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Restrictive laws overwhelm some released sex offenders

I can Tell you this , Richard Hamill, president of the New York State Alliance of Sex Offender Service Providers. "You tell me He says: Who is at a greater risk of reoffending?" Well Sir , We the People Of "Texas" Don`t want these Idoit`s around our Children ! We as Mothers And Fathers will remove these clowns from our city`s and town`s one way or another, You Can Take That To The Bank Ole buddy ;) if you want them around "YOU" ..... You take them All Home with You ! if your an animal like That , You should be in the wilderness and ack like an animal ! "NOT" No ware near My Kid`s "Ever" ! once an Idiot ....ALWAYS an Idiot ! .......And you Can Quote me on that my friend. You can`t change a person`s mind that resort to that type of thing. Just Remember We as the average people Know .... a lot of them will Kill The child on Top of it ! , YOU Can`t Change that no more than you can change a Queir`s Mind. I sugest you get in to another line of work my friend , because your not going to change the majority`s thinking on this in My State and We have a "LOT" of Majority thinking in "Texas" you won`t change the thinking in most other States as well...... DallasBugMan

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Judge denies Murray's bank account request

May Hat`s Off To ya Judge Murry. ANY AND ALL of the money`s he has Should go for that child`s Care . that`s what should have happened in the O-J Simpson Case also or anybody else that murder`s a person . the only exception to that would be .... a person in the millitary , And in a war zone under Direct comand From the comander to Kill or Be Killed , OR A DEATH Sentence By Judge And Jury Only ..... But then ....You better pray Hard ! to your Maker for forgiveness , war is a hell of a thing we have to be apart of , but We as People Do Not Have The Right To murder Our Fellow Man ;) .....DallasBugMan

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What should be the punishment for a minor in possession alcohol charge?

Folk`s .... I left the most Inportain part of this out .... but here you have it ...... Untill You Get Right With Your "Maker" , Re: "GOD" And I Mean "RIGHT" drinking and other stupid thing`s in your life will Never be right ! ....... DallasBugMan

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What should be the punishment for a minor in possession alcohol charge?

Under age drinking has alway been a Big problem ! but as long as our Law maker`s have the problem of drinking boos , ect.ect.ect. we are going to have this problem in our country . and doing that is a BIGGER Problem , because most of them don`t follow the law`s they make for the rest of us. beleave it or not ,I know and YOU know our young people are aloud to drink beer or boos @ home with Dad esp. because ole Dad has the problem . if ya want to deture our kid`s from drinking and driving OR What ever .... IT ALL Start`s at home People ! just think about that for a moment. as far as punisment .... LONG-community service is good for the offense ..... the fine Should be paid for by the people that sold it to them in the First place RE: .... Bar... Store... or who ever sold it to the person , Including the Co`s involved in the sale of beer or boos to those people ....RE: Budwiser or what ever brand of alcohol it is . if ya want to stop the kid`s from being stupid with the product`s, then Pass ALL the fine`s off on those people and see how fast it all stop`s folk`s. you will stop it faster that way than you will trying to change our law maker`s mind`s , because They are going to drink there alcohol, I`ll tell you That ! by the way , you Will Stop a lot of young driver alcohol related accidents And Deaths by doing that . it all start`s at home folk`s , what ever Mom And Dad do ..... the kid`s will follow . you don`t have to be a smart person to figuer it out . people ten to take the Long road around a problem every time . I can tell you this ....when I was a bad boy when I was young and didn`t know a lot about life , My Mother or Dad would KNOCK me or my brothers to hell Out if "WE" got out of line a 1/2 of an inch......I have two wonderful Grown Kid`s one of each in my family that Don`t Drink Or Smoke and Never did , because I wouldn`t alowe it! .......... DallasBugMan

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Crackdown planned on fake American Indian art

About the Crackdown planned on fake American Indian art .... I agree with some aspect`s of a crack down . such as the annual Santa Fe Indian Market once a year in those certain maket are`s Only . where a lot of people can go to find the REAL Stuff , and don`t have to be afraid of getting the fake thing`s . but as far as ALL The Market ares .... "NO" def. not . there is a Lot Of people that just want the CHEEPER thing`s to furnish there home`s or office area`s . and I think that`s just fine if you do not want to pay the HUGE price`s you see for the Real art afect`s....in that situation . But if your a dealer for Resale or something like that , It Should Not Be aloud to buy the Fake Art afair`s....Def. "NOT" ...to pass on to the people that are Not aware of that type of thing . I myself have a little Sioux blood in my vaine`s and Very Proud of My For-Father`s esp. Sitting Bull!..... that can be reflected by visiting My web~site .... www.Dallasbugmancountry.com .... and I have my bedroom done up in a lot of the art afect`s ....esp. Sioux stuff , and a lot of it IS the cheeper stuff that I Can Aford !....this part Indian Is Not Rich , and I do buy American Indian art afect`s for my own injoyment ! ....also .....what were talking about here infrenge`s on the American FREE Trade System we have here in America ..... That`s part of Our Consatution you know , so We Have to be Real careful with that area , because I for one do Not and Will Not change any of that Consatution that My for - Father`s wrote up. They were protecting "ME" and "Mine" for a Reason , so ....something to think about here people ;) ....thank`s for letting me make my feeling know on this matter ..... DallasBugMan..... Dallasbugman@comcast.net

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