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Nobel Laureates urge rejection of intelligent design

You are either ignorant or a liar. The Intelligent Design movement was not born in a laboratory filled with scientists honestly seeking to understand some enigma raised by the biological data. Rather, it is demonstrably a political movement created by theists who have wrongly concluded that the reality of biological Evolution is incompatible with their religious belief. A casual bit of research into the history will reveal the truth of my statements.

Regardless, there is not one single item of empirical evidence to support the teleological argument. Pretending it is science and calling it creationism or intelligent design does not help.

The study of DNA has allowed biologist to confirm and expand upon genetic relationship that were suspect. For example, it is not clear that the Fox is more closely related to the cat. Likewise, we now know that the bonobo chimp is the closest genetic relative to humans.

You can learn all about DNA and evolution with realtive ease. Don't be so lazy.

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