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Editorial: Medicaid fraud

Having worked as an optician I saw plenty of fraud, by people who had money, big cars, big house, expensive jewlery, yet managed to hide their money and go on Medicaid so as to not have to pay for their own health care. I also saw fraud on the part of eye doctors.There is fraud out there, but it is not just on the part, as assumed, of those who are needy, but also being done by those who have plenty!!!

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Audit to examine services for disabled; critics allege retaliation

Shame is not in their vocabulary.

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Labor, community groups plan to rally against Americans for Prosperity

Time to break the Koch habit!!!!

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Kansas in federal court today on abortion restrictions

Perhaps it's because he doesn't care if they tread on women's rights!!! And if it's a she, big shame on you, you have betrayed all women!!

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Arts advocate says decision by Commerce will delay funding for Kansas arts organizations

The ignorance of Kansans who voted for Brownback is overhelming, and his concerns for Kansans in general is underwhelming.

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Republicans approve tax, appropriations bills to conclude legislative session

The SoB would like nothing better than too see the poor pay more taxes to support the rich. I am poor, and will be poorer still living in this hell hole called Kansas. I feel ashamed to have friends who voted for this douche' bag.

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As Legislature remains deadlocked, Brownback in Chicago touting tax cuts

Probably would have to pay somebody to accept an autographed smirking pic of him.

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As Legislature remains deadlocked, Brownback in Chicago touting tax cuts

I wonder if they were served complimentary Koch's? Follow the trail to The Illinois Policy Institute and you find ALEC and the Koch bros as contributors. So ironic, the man is known as one of the governors with the worse tax plan in the nation. No wonder it only cost $40 per empty head.

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Revenue secretary says tax cuts are working

Well Tom, you ask people next year, after they can no longer receive Homestead refunds, or declare their child care expenses, how they feel about the SB and his tax plan. Nick Jordan is using the smoke and mirror trick, and YOU have obviously fallen for it.

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