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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Well, they fixed it (it did just say "by" ), but it's still kind of ironic.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

The byline on this story is kind of ironic.

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What does the Affordable Care Act mean for you?

Hopefully your daughters will educate themselves better than you have, pilgrim.

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City provides more details on rental registration program

Yes, the slumlords forced out of the market can live in subsidized (i.e., up-to-code) housing or the new shelter.

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KU Credit Union changes name to Truity Credit Union

Truity fruity. I doubt this name change is going to increase membership. Part of the appeal of a credit union is the community connection, and a contrived word doesn't represent anything local at all.

On the other hand, I was a tad surprised and disappointed to learn when opening my account at KUCU that it was actually headquartered in Oklahoma... and my money was mixed in with that of OU Sooner and Arkansas Razorback fans.

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Duo has plan to convert Teller's into gastropub with heavy emphasis on craft beers; Papa Murphy's opens with special event for Boys and Girls Club today

The good stuff is the whatever is on the daily special. I thought everyone local knew that.

Asparagus cakes surely are on the horizon...

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Topeka man injured in accidental shooting at Perry Lake

Oh, people are going to look like idiots even if the facts are all in. Let's see... camping in Perry, Kansas (dangerous!!! I'm skeered. Better take my gunz!), self-inflicted gunshot wound in the middle of the night. Probably just a misunderstanding of some kind. Seriously, what kind of idiot would defend that guy KNOWING all the facts? (My apologies to people who know the guy and think he's a great person--which he might very well be--who, other than shooting himself, proudly represents the 2nd amendment). Responsible gun owners ought to be mocking this guy.

I'm still waiting for the LJW to do a story about me and my life yesterday, a whole day when I didn't shoot myself. Didn't today yet. Probably won't tomorrow either. I might even go camping--and I still won't shoot myself. That's a huge story right there.

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DUI bill that would allow stiffer charges passes in Kansas Legislature

Tallgrass, Ska, Avery, Piney River, Maui, Alchemist, Big Sky, Surly, Anderson Valley breweries... for starters.

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Mexican restaurant Tapas closes as it loses lease on downtown building; Mexquisito expands into Eudora

Chillax, John_Tesh. They're about 10 doors apart, opened at roughly the same time, was confusing to patrons as to which was which, and the best restaurant of the two is staying open. Tapas was the antithesis of what "tapas" is expected to be as cuisine. I sure wouldn't call it Latin. Did you even eat there? It was not a small plate/bocas style place...

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Mexican restaurant Tapas closes as it loses lease on downtown building; Mexquisito expands into Eudora

Agree. Mexquisito on Mass is probably the tastiest Mex in town in a long time. Decent beer specials too, if that helps offset having to pay a couple bucks for chips. I heap that praise even though I'm personally not wild about Tortas Jalisco (which may be the most authentic mexican place in Lawrence, if that's your thing.) I hope they can succeed in Eudora with the Mexquisito model.

Tapas, on the other hand, was/is just another in a long line of average to horrible Mexican restaurants in Lawrence.

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