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Today in Lawrence: Big 12 semi, Miyazaki, St. Patrick's Day weekend

One important correction in the St. Pat's Pre-game: Irish Road Bowling is at Clinton Lake State Park on SUNDAY, MARCH 16. However, people looking for some St. Pat's pre-game on Saturday are welcome to come out to the Luck of the Irish Poker Run which will start at Slow Ride Roadhouse at noon on Saturday and will benefit the St. Patrick's Day Parade's 2014 charities.

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Lawrence woman files lawsuit against Lawrence Wal-Mart alleging sexual harassment

US District Court just means Federal Court. If it's brought by an individual, it's civil.

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Alumni couple give $1 million to KU law school

This is awesome! As a recent KU Law alum, thank you to Ms. Beebe and Mr. Doyle! And good work Dean Mazza, can't wait to hear the other soon-to-come announcements!

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Police department to hold academy for Lawrence residents this fall

This is actually a really informative program that I'd recommend. I did it a few years ago and while the Lawrence PD aren't necessarily saints, it gave a lot of insight.

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Jaeger’s attorneys call for new trial

Before all the haters get started...guilty or not, he has every right to appeal. You would if you were in his shoes. Juries get things wrong all the time.

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Joe-College.com ordered to pay Kansas Athletics more than $660,000

bozo - the $660k is attorneys fees and costs, which includes things like deposition costs (you have to pay the court reporter who types the whole thing) and any expert witness fees.

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20-year-old Lawrence woman robbed at gunpoint

Having just finished a biography about Quantrill, it is now clear to me that we have been unfairly blaming Topekans all this time. It isn't the Topekans, it's the Missourians! They are coming over to loot, pillage and rob just like Quantrill before he became a bushwacker!

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17-year-old robbery suspect will be charged as an adult

OldEnuf2BYurDad (Anonymous) says…

Someone explain how the details of his juvie record can be printed here. I thought those were “sealed” in some way.

Because juvenile proceedings and records are no longer confidential. This changed a few years ago. Juvenile records also now count towards your adult record for sentencing purposes. A lot of people don't realize these changes were made, but you can go to the pro tem division of the courthouse any Wednesday afternoon and watch all the juvenile proceedings you want.

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17-year-old robbery suspect will be charged as an adult

icedoverhillon14th (Anonymous) says…

does it really matter? standard DA practice in lawrence is to allow the perp to plea to a lesser crime, and give him probation, putting him right back on the street.

It does matter as to the sentencing options. Sentencing in juvenile adjudications are aimed more towards rehabilitation and thus probation orders often include therapy and community service. Jail is generally a last resort with juvenile cases. Plus there is a lot more leniency. There are fewer sentencing options for adults and considering his criminal history, it's a lot more likely that he's going to be doing some time, even if he pleads to something lesser.

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Dedication pays off in fight against cancer

Wow, this is amazing Bob. Thank you for your work!!

If anyone missed the Lawrence Relay and wants to check Relay out, Shawnee/Lenexa Relay is tonight at Swarner Park at 63rd and Lackman. There will be a silent auction and Applebee's is catering for free! Bring a donation and come check it out! http://www.relayforlife.org/shnlnxks

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