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New wireless phone and tablet store open on Massachusetts Street; John Brown to make return to downtown?

Get a grip Clark, it was war, and if you look around the area there are plenty of other things with the John Brown name as well. Let us not forget the people he killed were pro-slavery, as in: I own another human being, likely not blameless individuals.

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School district wrestling with network outages

Don't worry, the network staff will work all of this out way before school starts, there will be no consequences for students or staff. The people behind the improvements know what they are doing and have every right to make a few missteps here and there.

They have a very knowledgeable leader who is qualified to lead a tech department, she has shown time and time again to be professional, savvy, and knowledgeable.

Furthermore the district administration is keeping a tight grasp on the current situation, in the possible event that staff is to blame for any inconveniences then they will be sure to act swiftly and fairly to remedy the situation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with USD 497 administration or the ITS department. Those who claim otherwise must just be jealous of their pure awesomeness or whining brats. I'm sure they all would comment for themselves but they are having some technical difficulties at the moment.

Just listen to the Boyle. Do not question, do not opine, all your schools belong to us.

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Sunset Hill principal to resign

So true! Ditch the Doll

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Sound Off: What is being built in front of the Walmart on Iowa Street?

This is going to be bad@ss hope it has a bar.

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Lawrence school board’s goals outlined for bond issue

"What do the spend the capital money they get every year on outside of the bond issue? Maybe the person to go is the person in charge of facilities? He has been here for years."
-Who do you think that is?

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Lawrence school board’s goals outlined for bond issue

If technology couldn't put adequate wiring and wireless in the schools over the last decade with the millions that have been spent why would we believe they are capable of doing it now? You can't waste this much and ask for more. Get the cronies out of the ESDC and then it might be worthwhile to try upgrades.

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Fired officer suing city

That be some odd photoshopping LJWorld. Must be take your kid to work day.


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Parts of Lawrence already have super-fast Internet

I am a former employee of Freenet that then worked for the district, are you confused?

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