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US Bank to host open house for longtime employee

I was the Maintenance Director for awhile at Lawrence National Bank at 7th and Mass. back several years ago (early-mid 80's?) and Wilma was the receptionist.

What a sweet and wonderful woman!
Best Wishes, Wilma!

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Lawrence High School inducts four to Hall of Honor

Great article!
I wonder why Larry Kwak of the class of '77 hasn't been mentioned?

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Martha Oldham, the school district's longest-serving educator, retiring after 46 years as Lawrence High School librarian

I too was a student library aide.
Mrs. Oldham bolstered my love of books and reading, when it wasn't "cool" to be a bookworm. In the mid 70's.
I learned how to negotiate my way through the Dewey Decimal System to quickly find books without the need for card catalogs.
I always looked forward to my assigned time in the library and to see her.
Thank You, Martha for always taking the time to show professionalism, knowledge and love for ALL students!

Enjoy your time've certainly earned it!
My Best Wishes

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KU football player Chris Martin charged with aggravated robbery; bond set at $35,000

"He's going to be doing everything he can to stay here and continue his career at the university," Joseph said. "He's not going anywhere."

Once his atheletic scholarship is pulled, how will he continue to pay for classes, books, etc? From a jail cell?

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KU earns No. 1 seed in South region

Alright, Folks.
Time to hope, wish and reminisce of Championships past and possibly PRESENT!
Who here among us remember the parade after the 1988 Championship with Lawrence High Schools's English Teacher, Art Sloan, performing the persona of "the Fat Lady Singing?"
(The Hawks Spread Their Wings....still got a pristine T-shirt....)

My Best Wishes to KU and their Fans!

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KU earns No. 1 seed in South region


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Foot of snow stops Lawrence cold; schools, KU, others cancel Friday classes and activities

It was meant, I believe, the end of a mild winter THUS FAR. Not the end of winter.
Sheesh. Some just want to pick and try to find fault.
Your effort is NOT cute and has been noted....

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Man with illegal gun, bulletproof vest detained at Lawrence bank on Tuesday

You are slow to recognize sarcasm, aren't you, whireld?

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Bowersock name not forgotten to this family

Wasn't Bowersock involved with Scouting? Or was it Bromelsick?

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Sound Off: I checked the restaurant inspection map, but couldn’t find my favorite restau

Here in Gainesville, GA, food inspections are very stringent. The newspaper prints the scores, in a format that is easy to comprehend, and it is very helpful in determining where I want to spend my money.
And many of the establishments are inspected more than "once a year..."

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