after fleeing police in stolen van

Did_I_Say_That said: Unfortunately, the citizens of Lawrence will never know the outcome of these arrests. First, they are juvenile and, thus confidential. Second, if they are out of county, their sentencing will be deferred to their home county court.

1. Juvenile Offender cases are open to the public. The legislature changed the confidentiality if juvenile cases years ago. I suspect there will probably be a detention hearing/first appearance first thing Monday in Pro Tem if you want to go watch.

2. Only on motion of the state or their counsel. Most of the kids who live at the Shelter are in state custody, some for long term, so they don't really have a "home county" and Douglas is as good as anywhere.

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Police arrest man after incident outside Club Axis

People with guns scare me. period. Anyone who goes to a nightclub with a gun in their car is only asking for trouble.

I will also never understand what kind of idiots think it is ok to throw things at police. Um, hello, that is called battery on an LEO and it is a Class A misdemeanor.

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Lawyer requests trial in LHS gun case

This isn't really as newsworthy as some may think. Requesting a jury trial at this point is just a formality to preserve the right. I don't know who the attorney is but my guess is this thing will plead out early and the sentence will be supervised probation and maybe a short sanction.

srj: This isn't going to be a diversion eligible offense because it involves a firearm.

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