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Kobach likens same-sex unions to drug abuse

Please, just keep talking, K.K. Ks SoS, and join your buddy, Akin, on the repulsive lunatic fringe.

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Water main break to disrupt traffic on 23rd Street

Brown water coming out of the tap at 25th and Missouri at 6:30 friday. Watered the garden and flowers for 20 minutes and it's still pretty nasty. A little warning might have been nice, although it's brown enough to catch a person's attention before drinking it... I hope.

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Moving days: Kansas legislators relocating to fulfill residency requirement

I know this is off topic, but I really wish the LJW wouldn't use stock photos of the Kansas capitol building. It's under renovation and looks like hell right now, yes, but surely the LJW has photos on file? If not, just send Krug or Yoder over there before sunrise/sunset on the next nice day to get a little creative. It's 30 miles away. It doesn't look THAT bad... I'd prefer a crane in the background (it's probably symbolic of something) to an old stock photo. :-(

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Kobach fears new maps will cause Kansas voter confusion

sorry sack of s... omething?

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Vacuum cleaner dilemma

Get a Riccar. Made in St. James, Missouri. They're usually sold at Sew 'n' Vac shops which have knowledgeable people to help you pick out the model that's suited for you. Ours is going on 15 years strong. It's well built, but not too heavy, and has power with not a lot of noise. If it ever dies, I'd get another in a heartbeat.

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City may create swimming pond in dog park

It's still there. It's a bit overgrown with brush and trees, so maybe people want more of a fenced open space to throw balls/frisbees etc.

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Jet sparks curiosity

Yeah, I think you nailed it. We got a pretty good look at it at the dog park out by Clinton Lake. It flew east, very low (maybe 500 feet) over the dam, looped around Lawrence then came back even lower at maybe 250-300 feet, sideways. Just one aircraft, and it looked like a pilot screwing around waving the wings. But what struck me odd is that it seemed pretty well loaded up with sidewinders or maybe some fuel tanks. When it cruised back west over Clinton dam going west it really hauled a$$ out of here. My first thought that it was an F14 with the wings swept back, but that seems pretty unlikely. F-15 makes sense, although where it came from really doesn't. Was NOT an F16 or F18.

So, did anyone else notice the two single engine planes (WWII-era?) flying over south Lawrence today in formation at about 1:00? Couldn't tell what they were as they were almost directly overhead.

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Three long-time Lawrence public schools administrators to retire

I agree. The images are ridiculously bad even for web standards. The LJW has such great photography overall, so this is an unusual slip in sensibility and execution... I hope.

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