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Police involved in brief chase Wednesday morning

Or a good speller.

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Lawrence man sues Kansas highway patrolman over Tasing incident

Under this fine young man's Facebook, his employer is listed as "Felon...need I say more," and he went to "Go F*** Yourself University." Outstanding.

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Altered anthem bothers Bill Self

Do you put on a suit and tie when you see a funeral on tv because that's appropriate attire? Of course not. Ditto.

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Altered anthem bothers Bill Self

I realize there are a lot of generational differences for acceptable behavior. However, there are some things that should NEVER change: you stand up when the National Anthem plays, stop talking and moving, you remove your hat and place it over your heart (or place your hand there if not wearing a hat), and you don't attempt to inject humor into what is supposed to be a a humbling and inspiring song about the our Nation's independence. You have the entire game for jackassery...the National Anthem is not the time.

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Kansas’ new DUI law bringing big changes

Thanks for your opinions. You're a good American. Hopefully you won't take out a family of four headed to grandma's for Christmas on your 3rd (documented) DUI.

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America’s war on terror was rousing success

What is the difference between the rhetoric of a far-left liberal in America and that of Hugo Chavez or Ahmadinejad? Nothing. This post is a great example of that.

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Six-story hotel complex planned for downtown Lawrence

Good stuff! Projects like these are a great sign for the city, especially in these times. But where are the artist renderings? You're dropping the ball, LJWorld. Second time today (in RE the article on traffic calming devices on the streets).

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KU students describe robbery on campus during preliminary hearing

At least they weren't caught with spice...they'll have an original story to tell in the brig. I'd also love to see what kind of waivers these guys had to get in order to enlist.

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Should Michael Vick ever own a dog?

You all might want to get your facts straight first. Michael Vick owned the property where the dog fighting was going on--he neither participated, condoned, or knew what happened there. He is very humble and has been nothing but apologetic for events in which he neither knew about nor participated in. As for the others who use this story as a jumping-off point for other political agendas: I just feel bad for you--your agenda is so weak, it needs a link from some other sensationalized story. Sad.

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Vet charged with stalking Westboro church members

Ryan Newell, you are an American Hero! Thank you for serving our country and all of the sacrifices you have made. We don't need to throw a decorated veteran who fought for America under the bus or give Phelps anymore justification for his actions.

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