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Kansas plan

"Brownwhack" ....I like that. I don't agree that Brownwhack's first priority is to the Koch brothers. I think it is a tie between the Koch brothers and tax abatement. Brownwhack has become the master of tax abatements. He is now recognized nation-wide as a master abator. What an embarrassment to the Sunflower State.

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Conservatives appear to be taking control of state Senate

Golly, I wonder what you self-righteous ultra right-wingers pray for? My bet is your prayers go something like this:

"Dear Lord, please stop government from spending my money on the sick, the elderly and the poor. Please don't spend my money on education for children, improving the state's infra-structure, or keeping the environment clean and safe. It’s my money and I earned it. Nobody helped me. I have guns and don't need the police department. I have enough money to build a new house if mine burns to the ground, so I don't need the fire department. I have a big 4WD truck, so I don't need improvements to roads and highways. My money is for me, although I do like to share it with Governor Brownshirt and I will help the Koch brothers when the EPA tries to force their communist ideas on them. And most importantly, please smite anyone to the left of me. Please Lord, I pray for your kind and loving help. Amen."

Friggin' hypocrites. God-fearing on the surface; fascist atheistic pukes by deed.

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Still plagued with problems, Kansas won't make final payment on DMV software

Easy to believe in Kansas. Here's why:

The KS DOR can't afford to hire IT people who are bright enough to deal with this sort of a project, whether it be to assess viability, determine an appropriate scope and approach, manage the project or sniff out show-stopping problems. Why can't the DOR afford such people? Because "state employees get paid too much!" In other words, this is what happens when you view government employees as a bunch of fat hogs feeding at the public trough. You pay sub-optimal salaries as compared to private industry (because the legislature and the executive branch are stuck in their right-wing dogma and won't properly fund this and other state agencies). These salaries attract only the lowest tier of IT people. Then, you complain when public services stink. Look, you can't have both good government services and poorly compensated government employees. You get what you pay for. You also get what you vote for. Frankly, although a life-long Kansan, I think Kansans are getting exactly what they deserve when they sleep-walk into voting booths and hand over the reins to idiots like Brownshirt.

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Wheat harvest comes early

And what's more, it strikes me as terribly ironic that the average Kansas farmer thinks of him/herself as a patriotic American, yet has become integral to the creation of a system of socialism. That's right. Farmers are socialists. Not by word, but by deed. A true capitalist would not accept these subsidies. So, talk that one over, farmers, while you sit in the cafe all morning drinking coffee and complaining about "big government," "welfare queens" and of course, how God's weather is ruining things for you. Hypocrites.

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Wheat harvest comes early

Question: How does a farmer double his income?

Answer: He puts out another mailbox.

I am proud to be a Kansan and come from a long line of wheat farmers. However, I must admit that it bothers me a great deal when we focus our frustration on the poor and scream that welfare mothers are killing our budget. Government farm subsidies were needed when we had small family farms. Today, the government pays massive amounts to wealthy "farmers" (CEOs) of corporate farms. Farming is a risky business, so some say this is needed. Well, all business has inherent risks. Don't like the risk? Get out of the business. I prefer that my tax dollars go to help the sick, the poor and to educate children.

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Brock Berglund sad to see Turner Gill go

The posts above will tell you what is wrong with KU football: the so-called fans. Here is a perfectly appropriate article for those of us who are interested in the future of the team. In response to the article, a bunch of hateful morons decide to throw rocks at Tait and/or Berglund. If these "fans" want a successful football program, start acting like fans. Do you think OU fans would write something like "Who gives a cr$p about Berglund?" Most KU "fans" do not deserve a successful program. Freakin' losers.

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Gary Bedore's KU basketball notebook: Bill Self ‘nervous’ for short-handed Jayhawks

Please help a fellow fan and alum who has a memory disorder (Bud Light):

With about 50 seconds left on the clock in the 2nd half, one of the announcers said that KU had no one taller than 6'6'' on the court. Releford is officially listed at 6'6'' per the KUAD web site.

Does anyone know if Releford was on the court at that time and if so, was there any other KU player also on the court at the 50 second mark who is listed at 6'6" or taller?

Thanks for your help!

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Source says Mizzou primed to join SEC

I'm sorry to see the vermin leave. Oldest rivalry west of the Mississippi; 2nd oldest in the nation. Owning them in basketball is as fun as it gets. Beating them every other year (on average) in football is almost as much fun. But I can't blame them. Why would anyone with a choice put their future in the hands of UT? We did because we had no choice. If you believe the Big 12 will stabilize by bringing in more Texas schools or the girls that have no prom dates (L-ville, Cincy), you have the vision of a mole.

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KU football has chance at upset against K-State

ilegler86: you are spot on.

There is something about these forums that seems to attract the fair weather "fans." It's easy to stand back and throw rocks at Coach Gill and the Jayhawks. Much easier than supporting the team that these knotheads supposedly love. If we can't be rebuilt in 1 and 1/2 seasons, you lash out at someone. Why? Because you don't know enough or are not smart enough to see the big picture and understand that there are reasons for hope. You see the glass as 7/8ths empty. You enjoy being jerks. Say something righteous from time to time, you foul rats! Or maybe you are really MU/KSU Judas Goats, trying to subvert the gullible. Either way, you make me sick too.

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Athletes need support

Exhibit A (acg).

I wish we had Fatgino, but we don't. It is back to square 1. So, let's all whine about it. That's a good strategy. Not.

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