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Lawrence developer wins auction of former house owned by KU

Didn't his company build that really crappy sub-par development out at Kasold and Peterson? The one with the overpriced shoddily built townhomes?

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Attorney killed by stray bullets in K.C.

ksfbcoach: this has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment, even though I am not surprised you liberals got on here right away. This is a freak accident. What if she had been hit by a drunk driver, which is MUCH more likely…would you be demanding we stop driving cars?

Your argument falls flat on its face. If somebody got hit by a drunk driver then a person would argue for stricter alcohol controls. This accident is just evidence of what happens when you flood a country with guns. Frankly you can take your liberal vs conservative banter and eat it for breakfast. This isn't a liberal vs conservative issue, it's a quality of life issue. Guns kill innocent people and even one life lost is one too many.

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KC crowd welcomes Obama

Some of you people need to be put on a sinking island for your blatantly delusional, racist, pigheaded, uneducated and erroneous comments.

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Wakarusa Fest may not play on

Marion, if by "diversity" you mean total arse-holes then yes. You do see quite a bit here this morning.

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Jaycees happy with fireworks show at Sesquicentennial Point

The show wasn't anything spectacular, but the crowd was terrible. People were sniping at other people and at one point I heard a comment directed towards a couple that was there: "Fireworks don't like fags." All in all, people are stupid, the show wasn't fantastic and all of that wasted money could have gone to fill pot holes.

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Lawrence Police respond to more than 80 fireworks complaints

Quit being overly dramatic queens. Fireworks are a safety issue....period. A large portion of you people can't even use a car properly and you want me to feel safe while you handle gunpowder?? Does anybody else think it's ironic that we "celebrate" the "birth" of our nation with items that are imported (sometimes illegally) from China? Aaaaahhhh capitalist pigs at their finest......

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Democrats gain in state poll

I would like to think that there are more reasonable people in this state than fanatics. I hope in November that message is sent with an Obama vote. It's not just a vote against McCain, or a vote against Bush...but a vote FOR Obama. No politician is perfect but I really think Obama could repair a lot of the damage our country has done across the world. McCain is just bad news all around.

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Lawrence couple to seek same-sex marriage in California

All marriages should be banned. Marriage is a religious ceremony and thus should not exist within government. The government should only recognize domestic partnerships. If you want to enter into a marriage and have the word "recognized marriage" stamped on a piece of paper....then you can take your archaic ideas to a church, sign a contract and do it there. Don't give me your "religion" this and "bible" this and "moral" that argument. Those arguments are about as useless as homo is with giving navigable directions. Those arguments are your opinions (not facts) and all people deserve equal opportunity....and that doesn't mean the equal opportunity to an exclusive heterosexual marriage...that means the opportunity to marry whatever consenting adult they want....so there!

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Teenager arrested in double shooting

beawolf-You don't need a gun to commit a violent crime. There are more violent crimes than you think that are committed right here in Lawrence, by Lawrence residents.

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Shooting leaves 2 dead

It's nice to see that hockmano has common sense. My problem with this town is that a large population of it's citizens are completely delusional. Yes, Lawrence is a nice town but it's not the Atlantis that most people make it out to be. I don't hate the town, I hate the views/people that adorn it. Maybe if people here were less condescending and more realistic...., and bearded_gnome--my boxes are packed and I'm already planning my exodus into reality.

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