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Police: Chiefs' linebacker Jovan Belcher accused in murder-suicide

I really hope the team and the league do the right thing and cancel this game. I don't see how you can have people at the stadium let alone expect the coaches and players to do their jobs the day after this happens. This game has zero playoff implications (not that such a thing truly matters) which means making up the game won't be an issue.

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Morris twins sign with agent, will declare for draft

Too bad (for KU fans), they would have torn through the Big 10/12 next year. On the bright side, Jeff Withey will probably stay.

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Lawrence residents on both sides of adding gender identity to anti-discrimination policy speak out

First, you do realize that the law states that people should not be discriminated based on sexual orientation. The law DOES NOT say that people shouldn't discriminate against homosexuality specifically. So, to answer your first questions: Yes. If a homosexual person does not hire a straight person based solely in the fact that he/she is straight, then, yes, they would have a case in court. The same law that would protect the gay person from NOT being hired based on thier sexual orientation protects a straight person. How do you not understand that?

Second. Why do you think that asking not to be discriminated is a 'special right.' I can only assume that you also believe that there should be NO law protecting people from religious, racial, etc. discrimination. Am I right?

Third. I assume you believe being 'straight' is the natural order of things. If you believe that homosexual parents will most likely raise homosexual children. How do you explain straight parents with homosexual children exacly? That is, if the first people on earth were straight, then how did gay people come about. WHO exacly appeared on earth to 'compromise thier belief system' and make them homosexual.

If you could answer these questions in an actual logical, intelligent way, we will start taking you a bit more seriously.

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Brady Morningstar falls to Jacob Pullen in three-point challenge

Morningstar did the worst out of the 8 participants, so he lost to everyone. But Pullen didn't advance either. This is the Seinfeld of news articles.

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Lawrence St. Patrick's Day parade-goers enjoy weather, attractions

Snoopy and the Red Baron were my favorite.

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Statehouse Live: Panel vote maintains law allowing in-state tuition for some undocumented students

And we need to stop charging illegal immigrants sales tax, income tax and social security. Because we don't want to owe them anything when we kick them out.

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The Liberal Slave

I don't know what's worse, the flimsy metaphor or flimsy grasp of what the lives of slaves were like.

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Town Talk: From swords to infectious blood, police detail Taser usage; Census data set to arrive; Subway may make return to N. Lawrence

I would say that running away from the police is definitely a situation where there is no violence that would result in injury. Probably don't need to taser people. Just a few more laps on the track.

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