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Letter: Offended voter

Voter fraud does exist. Maybe not on a large scale, but it has to happen now and then. I remember reading that the city of Detroit had 110% voter participation in 2004. It was on page 4 or 5 in the paper and there never was any followup on the report. Like most people I have to use my ID on a regular basis, but I don't think I have ever failed to have it with me when out in public. I would like to be present when the letter writer goes in and applies for SS benefits. I recently took an item back to a store and forgot the receipt and warranty papers. My fault. I had to go home and get it. I didn't really expect them to honor a return or repair without it. Without voter ID you could easily vote in place of a recently deceased voter or someone who you knew did not vote early.

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Vigil held to promote gun control

Did they have any "Gun Free Zone" signs to protect them?

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Governor forms committee to increase recreational, tourism opportunities on Kansas River

When people go on vacation they want to be around beaches, mountains and places like Disneyland. We have several interesting places to see, but they are widely separated and hard to get to. So why wast money on tourism?

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Letter: Living wage

Bring the jobs back to the US? Do you want to pay $60-70 for a T-shirt or hat?

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City to seek bids on rebuilding portions of Bob Billings Parkway, Wakarusa Drive

After it is fixed, how about renaming it West 15th Street instead of paying tribute to a multimillionaire real-estate tycoon?

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Election Night Updates: Final unofficial: Amyx, Farmer, Riordan; School bond rolls to victory

What ever happened to Merrill anyway? You know, the radio guy on KLWlN and later KMBZ?

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Senate approves bill to put KDOT secretary in charge of Kansas Turnpike Authority

Excellant Post, none2
I would guess that western Kansas folks drive double or triple the mileage compared to people in the urban areas of eastern Kansas just to conduct normal business and everyday tasks. As far as highway 40, there are some areas out west where it doesn't even exist anymore, not even as a county road. I-70 changed everything. One of the biggest problems out west is just getting basic services like a simple grocery store or fuel station. But then, maybe their only function in life is to pay taxes toward those monumental institutions in the eastern part of the state.

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KU student sues Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, alleging underage drinking led to head injury

The drinking had nothing to do with the attack by the other fraternity member. Do you think he would not have been attacked if he had not been drinking? The victim was probably discouraged from making a police report by the fraternity. He was probably assured that he would be taken care of and not reporting it would be in his and the fraternities' best interest.

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Collective bargaining issues expose open rift among education lobby groups

I think the most important issue for the KNEA is the payroll deduction. Any organization that has to depend on monthly dues for support has to have it to survive. This applies to other organizations besides labor unions. Except for the very rich, most people have an occasional bump in their budget where something unexpected comes up. As a result something else gets put on the back burner for awhile (like dues to some club, etc.). The union leadership is well aware of this and they know that members get behind on dues, fees and other payments. After a time, some members may choose to just "ride for free" and let the others finance the operation.
Revenue, cash flow, dues or whatever you want to call it is the lifeblood of any business, union or civic organization. The Federal Government may be the exception. They seem to be able to operate forever on borrowed money.

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Opinion: Drone policy must be debated

I disagree with almost everything Obama does except the drone issue. The more Al-Qaeda terrorists we can take out the better. These are the guys who set a girls school on fire and shot them as they tried to escape. And there are so many other examples. Why should we spend huge amounts of money and troops lives to go out and capture them and bring them to trial? If these guys are legal American citizens, they have given up their citizenship when they went over to the other side. BTW, if the target consists of say, 3 top level Al-Qaeda terrorists, one of whom is a legal American citizen, why does he deserve a trial and the other two do not? In a war you simply can't bring every combatant to trial.
Although very rare, there have been cases during past wars (Viet Nam,Korea,WW2)where Americans went over to the other side. When they were seen on the battlefield they were shot just like any other enemy soldier.

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