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South Lawrence Trafficway contract to be awarded Sept. 18; construction to begin soon after

It is about time. So happy when I don't have to hit 50 lights to get through the south side of Lawrence. This project is long overdue. Also, I am pretty sure the cost of the project has way more than tripled.

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Recent rains delay some Lawrence road construction projects

Cracks me up that weather always takes the blame for delays. When they are planning a project do they expect absolutely no rain for months at a time? Weather has been great overall this summer, no excuses.

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Report: T-Rob t-raded

TRoble won't explode in Portland. He is a journeyman bench player at best but at least he will have a greater shot to put up better numbers in Portland so that is a positive for him. Being traded twice in your first year usually isn't a positive sign.

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His moment of Truth? Ben McLemore goes No. 7 in NBA Draft to Sacramento Kings

He may not have even made the lottery next year. It was the right move for sure.

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Should Kansas abandon its ban on same-sex marriage?

Wow, 100%. Wonder how the ban that was put in place by elected officials ever came about? Could it be that they are simply blowing off their constituency? This might be the dumbest question from the LJ I have see to date, and that is saying something.

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Bill Self basks in glow

I don't think they hang banners for that.

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Former Jayhawk Michael Lee looking for work

I think he would have job if he could get his jumper off in under 5 seconds.

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Analyst: Nobody knows Andrew Wiggins’ pick

And there we go...

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Analyst: Nobody knows Andrew Wiggins’ pick

Great article by Doyel. http://www.cbssports.com/collegebaske...

Of course I fully expect all the KU fans to completely roast Calipari while giving Self a pass.

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Report: McLemore’s AAU coach took agent money

Well nothing Calipari could have done about Camby taking money or Rose not taking his SAT but that doesn't stop the NCAA from dropping the hammer. You only get a free pass if you are UNC or Duke.

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