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Supporters of DREAM Act rally against Kobach

excactly what i said a few comments back but these guys grouped up and suggested to remove my comment because it was the bitter truth. yes i said it harsh but nevertheless it was the truth. thank you for putting it in a few kinder words.

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Supporters of DREAM Act rally against Kobach

simple. u cant disagree when i say genocide has been done right? im mean look in history books. now what gives you the right to say who can be here and who cant. esspecially when u got 1.7 million kids that where brought here raised as americans, went to school like americans, speak english like americans, yet you gonna sit there and tell me well they are not americans? come on now. it really isn't their fault. and due to their parents decision they have to suffer? it is INHUMANE. maybe giving them a path to b legal is amnesty... maybe its bad and immoral to some of you. but think god put us all here on the face of this earth. we are all humans, we are all equal. saying this is my house you cant b here is a childish mentality.

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